German Innovators To Appear At Bijou Smart Buildings Symposium

News release from the German American Chamber of Commerce:

The German American Chamber of Commerce, Inc. (GACC) is pleased to announce that the next event in our International Sustainability Series will be the German American Smart Buildings Symposium–Connecticut. This important event will be coming to the historical Bijou Theatre in Bridgeport, CT on October 8, 2013. While Bridgeport has historically been known for industrial development, the city has great visions for building a community around clean energy, green spaces, and a sustainable economy. The city is home to a number of durable buildings attractively located close to transit and major logistics routes.

“Companies are quickly realizing that these spaces represent a fantastic investment for housing developments, offices, retail, and light manufacturing” said Paul Timpanelli, President and CEO of the Bridgeport Regional Business Council.

At the same time, industrial business parks like the rapidly growing Eco Industrial Park are becoming centers for the home grown innovation that new investors will tap into when they join the local economy.

The German American Smart Buildings Symposium will build on Bridgeport’s vision for the future, bringing experts from the German sustainable building industry, German building companies, and local innovators together to discuss ways to cooperate on bridging Germany’s experience with the opportunities in Connecticut.

Germany has been known for decades as the leader in efficiency and renewable energy. The first-of-its-kind feed-in tariff created a sustainable market for renewable energy companies to thrive and grow and for projects to be developed quickly, noticeably reducing the need for fossil fuels and nuclear energy.

Germany also founded the Passivhaus Institut (Passive House Institute), which provided a clear plan to bring the energy use in buildings down to a net zero, through a combination of efficiency and renewable energy. This has now become the standard in Germany, with the cost of a passive house building in general being the same as the older, dirty standard. Their next step is targeting standards for buildings that create more energy than they use.

This development is absolutely possible in the US and is vital to the sustainable economic growth of Connecticut.

Come join this free conference and learn about the exciting future for buildings in Germany and the US.

Following the conference will be a free screening of a light-hearted German film. More details will be available soon. For more information on the German American Smart Buildings Symposium taking place on October 8th, 2013 in Bridgeport, CT from 9 am – 4 pm and to register online, please visit here.



  1. *** Bpt is famous for recycled political hot air that can smoke up mirrors and fill up pipe dreams when it comes to city economic development, no? *** SMART-ASS BUILDING INNOVATORS or S.A.B.I. ***

  2. Three years ago I had drinks with two gentleman from this group at Épernay Restaurant. At the time they were hoping to acquire the GE properties on Boston Avenue for housing. I have to admit, I am happy GE took the buildings down before this became another stalled 10-year project. It should be an interesting and informative session at the Bijou.


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