Harp, Finch Endorse Bloomberg For President

Toni Harp

Mike Bloomberg rolled out a string of endorsements the past week as he builds a campaign infrastructure toward March 3 Super Tuesday primary states while also addressing criticism to his stop-and-frisk policy as mayor of New York, something he now says was wrong.

On Friday he was endorsed by former New Haven Mayor Toni Harp and former Bridgeport Mayor Bill Finch, a big Bloomberg supporter for years.

News release from Bloomberg’s Connecticut campaign:

Today, Mike Bloomberg 2020 announced that former Mayors Toni Harp (D-New Haven) and Bill Finch (D-Bridgeport) have endorsed the Democratic presidential candidate. Both cited Mike’s record as a 3-term mayor of New York City and his unique ability to not only beat Donald Trump in November but create a better future for all Americans.

“Mike Bloomberg will beat Donald Trump in November,” said former Mayor Toni Harp. “Mike has led our nation’s biggest city and has successfully taken on some of the country’s toughest challenges–including gun violence and climate change–and he’s the right person to rebuild and reunite our country.”

“Mike Bloomberg is someone who embodies the American Dream,” said former Mayor Bill Finch. “Mike’s father never made more than $6,000 a year. He paid his way through college, was unemployed at 39 years of age, and went on to create one of the most successful companies in our nation’s modern history. That entrepreneurial spirit, determination, and perseverance is what we need in our next President. That’s why I’m supporting Mike.”

Former New Haven Mayor Toni Harp served as the chief executive of New Haven from 2014 – 2019. Harp also served as a state senator from 1993 – 2013, representing a large portion of New Haven and part of West Haven.

Former Bridgeport Mayor Bill Finch served as the chief executive of the state’s largest city from 2007 – 2015. He also served as a state senator from 2000 – 2007. Recently, Finch served as the Acting Executive Director of the New York Thruway from 2016 – 2018, and he currently serves as the Executive Director for the Bridgeport-based Discovery Museum.

“Former Mayors Harp and Finch have been leaders not only in the respective cities that they’ve run, but also on issues that impact all of Connecticut,” said Brett Broesder, Connecticut State Director for Mike Bloomberg 2020. “We’re playing to win, and Connecticut will be an important part of our success. We’re excited to have Mayors Harp and Finch as part of our talented team.”

This follows an unprecedented amount of activity from a presidential primary campaign in Connecticut that includes campaign events in Hartford, Greenwich, Stamford, and Manchester, as well as announcing co-chairs and staff.



  1. Don, it’s wrong when we bring up the issue of in Bridgeport but it’s ok for others to bring it up when it’s happening in America on so many ways like the current election for both national parties and especially with President 45. U.S. Congressman Bony Rush, s former member of the Black Panther Party on Chicago is one of Bloomberg’s national Chairmen. At least Bloomberg is making apologies for his past comments about blacks unlike the candidates on the running for President in the Democrat primary and of course 45 will never say he’s sorry about anything.

  2. After what he said about minorities no thank you at this point if its trump vs Bloomberg I might just vote for trump or skip the presidential election. He is paying for ads and getting attention but wlonce the media start to scrutinize his minorities comment and things he has said about women then I expect his numbers to plunge ecpecilly with blacks. Biden is my candidate and pete is my second preference. Bernie is way to liberal even though I believe he has a lot of good points I just think he is saying some things that are very unrealistic. Dems cannot afford to go far right because believe or not trump is not very conservative at all. We need somebody in the middle.

    1. Finally, someone understands Trump’s politics. 🙂

      Bernie as will as AOC is preaching socialism, not just unrealistic, but even against its own platform. How do you say, tax the rich and well off on one hand and say free college for everybody. Even those who can afford it? It’s about a decent lower level of living, and the opportunity for those who are willing to work hard for its higher level. There’s no means test in socialism. It’s we well will take care of everybody, as we feel fit.

      Let’s face it there are some lazy and, to be kind, less value human beings, by choice of their free will (ish) sometimes. It has been said one’s “productivities is answerable as easy as it is to explain the mystery of the Holy Trinity.”

      Biden’s my Democrat choice. His public option for health coverage seems like a decent start. I mean, Obama care had a penalty for everyone who didn’t purchase health care. If they didn’t have it either on their own or by their employer. It was backward. It should be a Medicare public option for businesses to purchase health care for their employees, and businesses are required to cover their employees of face a penalty. With breaks employees like they are given to people who work but don’t get it through their employers and don’t earn enough to buy it on the open market for themselves, who receive Medicaid that is government subsided, generally free. The subsidies should be for the businesses to cover their employees. People who work receive health insurance. That’s Capitalism, is it not? It ends Medicaid or shift it to employers, that the taxpayers paying for people’s health insurance because the employer isn’t providing it to them and don’t pay them enough in their check to purchase it. It seems like employers (Capitalism) are dictation who gets health coverage. The businesses have the option to go in the free market or the Medicare public option or both to cover their worker’s health insurance. Government employees should be covered by Medicare plans. Like car insurance, there should be a base coverage for employees’ public option plan. People still contribute to their retirement Medicare plan. and other means to cover those who fall in between. It’s a joint private and public approach to health insurance. Then deal with the cost, which is an entirely another issue in itself then coverage.

      P.S I heard this and it seems to make some sense. “Socialism without Capitalism becomes Communism, and Capitalism with Socialism becomes Oligaries. There is a balance between them without that balance you get chaos, that seems to not benefit either in the long run, and the growth of a society. That will destroy them both. JS


  3. donj, sometimes your responses leads me to question not only your sanity, but your Blackness. There are a myriad of democratic candidates that I wouldn’t like to see represent the party, but anyone of those would be better for Black Americans than the Racist in Chief. For you to say that you’d rather see 45 other than Bloomberg shows that you are either a fool or a white dude!

    1. Ron, You are missing a broader point to the miscarriage of justice in our judicial system. I’m sure Judge Lopez can tell a few stories other than a parking ticket in all her years as a lawyer and a judge about a miscarriage of justice.

      Hasn’t the Port’s police department been sitting on the rape kits test for years? I see a documentary where the police extracted a confession out of a mentally disabled person and sent him to prison for life. I don’t want to demonize the police department. It’s a double-edged sword. But if they want to look at why cops have a mental issue and commit suicide, like we had two in recent years. It’s not dealing with the hazards of the job, protecting the innocent or bring justice for them. They need to look within and stop doing what you are doing Ron and deflect for the realities.

      One support for or against the death penalty that you are binging up is the same manner as those cops and prosecutors do change the reality to fit their needs, to seek and win public opinion. Did you actually read your link? Trump called for it for the white guy who killed a woman, at the anti-white nationalist rally. NC.

      It’s funny I knew someone who was sent to prison for distributing weed and was sentenced longer what the central five before it was overturned, by the state. I read someone got life under 3 strike law for fooling around just smoking a joint.

      See Ron, not everybody feels the way you feel or see things. the way you see it. In my view. It’s far more humane to end one’s existence then have them sit in a cell for eternity for the sins they have committed, and it’s even worse if they are innocent.



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