Gen Now: Rigged Hiring Process Drains Wallets And Confidence Of Taxpayers

From Gemeem Davis & Callie Gale Heilmann, Co-Directors, Bridgeport Generation Now

“The ruling by Superior Court Judge Barry Stevens that the Ganim Administration violated Bridgeport’s civil service rules and city charter in its appointment of Rebeca Garcia to the position of assistant police chief in December 2019 is yet another example of Bridgeport’s system of political corruption and patronage that permeates from the highest levels of city leadership.

“As Judge Stevens said in his ruling, ‘The city’s overarching intent and goal in the selection of the assistant chief of police was not so much to comply with the civil service rules but rather to allow [former Police Chief Armando] Perez to choose from the ranks whomever he wanted in whatever manner he desired.’

“Sadly, time and time again–from yesterday’s ruling on Acting Police Chief Rebecca Garcia to the previous appointment of the former Police Chief Armando Perez–the Ganim Administration has shown a complete disregard for adhering to basic civil service rules and processes in filling key government positions.

“From a sham police chief search, to lawsuits, to settlements, we’ve paid out upwards of $1.3 million to uphold patronage within the highest levels of our local government–and that doesn’t even include the most recent costs from this latest court case. Moreover, the never ending rulings and reports pointing to the pervasive and systemic political corruption that exists within the Ganim Administration has cost Brideporters confidence in their city government.

“It’s simple: the city of Bridgeport should have an open, transparent, ethical, and merit-based search and hiring process for all department heads, that also includes ample opportunity for public input.”



  1. The Civil Service System has been used as a political patronage trough for Mayor’s Finch and Ganim since recently Arrested Acting Director of Civil Service David Dunn was appointed by Finch. Ron Mackey and I have been saying this for 12 years and Gen Now has just figured this out with this ruling? If open and transparency in hiring is dependent upon Gen Now, Bridgeport is still in trouble! There is none so blind that will not see!🙈

  2. Upwards of 1.3 million? Ya gotta go upwards quite a bit more!! There’s more to consider, a lot more. Compile ALL the separate incidents involving all the obvious cases, the lawyers fees, the awards after the cases were adjudicated, the loss of dollars with respect to back pay and pay received in the interim that shouldn’t have been paid out, etc etc etc. 1.3 doesn’t even come close. C’mon Brian Lockwood! What a headline you could have!

  3. Exactly Rich,$ 1.3 million is the tip of the iceberg when you factor everything in over the Ganim years.How about the $ 125,000 salary Gaudett got when Joe,in his never ending quest to have a chief he who does what their told,had Gaudett step down,and was forced to make up a job for him in the emergency communication division??,(which ,(btw the way,Joe ignored the proper purchasing process for professional services and just put him in that position,no surprise here,Joe ignores the charter,bidding processes,purchasing processes etc)

    Also factor in when Joe had to hire Chief Ramsey and Gaudettt help straighten out Perez’s inability to run the dept,we are talking $100,000’s of dollars more here..It just goes on and on and on..


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