Have You Voted Yet?

It’s Primary Day in the state’s largest city in what has been among the wildest elections in the city’s history. Mayor Bill Finch and Mary-Jane Foster, once allies, have covered every neighborhood, faced each other in several forums, charged and counter-charged and spent record-breaking amounts in a two-way primary. It took a Superior Court judge to order Foster on the ballot. Now it’s time to vote and then count the votes after 8 pm.

43,485 Democrats are eligible to vote today. Mayor Bill Finch will vote at Beardsley School, his home precinct on the East Side while Mary-Jane Foster will cast her vote at Black Rock School. Will the turnout hit 25 percent as it did four years ago in the last mayoral primary? A smaller turnout should be advantage Finch, a larger turnout would figure to help Foster.

The Finch camp will take returns at Tiago’s, 211 State Street while the Foster camp will be a few blocks away downtown at the Bijou Theatre, 275 Fairfield Avenue. That’s a fitting location due to the theatrical nature of city politics.

Jim Callahan will be on the ground to help OIB with coverage. Meanwhile, if you hear of anything kooky let us know. We’ll post results as soon as we get them after 8 p.m.

Below is a list of polling places. Most are the traditional locations. Note that voters who generally cast a ballot at Wilbur Cross in the 135th District will vote at Park City Magnet School on Chopsey Hill and voters for the traditional precinct Columbus School in the 136th District will go to Geraldine Johnson School on Lexington Avenue off North Avenue. If you’re not sure where to vote, call the Registrar’s Office at 203-576-7281.

Districts and voting locations

130-01, Black Rock School, 545 Brewster Street

130-02, Longfellow School, 139 Ocean Terrace

131-01, City Hall, 45 Lyon Terrace

131-02, Roosevelt School, 680 Park Avenue

132-01, Bassick High School, 1181 Fairfield Avenue

132-02, Central High School, 1 Lincoln Boulevard

133-01, Central High School, 1 Lincoln Boulevard

133-02, Blackham School, 425 Thorme Street

134-01, John Wintrop School, 85 Eckart Street

134-02, Blackham School, 425 Thorme Street

135-01, Park City Magnet, 1526 Chopsey Hill Road

135-02, Park City Magnet, 1526 Chopsey Hill Road

135-03, Hallen School, 51 Omega Avenue

135-04, Read Middle School, 130 Ezra Street

136-01, Beardsley School, 500 Huntington Road

136-02, Geraldine Johnson School, 475 Lexington Avenue

136-03, Read Middle School, 130 Ezra

137-01, Luis Muñoz Marin School, 479 Helen Street

137-02, The Bridge Academy, 401 Kossuth Street

138-01, JFK Campus, 700 Palisade Avenue

138-02, Thomas Hooker School, 138 Roger Williams Road

139-01, Harding High School, 1734 Central Avenue

139-02, Dunbar School, 445 Union Avenue



    1. Uh yeah, okay … can you repeat that, please? Too bad so sad people like you were representing Ms. Foster. Go ahead now, call me a limp-wristed pansy or whatever trash you can come up with next.

  1. Sike, Bet these Foster people got happy for a minute. In your dreams!!! Vote Finch, you’re gonna get your hearts crushed tomorrow and by the way Finch by 20 points.

  2. The Bridgeport Kid to make this win even better I will stay up all night so I can head to Central and vote for Finch by 6:30 am. I smell victory in the air for Bill Finch.

    1. The only thing you’re going to smell is the stain in Finch’s underwear when he realizes he is a one-termer.
      If, by luck of the corruption of Bridgeport, he does win the primary, zip up your pockets. And don’t get too near to him as you might get swept up in a federal investigation on his corrupt mayoralty.

  3. It will get better in Bridgeport with a mayor who is not beholden to a party committee that is managed less like a political machine and more like a criminal enterprise. Americans as a whole watch way too much TV. This habit foments a desire for instant gratification, getting results while running to the kitchen during commercial breaks. That ain’t the which-of-why of local politics. Bridgeport is mired in a financial morass that was decades in the making. Joe Ganim made a half-hearted attempt at fixing part of the problem with a patch that didn’t last long and ended up creating further debt. It’s going to take years to sort it all out. But we have a strong, intelligent candidate who understands what the city’s problems are and has some very practical plans to remedy them. Successive mayors have paid lip service to the municipal budget but accounting was never their thing. Ganim was having too much fun collecting hundred-dollar bills and eating lunch at Morton’s Steak House to really give a damn. Fabrizi was too busy getting liquored up and snorting cocaine. Finch? His fuck-ups are public knowledge, no need to reiterate them here.

  4. So ABs have created quite a stir, both in the city and especially here on OIB. Now no doubt some folks are legitimately out of town, but if you are concerned about the ABs like some folks on here and voted that way, what were you thinking? Isn’t the definition of stupidity doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result?

  5. Imagine a place where the issue of AB didn’t decide an election. Why not a State law requiring a group like the LWV (league of women voters) to take over the process of monitoring ABs? They could help people needing help to fill them out, collect them and turn them in for counting, and then monitor the count. Might be another way to stop some of the corruption.

  6. I just voted line B, the Foster ticket. There are a hell of a lot of Foster signs festooning the chain link fence at Black Rock School. Jill Dugas Hughes and Jim Fox were there, two fans of the Bridgeport Kid. Marty McCarthy and Sue Brannelly and the rest of the yellow-shirted Finch mafia were there. “Tardy” McCarthy is not a fan of the Bridgeport Kid. That’s too bad for him. He should’ve attended more City Council meetings.

    Today will go down as an important day in the history of Bridgeport politics.


        Hey, Marty and Sue missed more city council meetings and committee meetings for the past two years, than anyone else on the City Council by far. Check it out on The City of Bridgeport web page. (No Show McCarthy & Club Med Brannelly.)

  7. I went to vote at the Kolbe facility at 8ish this morning, only 30 had gone thus far … I’m sure it will increase as the day goes forward as many are going after work …

    1. The worst part about voting in my district is walking through and past all the political hacks who stand around the voting place. It makes my skin crawl.They act like mean bully children and sneer at me when I walk by–I try to greet them by name but they know I am voting for the other team and are nasty and rude. That can be intimidating for some but I am urging EVERYONE I see to go out and VOTE! Don’t let the bad guys win.

      1. Flicka, I understand your feelings totally and thank you for sharing them. Intimidation has worked for them for years. I look about it as I am doing my job. It is like work. Go about your business, stop and say hi. Look them right in the eye. Forge on, do your business and forget about them.

    1. It;s the old I think that’s what they called it, Kolbe Alternative, the big red building on Kossuth Street! Who knows what name it has now … my apologies for any confusion.

  8. As of 1:30PM 350 people voted at Black Rock School. Marty “Tardy” McCarthy was there, as was Sue “I’m Out Of The Loop” Brannelly. Jim Fox and Jill Dugas Hughes were there. Jim Callahan showed up, as did a reporter from the Post and a camera crew from News 12. A jolly good time was had by all. Many of the voters entering the school indicated they were voting line B. Also heard a large number of Republican voters switched party affiliation to vote for Mary-Jane Foster’s ticket. That’s good news.

  9. I voted at Central HS at 1 PM. Not much activity at that time. The same old retreads hanging out at the 75′ markers trying to hand out palm cards. Go Line “B.”

    1. I hear you loud and clear, BP. The retreads are everywhere and they are intimidating. I hope everyone will just walk by them and VOTE (Line B of course).

  10. Time to vote out this machine and it starts today. I hope my own community of blacks help vote them out. If you think people like Rev Kenneth Moales cares about people in our community when he says vote for Finch, you make a sad mistake. That’s why I stopped going to church, these guys are worried about their pockets and not people in our community. Vote row B!!!

    1. donj, allow me to make a suggestion to you. Just because some pastors might not support the positions you care about should not be a reason for not attending church and serving the Lord. There are plenty of churches like Mt. Aery and Cathedral Of Praise, just two black churches out of many that do not play those games you stated. There are also white churches you might want to explore but don’t run away from going to church.

  11. What’s left for the dozen or so people on here using various names to do? As Bridgeport Kid said to me on here yesterday–crawl back under your rock. Looks like it’s time for you to heed your own advice. BRIDGEPORT–ONLY THE STRONG SURVIVE! Congrats to Mayor Finch for maintaining his dignity during the mud-slinging and ugly accusations! Way to go, Bill!


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