Get To Know Primary Ballot

2015 Dem primary

The September 16 Democratic primary ballot is set. The ballot pictured, featuring citywide candidates, is for districts without primaries for City Council. In districts that have City Council primaries, 130, 131, 132, 137 and 138, the candidates appear last on the ballot following city sheriffs.

The dump of absentee ballot applications to the Town Clerks’ Office began Tuesday. It’s expected thousands of applications will be returned to the office for mailing of the ballots to primary voters.

Council candidates running on Finch’s line: 130th District, Katie Bukovsky, Scott Burns; 131st District, Jack Banta, Denese Taylor-Moye; 132nd District, Evette Brantley, John Olson;  137th District, Milta Feliciano, Aidee Nieves; 138th District, James Morton, Melanie Jackson.

Council candidates running on Ganim’s line: 130th District John Marshall Lee and Tyisha Toms; 131st District Jorge Cruz; 132nd Bob Halstead and Lisa Parziale; 137th District Juan Hernandez and Maria Valle; 138th District Anthony Paoletto and Nessah Smith.

Teresa Davidson in the 137th District and Charles Hare and Julia Concepcion in the 138th District petitioned onto the ballot and will be on Mary-Jane Foster’s line.



  1. Four weeks to go and I have no idea whom I will vote for. Ganim and Finch have their baggage, Mary-Jane seems like the better candidate but Ganim did a pretty good job as mayor. Under Finch downtown has made a lot of progress; a lot of things to do down there. My parents who are homeowners will not vote for Finch because of the high taxes.

    1. Yup, the middle class has been squeezed dry of disposable income via taxes in CT. Those in poverty seem to see no way out of where they are now. The wealthy are fleeing this state for states with less of a tax burden. By all means, keep the machine fed, because one-party rule has just about crushed everyone not on the government payroll in this city.

  2. I would be naïve to think a majority of voters will be selective about who they vote for. Unfortunately I live in the real world, where many people will vote the line because someone from the DTC told them to vote that way.

  3. Lennie, I think it is confusing to call Line B Ganim’s Line and Line C Foster’s line. The endorsed candidates are on Line A, but I believe the petitioning candidates are on the subsequent lines based on the order in which they submitted their petitions, and does not mean they are aligned with Ganim or Foster.


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