1. *** MERRY CHRISTMAS, FELIZ NAVIDAD AND HAPPY HOLIDAYS! *** While we’re talking, some different ethnic ways of greetings for the holidays! Today while listening to the front GOP runner-up Donald Trump talk about the government needing to put in measures for a type of government moratorium that would halt any more known Muslims from coming into the United States, it made me wonder if in fact many known Muslims in general around the world are actually against the acts of terror towards innocent citizens from the west or Christians and even other Muslims. And if so, then why hasn’t the change of religious or political beliefs and the murder of so many people, inspired American or other country’s Muslims to rise up in protest against these fake religious jihad acts of violence? There does not seem to be any, nor enough active protest from Muslims worldwide, voicing their opinions in public or on the news, or protesting by organized marches, rallies, etc.! Why not, are they scared? Do they think when the time comes for a suicide bomber in an American Mall or City Park or event, decides to blow him or herself up and everyone else there, they will stop and make an announcement for all Muslims to leave the premises first? I don’t think so, just like I don’t feel American Muslims and world-wide Muslims are showing they are united in their stand against these senseless acts of terror in the name of a so-called religious jihad! Maybe then all these talks of ethnic and religious separation, etc. in a country that was founded on the principle of freedom can be put to rest. ***


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