Hartford Courant Endorses Walker

Bridgeport resident David Walker, Republican candidate for lieutenant governor in the August 12 primary, has been endorsed by the Hartford Courant. The paper’s editorial board also endorsed John McKinney for governor over Republican-endorsed Tom Foley. Courant editorial:

If you harbor the suspicion that state government could run more efficiently and less expensively, you might want to call in a no-nonsense accountant with a green eyeshade to poke around the bureaucratic labyrinth. Someone like David Walker.

Mr. Walker is one of three candidates, along with former Groton Mayor Heather Bond Somers and state Rep. Penny Bacchiochi, vying for the Republican nomination for lieutenant governor in the Aug. 12 primary. We believe Mr. Walker’s credentials best match the state’s needs, and endorse him in the primary.

Mr. Walker has a remarkable resume. A certified public accountant, he served as comptroller general of the United States, the nation’s fiscal watchdog, from 1998 to 2008. He then headed two foundations promoting national fiscal responsibility–he compared the U.S. to the Roman Empire in decline–and is now working on a range of issues from postal reform to end-of-life challenges.

He moved to Bridgeport a few years ago, buying the home of his friend Chris Shays the former congressman, and has gotten involved with city policy issues. He was surprised to learn there are four city employees on the city council, which he rightly views as a blatant conflict of interest.

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  1. I can’t believe it, the Courant makes sense and is right on. They picked and educated, experienced person. I just hope in the Republican primary the voters can split their vote. I really do not know.

  2. David Walker is the closest Bridgeport will ever come to having a Republican governor. This is a big deal. Electing Walker and McKinney will be almost like having a state governor coming from Bridgeport. This means more funding for Bridgeport, a lieutenant governor who lives and understands Bridgeport, and who will not stand for corrupt politics.

    Bridgeport Democrats have been the most oppressive machine on the poor I have ever seen with their high taxes. They talk the talk but don’t walk the walk and taxes are still crippling the poor and homeowners.

    1. Who are you kidding?
      McKinney/Walker have already promised a slash and burn administration. They are eliminating taxes on the middle class, reducing state budget by more than 10% and you somehow believe there will be money left over for Bridgeport???
      Put down the Kool Aid and repeats after me …
      No Republican is going to help Bridgeport.

  3. Both The Day and Hartford Courant are papers that represent cities where the majority of the voters are registered Democrats. In addition, both Walker and McKinney would be likely to advocate for specific projects in Black Rock, however I doubt they would do much for the rest of Bridgeport. Has anyone on this blog ever heard of Dave Walker attending or participating in an event on the East Side, East End, West End, etc.? I honestly have no recollection of him doing so.

    1. Maria Pereira, from the first time David Walker got involve with “Citizens Working for a Better Bridgeport” I’ve been asking has Dave Walker been attending or participating in an event on the East Side, East End, West End and what blacks were a part of the organization he was forming, well never did I hear of him attending or being involved with people of color or reaching out to them. How can I vote for someone who won’t go where people who look like me and listen to the voters of the East Side, East End, West End? David Walker lives in Black Rock and that’s as far as his concern for Bridgeport. Whenever I would ask those questions it was a chance for Walker to shut me up and reach out to those “other” voters. How do you trust a man who wants your vote but won’t come into your community and talk to you and more important listen to you? It’s people like Walker who writes books and tell us what’s best for us without talking to us.

      1. Ron, I have been reading your comments regarding Citizens Working for a Better Bridgeport and Dave Walker for some time. I have agreed with the vast majority of your comments. I would really encourage people to Google Dave Walker and read the many articles written about him. I felt some of what I read was very troubling. I have also read what Dave Moore has written and I agree with many of his comments as well.

        1. I encourage you and those you are encouraging to pay attention to the name of the author, their political leaning, expertise in the field Dave Walker walks in, etc. This can be Googled too, but you forgot to do that Maria. Right?

          1. Sorry Joel, I do not get your point. I could care less about the “political leaning” of a candidate. I have voted Independent, Democrat and Republican in my lifetime. I was a registered Independent until 2010. I only enrolled as a Democrat because I realized how important it is to participate in the municipal primaries. Are you implying only CPA or financial experts should weigh in on whether Dave Walker would make a good lieutenant governor? Do you think every Republican who will or will not cast a vote for him on August 12th is a CPA or has a background in finance?

          2. Maria, I wasn’t talking about the political leaning of the candidates. That should be obvious. I was talking about the political leaning of the people or media that write the articles you’ve read about Dave Walker. If the author is Ron Mackey for example and he wrote articles on David Walker that caused you to be gravely concerned, I believe a smart person such as yourself should consider doing what I suggested we all should do and that is simply to have an open mind and look at the flip side of the coin. If Mackey is the author of the article that caused you to be concerned, you should look to see what credentials as an economist Mackey has. Lots of people don’t know what they are talking or writing about. Lots of people have told me about their grave concerns about what you have said, done and written. They’re using that as a reason to distance themselves from you. I on the other hand understand where you come from. It can be and in most occasions it is frustrating to get others to do what we feel is the right thing. We lose our cool at times. That doesn’t make us bad people. This country is in the verge of a revolution and I’ve stated that many times here. If people think what you have said, done and written is bad, wait ’til the country breaks out into a revolution. I’m doing everything to stay in the middle to keep both major parties from instigating what will eventually happen if we continue the way we’re going.

          3. Joel, I agree, one must look into the writer(s) of an article or those who publish studies on a particular topic. For instance, if a charter school study is published, the first thing I would want to know is who funded the study. If it was funded by pro-charter school funders/foundations, or the teacher’s union, that must be taken into consideration. Joel, putting up a clip of Glenn Beck who is a right-wing conservative contradicts your position on this topic.

    1. Steve, in 2010 Lisa Wilson-Foley ran on Tom Foley’s line in the Republican primary for governor. Mark Boughton ran on the line of Mike Fedele. Tom Foley won the primary for governor, Boughton for lieutenant governor, so yes they do split.

        1. The State of Connecticut’s Office of Fiscal Analysis has projected $1.5 Billion for fiscal year 2016. How will that work out for you? You have a crush on all good-looking Democrats in empty suits. It’s the only way to explain your choice of candidates.

    2. No, not just “anyone” splits their votes. Only the smart, open-minded, and better-informed voters split their votes. You simply don’t qualify.

  4. There is a school of thought that suggests Democrats have endorsed policies that perpetuate the cycle of poverty and the economic demise of cities to ensure a voter base.

    It would be refreshing to have Dave Walker in a position to influence needed change in Connecticut.

    1. There is a school of thought that the Republican Party does a great job promising the American dream but the Democratic party does a better job delivering it.

        1. Not at all, Tom. The Republicans deliver for the already wealthy. Compare either of the Bushes to Clinton and tell me under which president was the typical American better off. The better offs are more better off with Republicans. Tax cuts for the wealthiest.

          1. And Clinton appointed Dave Walker to head the Comptroller General of the US office. He served both terms of Clinton’s presidency. Great point, Bob.

          2. Bob, I really hope Marilyn Moore and Mary-Jane Foster aren’t taking advice and opinions from you.

        2. The smartest school of thought–these things are not subjective–says the cycle of poverty is party-agnostic, meaning it is perpetuated by both parties.

    2. Tom White, wouldn’t it be nice if Mr. Walker spoke to the voters of the city where he lives? Influence can be brought to the public without holding a elected position and without the public having to have to buy his book to read about his liking President Ronald Wilson Reagan 1980s viewpoints and in Reagan’s raising taxes.

      1. Ron Mackey, Dave Walker is addressing Republicans in a party primary. Not many Republicans in Bridgeport.

        If he is successful in the primary, perhaps you could assist in arrangements for him to speak to voters in Bridgeport.

        Prior to seeking public office, he was active in issues affecting Bridgeporters such as the effort to address conflict of interest on the city council.

        1. Tom White, David Walker had a chance to reach out and include other people who are not Republicans when he helped form CW4BB, which said it wanted people from all over, but they never did reach out. Why should help Mr. Walker to reach out to anyone, I made enough suggestions to him where his weakness is in Bridgeport, maybe if he had time he might attend a black church but not David Walker because he doesn’t know where any of them are. Maybe he could talk to those who live in PT Barnum Apartments, that’s in his district.

        1. Joel Gonzalez, there is nothing wrong with the 1980s but let’s look at what President Reagan did, he helped the rich with the top individual income tax rate go from 70 to 28 percent. Are these the things David Walker is talking about?

          In 1982, The Tax Equity and Fiscal Responsibility Act raised taxes by $37.5 billion per year, and the Highway Revenue Act raised the gasoline tax by $3.3 billion.

          In 1983, Reagan signed off on legislation to raise payroll taxes and tax Social Security benefits for some higher earners.

          In 1984, the Deficit Reduction Act included increases in taxes on estates and distilled spirits and ended some business tax breaks, to the tune of $18 billion per year.

          In 1985, Reagan signed legislation making permanent a 16-cent federal excise tax on a pack of cigarettes, then worth about $2.4 billion a year.

          In 1986, the Tax Reform Act lowered the top income tax bracket from 50 percent to 28 percent. To pay for the reductions, however, the legislation closed a number of tax loopholes.

          In 1987, Reagan signed the Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act that extended the telephone excise tax and eliminated a real estate tax deduction loophole.

          1987 – Submitted the first trillion-dollar budget request.

  5. So you people are telling me a non-Bridgeport resident lt. governor will somehow care more for Bridgeport? Get off the kool-aid. Or no, please pass that kool-aid! Stop getting electrified by riding the Democrat joy stick. Democrats in this city don’t do crap. They make it hard for people to work, start their own businesses by raising taxes on mom and pop businesses, they raise the minimum wage so fewer people have jobs, Malloy is against public education, and Democrats in Bridgeport want the council members to also work for the city so Democrats are also in favor of conflicts of interest. And I know all of you will say “oh no, these are just some Democrats.” Well, then what in hell does it mean to be a Democrat anymore? Democrats in this city don’t even act like Democrats. They only use the label to get votes and I see right through it.

    1. BptPorter is right on the money. The Democrats in this city are a waste of time and have done nothing to help the city. Hey Bob, how much did you accomplish while on the council?

    2. Bob “Troll” Walsh,

      I’m no Republican. I think the national GOP is a damnable disaster.

      I’m a registered Democrat. As you know, I will be voting for Marilyn Moore for 22nd District State Senate in the primary. A “Marilyn Moore” sign–with your name on it, as you’re treasurer of Moore’s campaign–is in my front yard. Marilyn is running a strong campaign that’s opened up our public discussion on important topics. I truly hope she wins. Go, Marilyn!

      I happen to support what “BptPorter” writes above.

      Whatever we say, the CT GOP will decide what it will.

      As an outspoken Democrat, you coming onto OIB and disagreeing with people’s support, not to mention the Courant’s well-considered support, of Dave Walker for Lt. Gov for GOP ticket before the GOP primary could be interpreted by some as you trying to discredit the candidate who will pose the biggest threat to the Dems in the general. No?

      Those who wish to have Dave Walker speak in their living rooms, to their neighborhood organizations and churches, etc., have you asked Dave Walker to come by? If you do, I bet he’ll show up. He’s hardly around Black Rock these days.

      I have a “Dave Walker” sign in my yard because, so far, he’s run a good strong campaign and he’s improved the public discussion on important topics. Do I agree with everything he says? No. So what? In my humble opinion, at least in state and local elections, the quality and qualifications of a candidate for public service should not be predetermined by political party.

      All Democrats all the time got us the last Bridgeport City Council, which rubber stamped everything and anything the Finch follies put in front of them. Now, at least, there are a few on the City Council who speak up–but sadly it’s a small minority (one Republican and several Democrats). Little by little.

      We need more good people to run and get elected–especially in Bridgeport. But that’s harder to accomplish if we dismiss new candidates of different parties who nonetheless have great skills and experience, proposals worth examining and discussing, no conflicts of interest, and no criminal record … people who can help improve the current status quo.

      Go Marilyn.

      Go Dave.

      1. Pete Spain, I’m in total disagreement on this part of your post, “Those who wish to have Dave Walker speak in their living rooms, to their neighborhood organizations and churches, etc., have you asked Dave Walker to come by? If you do, I bet he’ll show up. He’s hardly around Black Rock these days.” Why would anyone wish to have David Walker come to them, you have it backward, David Walker should out trying to speak in living rooms, to their neighborhood organizations and churches, etc. Yesterday Scott Hughes had a meet and greet in my backyard here in Seaside Village and that happen because my neighbors and Scott Hughes asked me. It seems Walker wants people coming to him, he has had a lot of time to reach out to the voters of Bridgeport but he has not, instead he expects us to buy and read his book to find out what he is about.

    1. Bob, take your meds. Knowing their real name won’t fix stupid. You never say these things when the Millionaire Democrats are running. How rich is Dick Blumenthal, the Clintons (yeah, they were poor once), Jim Himes? I wish I were a millionaire. If I ever do become one and read a comment like this from you, I’ll ordering my butler to ring your doorbell, take off his white glove and slap you with it as soon as you open the door.

    2. Bob, who is “we?” Sounds like the Democratic Party is paying you to blog here. What you just wrote sound exactly like what was done last year. Background checks were done on all key members of the coalition/opposition, including Marilyn Moore.

    3. ummm, how about NOT! You sound like a creepy stalker weirdo. Why would I want you to look up where I live and work, you sound so creepy.

      “Why don’t you start with using your real name so we can check to see if you are a Dem or not. Then we can check on where you live and work.”

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