Ganim Will Attend Trump Inaugural

Trump, Ganim June 1994
Trump and Mayor Joe Ganim in Bridgeport, 1994. WFSB photo.

Mayor Joe Ganim will attend more next week in Washington DC than just the winter meeting of the U.S. Conference of Mayors. Donald Trump’s inauguration is also on his list. The Republican president-elect and the Democratic mayor of Connecticut’s most populous city became friendly in the 1990s when Trump viewed Bridgeport as development potential.

Ganim, as mayor, attended the wedding festivities of Trump and his second wife Marla Maples in 1993. They separated and divorced several years later.

More about Ganim attending Trump’s inauguration from Brian Lockhart, CT Post:

Still, Ganim, who is also going to attend the mayors’ conference in D.C., sought ten tickets for staff, family and friends to be in the audience when Trump takes the oath of office.

“It’s an historic event. I’ve gone to as many inaugurations as I could,” Ganim, who ran the city in the 1990s and waged a successful comeback in 2015, said Thursday.

But Ganim appears to be an anomaly. Other big city Democratic mayors from Hartford, New Haven, Norwalk and Stamford do not plan on witnessing Trump assume the most powerful job in the world.

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  1. As a strategic move, this may be a smart idea based on how Donald Trump creates his own priorities. Maybe Trump as president will know Ganim, Mayor of the City of Bridgeport, attended the Inauguration and Trump might give the city some slack. Or maybe he may think Ganim is still a Mayor and Trump is now President and may think Ganim is a loser. Who knows how the mind of Trump works? However, the “crystal ball” gaze into the future of Federal Programs does NOT bode well for Bridgeport.

    1. Trump is a narcissistic psychopath. He loves people who kiss his ass. The problem is a Republican Congress. The Republicans in Congress don’t give a damn about cities like Bridgeport. We are screwed.

  2. I’m with Frank on this. I won’t say Lisa doesn’t have a far better understanding of Bridgeport politics back then. I will say however Ganim is in a far better position with a Trump presidency than a Hillary Clinton presidency. They both came to Bridgeport to campaign for the job of President of the United States, and Hillary snubbed Ganim, Trump didn’t. If Trump torpedoed a Bridgeport casino in the early ’90s it was done out of a businessman protecting his interests as a casino owner. He has no interest in casinos anymore, and he is not a businessmen but the United States President. As Jeff has alluded, Connecticut gaming expansion did not die when Trump left Bridgeport in 1995. He said in the early 2000s it was still a hot topic of debate for a Bridgeport casino. But Dan Malloy, Greenwich/Stamford elites opposed it. Times have changed. Connecticut’s financial affairs are not in order. GE is gone. The health insurance companies’ monopoly is soon to follow. The winds have changed about the expansion of gaming in Connecticut. The recent changes to the law paving the way for Connecticut gaming is proof the revenue will help out the state. Mario has been on the opposite side of Malloy and Greenwich/Stamford elites for a casino in Bridgeport. I’m sure he in not unhappy about the changing attitude towards the expansion of gaming and the revenue it will bring to the state. The friendship Joe Ganim has with the President of the United States, how will Mario utilize his power over Malloy, Connecticut’s current economy, his friendship with Ganim, and Ganim’s friendship with the President of the United States?

  3. Robert, I’m going to make this short and please trust me on this. Trump doesn’t give two ____s about Bridgeport. We have a problem getting the State to recognize us, do you think this nut-job Trump is going to care if Ganim attends his inauguration? Ganim’s father, who’s a Republican, most likely got lucky with a contact and got his son an invite. Joe’s mind is spinning trying to figure out how he can get some sort of an entry-level position in Washington so he doesn’t have to worry about what he’ll be doing in three years. His glory days in Bridgeport are over and he’s smart enough to know that. It’s one thing to be mayor at 30, another to fight your way back at 57.

  4. Robert, PLEASE, do you have any idea how many people will be at the inauguration?

    The record for inauguration turnout is held by Barack Obama’s first inauguration in 2009. Estimates had the crowd at a bit under two million. But that was a crowd that turned out to see the world-historic inauguration of the first black president, and Obama was a personally popular figure. Trump is coming in as a controversial winner whose standing in popularity polls is low by the usual standards of a new first-term president. That dampened enthusiasm might cause turnout to lag behind Obama’s 2009 showing; the 2001 inauguration of George W. Bush, the last president to get fewer votes than his opponent, drew 300,000 people.

    So Robert, do you still think Trump will give a damn about Bridgeport, CT?

    1. Ron (All Thing Black),

      1. Trump, the narcissist, actually yes it will. 🙂

      2. This has nothing to do with Trump’s inauguration or Obama’s. It’s about Joe having somewhat of a relationship with the President of the United States. If Obama invited Joe to his wedding wouldn’t that have some meaning?

      I hope the Mayor of Bridgeport give a damn about Bridgeport and him having a relationship with the president would be a positive in my eyes.

      Ron, do you give a damn about Bridgeport? If Joe were able to get Trump to extend a helping hand to Bridgeport would you want Joe to refuse it? Do you want to see Joe try to use his friendship with Trump to advance Bridgeport?

  5. Basic math, Lisa.
    I can see Ganim’s mind spinning trying to figure out how he can get some sort of an entry-level position in Washington. He’s going to give up his mayor position out of fear of not being reelected in three years. If his head is spinning if I were him I would wait until his reelection. If he wins, no harm no foul. If he loses he has a full year to woo Trump. Not to mention, what if Trump loses his reelection?

    Joe has a far better chance of winning his reelection if he spins his head with trying to get Trump to invest in Bridgeport.

    He already fought his way back, I won’t question his smartness, he got reelected.

    No way will a sitting Democrat mayor with a historic comeback win give up his seat out of fear of not getting reelect based on some “NUT JOB” (your words) Republicans’ reelection.

    I’m not saying what this 57-year-old is fighting for but I will bet it’s not for job in Trump’s administration.

    This is not about Trump or Joe, Republican or Democrat. It’s about Bridgeport, not just the North End, South End, East End, etc. but all sides. That’s the way I see it.

  6. I’m out. I feel like it’s the story of King Solomon and the baby. The Baby is Bridgeport. He decides to have the baby cut in half to see if anyone will stop him. This will tell him who really cares for the baby. But in this case nobody’s telling the King not to cut the baby in half. Good luck, Bridgeport. BAM I’M OUT.

  7. Robert, I don’t know you but I think you’re a good man. Too good to understand the nefarious ways of some politicians; I’m referring to the lowest level to the highest level. You give the benefit of the doubt, but the individuals you’re giving it to don’t deserve it. I wish I could be like you, but I know and have seen too much to ever get that innocent attitude back.

  8. Exactly. I know Evil very well. If Ganim is in a position to use his friendship with Trump for a job in his administration then he could just as well use it to Benefit Bridgeport, if he chooses too.

    That is the heart of my post. Do you think Joe could try to get a job in a Clinton administration if she won? A Trump presidency is more beneficial for Ganim than a Clinton presidency.

    What Joe decides to do with a beneficial Trump presidency is mutually agreed upon either for himself with a job in his administration or for Bridgeport and his reelection bid in three years.

    Personally I think if Joe were to use his friendship with a Trump presidency to benefit himself, I would think Joe would be seeking something to benefit his position as mayor and the city than a job in his administration. If Joe has it in his mind he can leverage himself with a Trump administration. I’m sure he can sell Trump on Making Bridgeport Great Again. Just because Bridgeport politicians are nefarious doesn’t always mean Bridgeport shouldn’t benefit from it. Can’t Joe and Bridgeport benefit form Joe’s friendship with a Trump presidency? TWT.

  9. “Joe has a far better chance of winning his reelection if he spins his head with trying to get Trump to invest in Bridgeport.”

    Mr. Teixeira, I think you need to step away from the computer and get some air. “Trump invest in Bpt???” The last thing on his mind is this city. And Joe trying to get him to invest??? Joe is out for Joe, plain and simple, he’s trying to take care of himself, he realizes he’ll be one term and out this time. Joe is trying to get his next job, nothing more.

    1. Really, Joe invests in Bridgeport, you know the Mayor of Bridgeport. Joe has to do two things to win his reelection, keep crime at bay and chip away on taxes. I know people are against Joe as Mayor, but the idea of Joe quitting his job as a Democratic Mayor of Bridgeport to work in a Republican presidency is either wishful thinking from those who want Joe gone or something beyond my comprehension.

      Basic math. Joe has a job guaranteed three years from now with a reelection. Trump with a four years with no guarantee and a reelection.

      Trump came to prominence by saying “you’re fired.”

      If Joe can’t get a Trump administration to help him out as Mayor, why would he give him a job in his administration?

      If Joe were truly looking out for Joe by using a Trump as president, I would say having the President of the United States steer money to the city. This will help in his reelection.

      Again I’m a simple person with a simple mind. How a Democratic Mayor quits his job after a historic comeback win because he’s afraid he will not be reelected three years from now. So he’s going to try to seek a more secure job in a Republican administration who has to go up against its own reelection in four years. This concept is beyond my simple mind.

  10. Donald Trump is known for his four bankruptcies and thereby leaving behind workers without jobs and not paying those other businesses who performed work, service and finance. Now that’s what Bridgeport and Joe Ganim need, remember Joe started out with Bridgeport looking at the City going into bankruptcy.

  11. Attending the inauguration with thousands of others is just an ego thing. Establishing communication channels with the new administration is wise. Who can Bridgeport go to, Blumenthal, Murphy or Himes? All they help with is getting more money for social services and subsidized rental housing to attract more needy people to Bridgeport.

  12. If anything, the only hope is Ben Carson as the head of HUD could provide some type of assistance. The problem is in Connecticut there are no Democrats who have a relationship with Trump and there is no reasons for Republicans (who have no pull) to do or ask for assistance. Jodi Rell, where are you?

    1. Ron, have you not be reading what is being said on this thread? 🙂 Joe looking for a position in the Trump administration. He’s a Democrat, and Trump could place Joe in HUD, who could work with Ben. You don’t need Jodi Rell. We have Joe? BAM I’m out. This is ridiculous.

        1. Jennifer, I’m in no way comparing myself to the credentials that Ben Carson has, but I grew up in public housing also, what does or did that get me? I’ll answer my own rhetorical question, it gave me the opportunity to learn and experience diversity, acceptance of all people, and an education in life that few know.

          1. Well put me in orthopedic shoes, I stand corrected. Much like The NY Times that originally reported he did.

  13. That’s what I’m saying. Where do people get these ideas from? Who is feeding them this and why? Joe as a Mayor in the early 1990s having a developer with interest in Bridgeport, for whatever Trump’s intention were. Built a relationship with him and was invited to his wedding, constitutes an abandonment of City, re-establishing his political career, for a job in said developer’s administration, who is now going to be President of the United States. Hillary Clinton went to Trump’s wedding. I’m pretty sure she will not be offered a job.

    Harvey, you are correct. I need to step away from my computer and get some fresh air. As for Joe’s one term, we shall see. BAM.

  14. I have to agree with Robert Teixeira on most points.

    I am happy Ganim will be representing Bridgeport.
    I do not think Ganim has a chance in hell or would want to be part of a Trump Admin.
    It is respectful of our Mayor to want to be part of an historic moment.

    Keep in mind, Ganim has had Republican constituents. If Ganim can raise Bridgeport’s visibility with Trump, GOOD for him!

    1. Steve, you’re losing your game! First of all Ganim does nothing out of respect. Second, Ganim is a Republican hiding behind the cover of a Dem because he knew it’s the only way he could stay elected in Bridgeport. And now that he has obvious baggage, he has to stay in Bridgeport. Ganim doesn’t care about the Democrats or Independents who helped get him elected this time, what my friend makes you think he gives one thought to the handful of Republicans we have? He and his diminutive Town Chair will be attending because they have the opportunity to live vicariously while walking among the successful and powerful. In the end, they will bring themselves back to their reality, Bridgeport. No other reason guys and gals, this is one scenario you can’t make look any other way than what it is.

  15. Oh Jennifer please, I grew up eating beef but don’t know how to raise a cow. I grew up wearing shoes but don’t know how to tan leather. I grew up fighting fires but don’t know how to build a fire apparatus.

    Ben Carson is so removed from public housing, he couldn’t recognize public housing if he rode by some. You can’t/aren’t that naive to think, believe or feel him living in public housing 50 years ago is a criterion for being the head of HUD. Jennifer, are you losing your edge or is this really someone else who is using your name?

    1. I simply said Carson is not the worst pick, because he lived in public housing. I would argue Ivana Trump, for example, would be worse than Carson. Just my opinion.

  16. I am not a supporter of Donald Trump. That said, it is good politics to wish election winners well and attend inaugurations, swearings in, etc. You never know when that gracious act may pay off, or a deliberate snub come back to bite you in the ass.
    In 1962, New Haven Mayor Dick Lee didn’t attend a dinner for VP LBJ at the Woodbridge Country Club because Lee was buddies with President JFK. Fast forward to Nov. 1963, LBJ is President, model cities money is cut off and the RT 34 connector and neighborhood is still unfinished.

    1. Marshall, please don’t compare LBJ in any form to Trump or Mayor Lee to Ganim. It was LBJ who passed the legislation of the Civil Rights that gave blacks the right to vote, fair housing and many other rights but in signing those laws he knew he was giving the South away to the Republican Party because the South didn’t want to be told what to do even though they were violating the rights of blacks. In a very fast time they changed from Democrats to Republicans.

      1. Ron,
        I made no comparison. I merely posted an example (known to me) of consequences of a political snub. Sometimes good manners and cordiality make political sense.

        1. Marshall, I know you were not making a comparison and I agree with you about good manners and cordiality makes political sense but let me ask you, is President-Elect Donald Trump acting with good manners and cordiality? Trump is not reaching out to anybody, instead he’s acting like he’s campaigning for office. With this circus still going on Trump doesn’t have time for anything except fighting those who speak against him and he’s on Twitter fighting and calling people names.

          1. Ron,
            Trump is not showing good manners, grace or cordiality, but that is no reason to sink to his level. One has to maintain standards of civility even when dealing with a boor.

  17. I can assure you, President-Elect Trump could care less that Joe Ganim will be among the hundreds of thousands who attend his Inauguration. Mayor Ganim needs to focus on doing his job in Bridgeport rather than parties and PR activities.

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