Handy Man–School Board Member Leverages Property In Effort To Free His Father James Taylor

(No, not that James Taylor.) From Dan Tepfer, CT Post:

A Board of Education member accused of falsifying his city address is using that property to try to bond out his father who is awaiting trial for allegedly killing his ex-wife in Fairfield earlier this year.

Christopher Taylor filed a motion in Superior Court to put up his property at 155 Davenport St. to post the $2 million bond for his father, James Taylor.

A hearing on the motion is scheduled for Wednesday morning before Judge Robert Devlin.

Board of Education member Maria Pereira recently filed a complaint with the state Elections Enforcement Commission claiming that Taylor is living at a relative’s home in Fairfield which would make it illegal for him to serve on the Board of Education here. However, Taylor contends he lives at the Davenport Street address which he has a permit to use as a recycling facility.

An appraisal commissioned by Taylor for the bond motion states that the property, owned by ACG Contracting LLC, is worth $2.1 million. ACG is owned by Taylor.

The appraisal states that the property contains a warehouse and two-story office. There is no mention in the report that any portion is used for living space.

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  1. Excuse me..was there not a very very major criminal situation with the Taylor Family on that Fairfield address. As in MURDER. Or are names mixed up.

  2. 155 Davenport St. has an assessed value of $600,000 on Vision Appraisal. The Reevaluation was done in 2015.

    What a coincidence. Chris Taylor’s father is being held on a $2,000,000 Bond and Chris Taylor hired a private appraiser that miraculously assessed 155 Davenport St. at an assessed value of $2.0 million.

    An absolute miracle! 🙂

  3. So please let me share how absolutely unethical and dishonest the Ganim administration is.

    Last Monday I called both the Fire Marshal and Zoning to lodge formal complaints regarding Chris Taylor utilizing 155 Davenport as his residence. I was told to call back in a week.

    I called the Fire Marshal and was informed they did go out and inspect. I asked if I could pick-up a copy of the inspection report. I was told it was still being typed up, however I could follow -up later that day.

    I then called Zoning and was told that both Zoning and the Fire Marshal conducted a joint inspection. It was being used as a mixed use which is not allowed and a certified letter was being mailed out. I asked when I could pick -up a copy of the report and letter. I was told it was being finalized and they would call me later that day when everything was all set.

    Shortly after 4:00 PM I called Zoning because I had not received a call as promised. The zoning official sounded hesitant and nervous and informed me he wasn’t sure if he could give it to me because there was email thread involving alot of people.

    Zoning called me this morning to tell me I had to file a FOIA request to obtain the inspection reports for the complaint that I FILED.

    This was triggered by Communications Director Rowena White, who always reminded me of a trailer park.

    How can I be asked to submit a FOI request to access the results of the very complaints I initiated???

  4. Why is Chris Taylor’s father being held on $2,000,000.00 bail? Has to be something a bit more serious than spitting on the sidewalk or jaywalking…


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