Guber Race Fight To Finish

Malloy-Foley debate
Malloy and Foley square off. Hartford Courant photo.

The New York Times profiles Malloy-Foley race.

It is Connecticut’s version of the Thrilla in Manila: a rematch between two of the state’s heavyweights, with the top job as the prize.

Dannel P Malloy, a Democrat, bested Thomas C. Foley, a Republican, when the two squared off in a contest for governor in 2010, but by a margin of only half a percentage point. Four years later, the two are running against each other again, with polls showing them even, though the momentum, after several vitriolic debates, seems to be shifting in Governor Malloy’s favor.

Mr. Malloy, a longtime government servant, raised taxes but stabilized the state’s finances and pushed forward one of the nation’s toughest gun laws after the Newtown school massacre. Mr. Foley, a wealthy businessman and former ambassador to Ireland, wants to bring his entrepreneurial skills to Connecticut’s still-flagging economy, yet thinks improving mental health services would have been more effective than new gun-control laws.

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  1. Times article states Mr. Foley was arrested twice, “one a 1981 arrest in which Mr. Foley, then 29, was accused of hitting a car five times in the Hamptons and spent the night in jail, and another in which his former wife claimed she was blocked from leaving the driveway and was then run off the road in a 1993 custody dispute.” Now how does a person hit a car five times and then another time runs his wife off the road? Sounds like control and anger problems.

    1. We all have a past, and most of us learn and grow from our bad judgment choices. As to the claims by a former spouse, always two sides to those stories.

  2. Hey Ron, no mention of Malloy covering for his son who was arrested not once but twice and the second time was when he was on probation and still got no jail time. Hmmm, I wonder why??? If that were a black kid who did that he would be in jail for at least a decade. Why not mention that, why the black community has not mentioned Malloy decriminalized marijuana for one reason and one reason only and we all know why. On election day I plan on voting for the Democratic ticket with the exception of Malloy, he is a bad governor any way you look at it.


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