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 Tuesday September 25, 2018

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Hartford Courant: Lamont-Bysiewicz Campaign Ticket

May 14th, 2018 · 10 Comments · Analysis and Comment, News and Events, State Politics

The Hartford Courant reports a deal has been struck between Ned Lamont and Susan Bysiewicz, setting up a gubernatorial ticket heading into this weekend’s Democratic convention. It places pressure on Mayor Joe Ganim to get out of the primary race or risk being outspent 10 to 1, if he qualifies for the primary ballot, by the self-funding, wealthy Lamont. The Ganim campaign strategy is based on a vote-splitting large field, now dwindling, with Bysiewicz throwing in with Lamont.

From Daniela Altimari, Hartford Courant:

Democrat Ned Lamont will run for governor with Susan Bysiewicz as his running mate, sources said Monday.

Bysiewicz, a Middletown Democrat and the former three-term secretary of the state, will abandon her campaign for governor and focus on the state’s No. 2 job. An announcement is expected Tuesday.

Democrats will gather for their state convention in Hartford this weekend to nominate candidates for the party’s endorsement. Bridgeport Mayor Joe Ganim is collecting signatures to try to qualify for a primary to challenge Lamont for the party’s nomination if he fails to win the support of the required 15 percent of convention delegates.

Full story here.


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  • Mojo

    *** Nice combination for a political state, 1-2 punch!***L&B***

  • Maria Pereira

    Poor Joe Ganim. The state party leaders are laughing at him.

    • Marshall Marcus

      The State Party Leaders don’t makeup the vast majority of the votes at the convention. Joe doesn’t have support in the Town Committees which elect the delegates. Joe was the ONLY candidate who didn’t bother to address the neighboring Trumbull Democratic Town Committee. Obviously, if he culdn’t bother with us, he won’t find any support here.

    • The Bridgeport Kid

      Joe thought he had ascended to deification after re-election. Now he is the butt of many jokes inside the Democratic State Committee. The DNC might be laughing as well.

  • Jimfox

    Mayor Joe Ganim is collecting signatures to try to qualify for a primary and where is Stevie A.? Sucking down twin Lobsters at Flucking Vazzy’s.

  • Lisa Parziale

    Jim, you should be the star comedian at the new Comedy Club. No one says it like you.

  • Marshall Marcus

    After ignoring the 19 Trumbull delegates this year, Ganim announced at 2:30PM he is having a 5PM meet and greet at Prime 111. Hope he enjoys the empty house.
    We already have a delegates meeting scheduled for 7:30 tonight and he won’t be there.
    Keep ignoring and insulting the suburbs and have no chance of being elected.

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