Ganim’s Chutzpah Has Political Observers Talking

Love him, loathe him, lament him or otherwise, Mayor Joe Ganim has people talking about him. And considering where he’s been, up and down and back around again, that’s not such a bad thing in this wide-open race for governor. Joe’s an underdog in a race that features no sure shots, but people are barking about his candidacy, perhaps the chutzpah of it all.

Colin McEnroe, host of WNPR’s Wheelhouse show, examines with political observers Kevin Rennie, Max Reiss and Susan Bigelow, Ganim’s surprising numbers leaked from so-called internal polls.

Real or imagined, these polls, in March, are generally meaningless to serial primary voters. They’re relevant to party insiders, potential contributors and candidates scouring support.

The other Democrats in the race have their money pieces sorted out through either self funding (Ned Lamont) or public financing. Ganim’s ineligible for public funds so he’s raising loot through large-dollar donors. Ganim must secure 15 percent delegate support at the Democratic convention in May to achieve a ballot spot in the August primary. In lieu of that he can petition onto the ballot via signatures, a long, hard slog.

The more viable Ganim’s perceived, the more delegate support and fundraising opportunities.

If he’s on the ballot in August, Ganim’s path to relevancy is more likely in a large field, as noted on McEnroe’s show. If four or five candidates are on the ballot the percentage split makes it more doable. The Republican field, as well, is shaping up large for August.

The Ganim campaign, for one, is not shy about spreading the McEnroe segment to other media outlets. See above, with a postscript from Ganim.

Ah, such audacity.



  1. Listen to the tape, and click for all you are worth. Ganim2 has no desire to work with anyone else on the “new CT economy” He is shamefully taking a full salary in Bridgeport as Mayor, grabbing a “BRIDGE” to former service in the City more than a decade previously to secure taxpayer funded benefits that he fouled once already, and has had no idea for revenues other than increase taxes (after telling voters STOP RAISING TAXES). He is a shameless and cowardly example of leadership, failing to be open, accountable, generally transparent or honest in governance.
    Joe does not have the aptitude or competency to right the CT “ship of State”. Those who believe in him are welcome to do so, but there is no proof in his pudding, or whatever else he has been serving so far. Time will tell.

    1. Joe Ganim campaigned on the pledge “I will not raise taxes!” He never said anything about lowering them. Property owners in Black Rock pay upwards of 90% of the city’s tax burden. Given Little Joe’s gubernatorial ambitions and the state of taxation in Connecticut one would think he would do something to lower taxes. The residents of Black Rock and the North End are not getting much bang for the bucks.

  2. It’s easy to determine how much value Mayor Ganim subtracts from Bridgeport but how much value he adds remains a mystery.
    What Bridgeport needs is an announced candidate who makes Ganim a stay-at-home Mayor. At present, he’s able to disregard his local track record while engaging in statewide politics.

  3. This convict is a perfect example why certain people dont deserve a second chance. He has done nothing to improve conditions in Bridgeport. We still have a fucked up police chief. We chased out the baseball team and will use the ball field for concerts what a cluster fuck this will be fight, drugs and shootings, The one good thing is we will have the horseshit cops there.Our city attorneys office is fucked up like hogans goat and Meyers is one dumb little shit. Anyone that votes for the Ganim slate in this TC election needs their heads examined. Fuck Ganim and Fuck Bridgeport.Yes I live here

  4. We can thank the minority population and their ministers for giving us 4 more years of Ganim. He promised them the world and they got Bupkus.

  5. I think based on the conditions of this state, due to Malloy’s doings, I sincerely think a Republican candidate is going to win the governor’s office. Malloy has and continues to dig holes that no Democrat can say, show or prove he/she will turn it around. They would have to prove they are against Malloy and his people. I see the shift happening in recently past elections. I also think if G2 wins the primary that will not help the Democrat party based on the desperate need of someone to redirect the ship. At this time I don’t even think G2 can win a re-election in Bridgeport so we all would have to say he would lose a lot of Bridgeport’s vote.

  6. Ganim would be such a flawed candidate with so much baggage, Republicans may contribute to his campaign so that he is the Democrat party candidate.

  7. Andy, you talk like no white people voted for Joe Ganim. The fact is a myriad of white people voted his ass back into office. It’s a fact that white people supported his campaign with thousands and thousands of dollars and we all know that Black’s and Latinos don’t historically donate our money to political campaigns.

    Black’s in Bridgeport for the most part learned their lesson with the election of Joe Ganim, but the same can’t be said for white people because his last fund raiser looked like a parent teachers meeting in Westport.

    1. DD, good point. Ganim defeated Bill Finch in the 2015 primary with overwhelming support from black voters. In the general election 7-candidate race, however, Ganim ran ahead in every demographic group: black, white, brown, male, female, etc. He won every district except 130th where Rick Torres received a major vote at Black Rock School.

    2. I wisg DD’s defined benefit program came with a defined grammar program because they’re a myriad of reasons he’s never been seen at a Westport parent/teachers meeting.

      Here are three of them:
      Blacks is a plural noun
      Black’s is a pocessive noun
      He doesn’t live there.

    3. They may have learned their lesson but they still put him in the mayors chair. Most of the money at Ganim fund raisers is out of town money

  8. Donald,
    I was not at Ganim2 fundraiser, the last one, the first one, or anyone. The man never found time in a long campaign to meet with me even though his close friend tried. Very busy, you know. A couple times at City Council public speaking events we said hello and I gave him a copy of my comments for the evening, you know…..OPEN, ACCOUNTABLE, TRANSPARENT and HONEST the themes. No follow up. And since then trouble making eye contact. So you don’t see me in the photo, nor do you see folks from OIB for the most part.

    Does the Westport PTA look come from business people, many of whom live outside Bridgeport but have a business reason to continue investing in Bridgeport? Or perhaps many City employees who happen to be white and want to maintain jobs and excellent benefits? And what about those professionals of all types, the lawyers, auditors, the actuaries and other technical advisors?? More white than color?? And they live in the City and are taxpayers?
    Rousing parties? Perhaps. Any lessons to be learned, Ron, by Blac ks and Latinos regarding contributing dollars to campaigns in which you are trusted, respected, at the table, rather than on the table? Time will tell.

  9. Oh Paul go have another drink of vodka and try again tomorrow. Do you know me, met me or my family? Do you know if my sister lives in Westport for 15 years while raising three young children in the Westport school system? Take another drink.

    Do you know if I’ve been to a parent’s teacher’s meeting or not or what the racial make-up of said meeting? Do you know if I’ve lived in Westport and sent my kids to school there? Take another drink. Paul, you know nothing about me or my situation so may I suggest that you keep focused on what you do know about, the difference between vodka and gin.

  10. I’m glad that I could be a part of such a wonderful endeavor and a momentous occasion. Derek, this drink is to you. Paul, one other thing you dont know me because I post on OIB, trust and believe you dont know me.


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