Hector Diaz Calls On Political Friends For State House Run

Diaz, Ganim
Former Mayor Joe Ganim, right, attended Hector Diaz’ campaign event.

About a week from the February 24 special election for State House, former State Representative Hector Diaz hosted a who’s who of political supporters at a recent campaign rally in Black Rock including former Mayor Joe Ganim, former City Councilman Tito Ayala as well as former NBA hoop star Wes Matthews. Hey Joe, you shoot hoops with Wes? Democrat Steve Stafstrom, Republican Enrique Torres, and petitioning candidates Bob Keeley and Bob Halstead are also in the field. The candidates will participate in a Black Rock Community Council-sponsored debate on Thursday 7 p.m. at the Burroughs Community Center on Fairfield Avenue.

Diaz, Newton
Ernie Newton, the Moses of his peeps, showed up.
Diaz, Miro
Diaz with former Bridgeport city employee Lisa Miro.
Diaz, Tito Ayala
Former City Councilman Tito Ayala was in the house.
Diaz, Lafitte
Board of Education Transportation chief Raul Lafitte lends a hand to his amigo.


  1. These days, Joe Ganim shows up at the opening of an envelope. He crashed the Steve Stafstrom event, wonder if he crashed this one or Hector is just living in the past and thought Joe would be helpful. Go away, Joe.

  2. Baffled in Bridgeport, if Hector invited Joe Ganim and/or had no problem with his attending his event, why do you? Hector looks happy in the photo with Joe Ganim.

  3. Thanks for sharing the pictures. Joe Ganim looks terrific and it looks like Hector enjoyed himself. I agree with Maria, if Ganim were there, what difference does it make whether he was invited or crashed? If he cared enough to show up and lend support, that’s his business. I must say of all the guests, city employee Lisa Miro is a stunner, is that inappropriate or sexual harassment if a gay guy says she is a knockout? Honest to G-d. Don’t tell me she used to be George. 🙂 … Good Luck Hector! Win or Lose, thank you for taking the time to run.


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