Ganim Urges FOI Commission To Order Release Of Property Information–Foster: Ganim Mr. Hypocrisy

Calling the delay to implement property revaluation a “scripted shell game solely designed to keep Bridgeport voters in the dark,” former Mayor Joe Ganim is asking the state Freedom of Information Commission to order the disclosure of property assessment information for the October 1, 2013 grand list of taxable property. Mary-Jane Foster, challenging Ganim and Mayor Bill Finch in the September 16 Democratic primary, says Ganim’s request is loaded with hypocrisy.

Ganim’s letter is a follow-up to an FOI request Ganim made to Mayor Bill Finch 10 days ago seeking data on values of all property in Bridgeport that was conducted  by Vision Associates based on assessments for the October 1, 2013 grand list. The city paid Vision Associates roughly $300,000 for the reval effort.

Last year, at the request of the mayor, Governor Dan Malloy and the Connecticut General Assembly delayed for two years implementation of revaluation. Ganim, as mayor, also requested reval delays.

City Attorney Mark Anastasi, who blocked numerous FOI requests when Ganim was mayor, has ruled in the past the information in question is not subject to public review because some of the information is incomplete and is now immaterial in light of an updated review underway. Former Mayor John Fabrizi had requested the information last year when he pondered a comeback. He did not pursue his request with the state Freedom of Information Commission when Anastasi blocked access. Fabrizi is supporting Finch’s reelection.

With less than four weeks to the September 16 Democratic primary, Ganim is stepping up rhetoric on taxes and finances including lawn signs saying “Stop Raising Taxes, Vote Joe Ganim.”

In his letter to the commission Ganim writes:

“It is anticipated that various parts of Bridgeport will see a substantial tax hike due to the budget and spending policies of this administration as applied to the revaluation … His requested postponement and refusal to provide citizens the 2013 revaluation information is a scripted shell game solely designed to keep Bridgeport voters in the dark regarding the overspending and failed management of his administration right when citizens and voters are most in need of the information to assess the performance of City Managers and Politicians. Simply stated, he is hiding a major tax increase he caused until right after the Election!”

Finch’s political operation counters the price of corruption when Ganim was mayor dwarfs any contrast Ganim is trying to make regarding his and Finch’s tax records.

State-mandated revaluation, a process to appraise all real property every five years, was implemented by both Ganim and Finch during their tenure. But have also requested and received delays.

Statement from Mary-Jane Foster:

“The most recent revaluation of property in Bridgeport is a perfect illustration of the Finch administration’s incompetence and lack of integrity. Not only was the revaluation not done in a timely and, therefore, relevant matter, when the results weren’t what the Finch administration wanted to be: they halted it all together. Finch then, in a move to salvage his reelection effort, went to the State Legislature and gained a reprieve by delaying the revaluation until after the election. When I am elected mayor, I will ask for a two-year delay in implementing the property revaluation. I will have a new revaluation of property conducted. Like phony police substations, assessment of property values are just another gimmick that doesn’t advance Bridgeport residents’ interests. Since when is Joe Ganim Mr. Transparency? Lest we forget the months and months he didn’t respond to the FOI on his phone records–more like Mr. Hypocrisy.”



  1. This is very scary. I can think of no other time that is a more critical time to have a new mayor. I know people whose taxes went up $3000 and $5000 during the last revaluation. Then the rents go up and the city then builds affordable housing to solve the problem when the problem could have been addressed by not increasing taxes. The least the public could get is information so we could make the decisions that need to be made such as electing another mayor who could manage a city better and balance a budget or move from the city. But not only does Finch bully his employees, his other strategy is to not provide the citizens of Bridgeport the information they need on the PROPERTY THEY OWN!

  2. It is appalling, shocking and just plain disgusting that properties in Bridgeport are not taxed on their market value. The previous administrations have paid lip service to tax relief; Bill Finch cynically delayed the revaluation in order to shore up his fading political fortunes. If he walks with a limp and quacks, he must be a lame duck.

  3. The following City Council resolution, sponsored by Enrique Torres, Milta Feliciano, Patricia Swain, Eneida Martinez, Michelle Lyons, Melanie Jackson, Jose Casco, Robert Halstead, Alfredo Castillo, Richard Salter and Pastor Mary McBride-Lee, is now being considered by the Ordinance Committee:

    Whereas, collecting WPCA fees is necessary to the operation of the Water Pollution Control Authority; and

    Whereas, it is critically and equally understood the taking of private property be an action rarely if ever used by the city or its agents; and

    Whereas, it is well recognized that many Bridgeport residents are hampered by a poor local economy, joblessness and high taxation which renders them at times incapable of paying their WPCA fees in a timely manner; and

    Whereas, it is the regular habit of the City Attorney’s office to lien properties for non-payment of WPCA fees; and

    Whereas, it is the habit of the city attorney’s office to sell WPCA liens to a selective few legal firms; and

    Whereas, this employed current method results in immediate and exorbitant attorney fees for the property owners with a WPCA lien who already have a difficult time paying their incurred WPCA fees; and

    Whereas, this employed current method precludes the participation of local entrepreneurs due to the high cost of entry for the packaged liens; and

    Now therefore, be it resolved that a two year pilot program be introduced and include the following elements:

    • WPCA liens on properties must be immediately listed for sale on the currently used method of bidding (BidSync) by the City Attorney’s office.

    • That as part of the agreement to sell said liens the owners of said properties are granted a one year payment arrangement to repay the amount of the lien with all legally incurred interest from the date of the sale of said lien.

    • That no attorney fees be incurred for one year after the date of the sale of the lien and no attorney fees be incurred at all so long as the payment agreement is valid.

    It is well within the mayor’s discretion to issue an executive order enacting the intent and letter of the above amendment. Why he hasn’t is unknown. Mr. Finch’s lack of action would indicate indifference or antipathy. The latter is more likely given Mr. Finch’s well-documented pettiness, spitefulness and general mean-spirited handling of those who would have the unmitigated gall to disagree with him.

  4. Finally, Mary-Jane Foster gave an excellent response to another attempt by Ganim to make headlines. If John Fabrizi couldn’t get info on his property, what makes Ganim think he can get the list? For what purpose other than his own as he does not own any property in Bridgeport? Does he think because he is a convicted felon he gets preferential treatment? Did he not make delays? Didn’t Anastasi block numerous FOI requests for him? Was this the 10-year period John Marshall Lee was sleeping?

    What I would like to know, as many of the city taxpayers, is just how much money did the city of Bridgeport pay regarding Steelpointe lawsuits caused by the Ganim administration. Just take Black Rock alone, how much of the taxpayers’ dollars were spent on Ganim’s lawsuits? How much projected tax dollars were lost because of no development during the most prosperous times in our country under Clinton.

    When the city releases that information, I still would not be interested in information that would serve no purpose at all. Just typical political rhetoric.

    The reason Ganim is failing miserably in Black Rock, where he once lived, is because the highest-taxed homes in the city remember the corruption and lawsuits and can only painfully imagine what each of them have paid for Ganim’s “mistakes,” let alone all taxpayers in this city. Is that information available? Anyone?

    1. Your man crush for Finch has really become embarrassing! Stop trolling for anti-Finch comments and try commenting on something positive Finch has done. I’ll have to give you a few days to think as there hasn’t been very many positives to his reign of high claims and taxes.

    2. Way to go, Phantom. Steven Auerbach isn’t trolling so much as baiting for anti-Finch comments. Little Stevie rants “When the city releases that information, I still would not be interested in information that would serve no purpose at all. Just typical political rhetoric.”

      Joseph Ganim wrote: “It is anticipated that various parts of Bridgeport will see a substantial tax hike due to the budget and spending policies of this administration as applied to the revaluation.” Taxes are going to go up because property in Bridgeport is evaluated not based on its market value but by a formula that applies to down-county communities like Greenwich, Cos Cob, Darien and Stamford. A dilapidated house on Clifford Street with an asking price of $43,000 will not receive any offers because it has been valued at more than $200,000 and is taxed at that price. $7000 a year for a house the FHA won’t even finance.

      If you cannot see why the information is important, then you, sir, are a dumb-ass.

      1. Dude, your taxes will be on a new reval, dumb ass. What’s the point at looking at obsolete information, you schmuck? Who gets off on useless information idiot, and by the way, how many times are we going to read about the dilapidated property on Clifford street with an asking price of $43,000? I understand a developer has been buying all those properties on the street in question for inquiring minds who want to know.

        1. You need to hear it as many times as you need to tell about your obsession with religion and politics.

          Get over yourself, d-d-d-dude. This is a blog, not Steven Auerbach’s Bully Pulpit. Take two steps back, suck wind and spank your monkey.

      2. OK, Kid. In a ‘hands off’ sale you can claim the selling price as the new evaluation. Usually, the city will do that for you when you register the new property claim. If they do not make the selling price the new assessment, you can challenge the city’s assessment. There is no better indication of a house’s value than what someone is willing to pay for it. Any other assessment is just an estimate.

        Houses are rarely taxed on their market value. They are taxed on 70% of that value and they only re-evaluate once every 10 years. So the assessed value is only accurate for a year or two.

        Without seeing the re-eval it is hard to guess if or who will see a tax hike, if anyone at all. It is possible all the home values fell proportionally. Say BPT will see a drop in the grand list of 20%. The mil rate will go up 20% to compensate. If your house value was one that fell 20% your tax bill will not change. Say before the ‘crash’ a house in Black Rock was valued at $400k ($400K x 42 mils = $16,800). After the crash the house is valued at $200K ($200K x 50.4 = $10,080). That guy will see a tax reduction since the mil rate only went up 20%. A three-family in the East End was $250K ($250K x 42 = $10,500) before the crash and $220K ($220K x 50.4 = $11,088) now. He will see a tax increase. Rental properties with rents paying the mortgage will see a smaller drop in value.

        Budget and spending policies of this administration as applied to the revaluation will not affect your new tax bill. It is a simple formula. The city’s budget ($500 million) divided by the grand list ($6 billion) gives you the mil rate. The mil rate multiplied by the value of your property is the portion of the city budget you pay. The ONLY three ways to lower taxes are: increase the grand list, lower the value of your property or cut the budget.

        1. He did develop Steel Point and had taken steps to develop many properties in BPT. He has lowered the City budget (if by only a little) just to have those savings eaten by the BOE. Remember, one mil of your property tax goes to the library by voter decree. Finch is not responsible for that. The mayor cannot lower the value of your property. He cannot knock down your garage.

          So Finch HAS knocked on the doors he could.

          1. Bridgeport Kid, walk with me for one hour any block in Black Rock. Just one hour. We will canvass together. I will support Finch and you your candidate. Listen to the responses first hand. We can leave polling and phone bank responses aside. Crushed would be an understatement.

          2. I don’t canvas door to door. That’s for the birds. And there are more than a few Ganim signs in this ‘hood.

  5. What I would like to know is how much money the Finch administration is spending on lawsuits like the former Public Health Director (a black woman), and the illegal driveway to a residential home that was built for Finch’s buddy with taxpayer dollars, the lawsuit and court processing of the illegal Board of Education, the lawsuits from workers who are bullied and fired. And how about the time, money and productivity lost because employees can also serve on the council? And the money lost because good land is being developed as parks, and the Steelpointe 30-year tax abatement. And how about council members using their stipends that are paid by taxpayers so they could pay their cable bills and make charitable donations to their friends? BUT no, these are not a waste of money. Because Finch is perfect. Ewww, he is sooo perfect. Finch shits gold nuggets.

  6. If conditions were good, we’d say Finch has done an average job and no candidates would emerge. But under awful conditions, Mayor Finch has done a fantastic job and Bridgeport voters are underappreciative of what he’s done. Think of the future.

  7. Right on target, Joe. Getting this information to the public will give a clearer picture on how far behind the eight-ball we really are and where your plan and policies need to be applied first.

    The fact you are the only candidate with a real, detailed plan, and the wherewithal/will to implement it, puts you light-years ahead of the rest of the pack.

    I’m with you, and I know the vast majority of my neighbors in Lake Forest are with you.

    1. Isn’t this where Phantom and Bridgeport Kid discuss your man crush on Joe Ganim and throw in a couple of insults to demean you? Nah, that is only for Finch supporters! 🙂

    2. Jeff, G-d bless you, you are naive. One thing nobody will ever be able to accuse you of is tirelessly campaigning. Would vast be equal to five voters in Lake Forest?

  8. Joe Ganim never tasted defeat as Mayor. Bridgeport’s bankruptcy was handled in Hartford and handed to him. History made Finch mayor during Bridgeport’s darkest hours.
    Only foolish mayors have a plan. The best mayors have a detailed strategy that networks our strengths with their money. Mayor Finch doesn’t have a rigid plan. He has a flexible strategy. Think of the future.

  9. Phantom and Bridgeport Kid, your comments on my man crush on Mayor Finch is disturbing only since in my post, I mentioned Mary-Jane Foster, former Mayor John Fabrizi and disgraced Mayor Joe Ganim.

    Do you think the people of this city do not want to know about the cost to the city for his “mistakes,” really? I am not condoning a driveway but let’s be honest, don’t you want to know the dramatic cost to the city? The Ganim Lawsuits? I want to know and I am just one person I guess. I will fill out a freedom of information form.

    1. You do that, Steve. You do that. Remember to stop by the pharmacy. I’m sure your prescriptions for the antipsychotic medications have been refilled by now. If you’re a good boy the cashier might give you a lollipop to suck on.

  10. With all due respect to all the candidates, you’re all beginning to sound like a group of 10-year-olds fighting during recess. Start by stopping the name-calling and show us what you got. I don’t mean bloggers, I mean candidates who want to lead our city. Another three weeks of this is going to be painful.

    1. The Golden Rule is “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” I’ve spent a lot of time on the streets of Bridgeport; the way the Golden Rule is interpreted here is “Don’t be at all surprised others treat you like an asshole if you act like one.”

      I have to admit I’m enjoying poking at Steven Auerbach, calling him on his bullshit. He opened the door to it by acting like an asshole. It appears he can dish it out by the bucketful but cannot handle it when the abuse is returned in kind.

      This is an open forum; anyone can post here. No one’s comments are invisible or off-limits. There’s a lesson here, a moral to the story.

      1. Derek Brown, if Lennie did an audit of his posters on the blog, you would win hands-down for length, posts and disparaging insults. I will make it simple. If poking fun at me gives you joy, by all means poke away. If you are looking for support, we can count the Ganim supporters. Your insults however, do resonate with the majority of readers on the blog and it just gets disrespectful. If joy is what you get go for it, I at least know they are coming from Derek Brown and not some anonymous blogger. If it puts a smile on your face, go for it.

        1. You are the most disrespectful person here, Steve. All your attempts to paint me or anyone else as a greater offender are seen for what they are, efforts to shift personal blame. You can dish it out, Steve. You can’t take it. You are definitely the leader in disparaging, belittling remarks. I just call bullshit on you whenever it is obvious you don’t know what you are talking about, which is most of the time. Cranes in the air? BFD. Shovels in the ground? BFD, and I’m not referring to the Bridgeport Fire Department.

          We have some serious problems going on in the city, a litany of problems that includes poverty, homelessness, high unemployment, a fucked-up tax assessment system, an outdated sewage treatment facility that dumps raw sewage into Long Island Sound every time it rains, brownfields contaminated with God only knows what industrial chemicals. And all you can talk about is “Ganim is going to be crushed in Black Rock.”

          Elections are really beauty contests, without the swimsuit and talent competitions. At this point Hizzoner Bill Finch hasn’t got much of a record to stand on. Steel Point would have happened whether or not he was mayor. The construction downtown would have happened regardless of who was mayor, Finch, Ganim, Bozo the Clown or the Man on the Moon. It’s happening. All of that is present tense.

          What is the priority for whomever assumes the mayoralty is THE FUTURE: Repairing the city’s deteriorating infrastructure; recalibrating the tax assessment system so the poorest neighborhoods are not providing abatements for the most affluent neighborhoods; creating long-term jobs that pay a decent wage; fixing a damaged public education system; trimming the bloat from the municipal payroll.

          1. I think Mayor Finch will continue to do an outstanding job, Mr. Brown. And Derek, I do not have to do character assaults on you. Your posts pretty much speak for themselves. Your incessant insults to me are a reflection of who and what you are. When you respond to my post in a condescending manner, you are not responding to my character assaults on you. You make it personal. Keep up the good work. Not bad, Mr. Brown.

            I usually do not agree with Ron Mackey, but like many of us on this blog, we love the way you go after Steven Auerbach, we are sick and tired of his pro-Bridgeport bullshit! Sick and tired of him thinking he appreciates the entire city. Keep up the good work.

        2. Steve,
          You only post to belittle others for the choices they have made and the opinions they hold. You are the clown here, sir; the one who’s only purpose is to belittle the other candidates. It is you, not I, not anyone else, who belittles, abuses, harasses, scorns, criticizes, and engages in other destructive behavior here out of spite and mean-spiritedness. You aren’t pro-Bridgeport; if you were you would be looking at the entire city and its problems. Cranes in the air, shovels in the ground and minimum-wage jobs aren’t going to make all the problems go away. Mayor Finch may have some good personal qualities; leadership is not one of them, nor is vision beyond the tip of his nose.

          For all the bitching you do about the mess Joe Ganim’s conviction left behind, you conveniently overlook the fact Bill Finch has had more than seven years to effect positive and constructive change; prior to that John Fabrizi had more than five years. Neither left a legacy of accomplishment. Steel Point would have happened no matter who was in the driver’s seat. The buildings being rehabilitated downtown would be rehabilitated whether or not Bill Finch (or Adam “Pecker” Wood, the Gepetto character in the story) were mayor. From what I’ve heard, it is the vision and ambition of the developers that is making that possible. Bill Finch is clueless and had little input.

          The only way to address the issues of crime, poverty and unemployment is to create jobs that pay more than the DSS pays out in food stamps, health care and cash assistance, jobs that pay more than a teenager can make selling drugs for a street gang. Let’s not forget educational opportunities. Mentoring is important. Young men growing up in a single-parent home with multiple siblings may not be able to see the possibilities education has to offer. Not all of them will be rocket scientists or neurosurgeons; how about secondary education?

  11. Sometimes the things you avoid are as important as the things you gain. Here’s why I’m writing:
    Finch avoided by design and pluck
    What Ganim gained by default and luck.

  12. Is it true Finch’s staff cancelled the debate at the library tonight claiming a scheduling conflict? Is the mayor running scared? Or did Adam drop his phone in the toilet?

    1. To city hall smoker and all other interested parties.

      Tonight’s Candidate Forum was cancelled well over a week ago by Bridgeport Library Staff. None of the mayoral campaigns had any input on whether or not this event would be cancelled. It was solely a BPL decision.

      Unfortunately, the event was not taken down from our events page in a timely manner. Consequently, there was confusion among the three campaigns and the public. On behalf of the BPL I would like to take this opportunity to apologize. We should have done a better job and from this point forward we will.

      If anyone has further questions on this matter please contact me.

      John D. Soltis–BPL Community Librarian/Black Rock Branch Manager.
      203 576-7025

          1. John, I would never doubt your word. Knowing you as I do, you couldn’t be disingenuous if you tried. There’ll be another time for the debate.

      1. John,
        Please, this sounds so lame. Why was the debate cancelled? Library a.k.a. city employees cancelled the debate. Finch ordered it cancelled but John cannot admit it publicly.

        1. Bob, we’ve been friends and political allies for years and you just called me a liar. Neither Finch nor any other candidate had anything to do with this. It was the library’s call because we had not sufficiently prepared for the event–period.
          I’m on my own time now so let me say this to you, my old friend: You can either believe I am a man of my word or you can go to hell! That’s the last comment I will make to you on this topic.

          1. John,
            This is how the library staff saves face. Reschedule the event IMMEDIATELY!!!
            That’s it. You’ve got three weeks. Prove to me you are not a liar. Make it happen. That’s all.

          2. Bob Walsh, I think you just crossed the line and alienated a long-time friend. You might want to apologize.

        2. Bob Walsh,
          The debate was cancelled by library staff. Bill Finch had nothing to do with it, period. You owe Mr. Soltis an apology. Pony up or shut the fuck up.

    2. So per ‘John from BR,’ Finch’s staff did not cancel the debate. The mayor is not running scared. It is not clear if Adam dropped his phone. It would seem to be just a bunch of false rumors and innuendo.

  13. By looking at the assessment that is not being used, the taxpayers will be able to compare which direction the assessment on their property is headed. When multiplied by the mil rate they will have the true tax. I am sure a person in the East End would like to know if the assessment on their property will remain the same or change. If spending continues and the assessment remains the same then taxes go up. Hiring 100 policemen, funding the pension, paying out lawsuits, with no increase in the taxable base (20-30 year tax credits) means taxes go up. What is the cost of the green signs on the street corners? Who paid for them?

    1. When it comes to hiring police, with the retirements that have occurred, there isn’t much of a cost to hire. It’s almost a lateral move. This mayor has saved upwards of $3 million in salaries not paid due to retirements in the last three years alone. I left at top pay at a lower rank saving $60k annually. Those in higher ranks alone saved tons of cash for the city. You do the math for three years or so worth of salaries saved. What have they done with the savings other than make political hires? This Mayor won’t even fill vacant ranks in the PD because he’s pissed at the Union for endorsing Ganim. He and Gaudett waited until the horse was out of the barn to even give a thought to hiring new cops and now crime is through the roof.

  14. Let’s play ball. Foster on the roster.
    If Mary-Jane Foster waere an NBA basketball player, she’d be a power forward known for winning ways and scoring skills. Like a coach on the floor. But here’s the difference: what ballplayers call “trash talk,” Mary-Jane Foster calls provocative talking points at the next debate.

  15. The funniest thing of all is Joe Ganim made Mark Anastasi City Attorney and protector of city documents. It worked out well when Joe was mayor but not so well now.
    Give it up, Joe. You want the state to ignore your plea or rule against you or do nothing. Just asking for you to get more bites at this rotten apple.

  16. The only relevant facts here–for any and all Bridgeporters, regardless of their preference for mayor–is there has been a request for public information that was generated with taxpayer dollars. The request was made by a Bridgeporter on behalf of other Bridgeport citizens. And it isn’t the first such request for the same information.

    For a sitting mayor to refuse to grant the citizens of his city access to the information–however “obsolete” the information–is wrong. Period. (It’s kind of like the Registrar sitting on Mary-Jane Foster’s primary election qualification signatures indefinitely–irrespective of her ability to win the primary.)

    This mayor, with the help of one our worst governors, is covering up a festering tax disaster. This situation alone is enough to send this administration packing (even without the evolving public-safety disaster).

  17. Bob, I have no need to prove to you I am not a liar as I no longer give a damn what you think or say. You’re trying to make political hay by calling into question my integrity. So take your lies and baseless innuendo someplace else. I have nothing further to say to you on this or any other topic.

  18. John from Black Rock,
    I know you are not running for office at this time but as a neighbor and participant in many public service community events, I have watched your activity with appreciation for years. Your word has always been good. More important to me, even when you may personally disagree in whole or in part with another person, you remain courteous and handle your professional work with the customer in mind. Bob Walsh buzzes lots of people. Part of his personality, and perhaps as a few might term it, his charm.
    The best word to use about you is one we scarcely hear in this campaign: INTEGRITY. You have it, come rain or shine. In my canvassing of the many different streets of the 130th, my candidate partner Tyisha Toms and I are most frequently asked, “Who do you support for Mayor?” and we have answered with “Anyone with INTEGRITY with a coherent message for the City.” Then it is interesting to see the voter consider the level of INTEGRITY they believe the top candidates have. It is worthy of discussion. Perhaps the injection of the word INTEGRITY into every candidate send-up on OIB might make for briefer and more targeted posts. Time will tell.

    1. John from Black Rock,
      I think John Marshall Lee gave a very respectful commentary on your integrity and ethical behavior, while making excuses for Bob Walsh’s charm.

      When a person and individuals think you are a man with high standards, ethical with integrity, it speaks highly of you and whom you would support for Mayor.

      Mayor Finch is lucky to have you, Mr. Soltis, a man endorsed by John Marshall Lee our moral compasss, to support his candidacy.

  19. When Finch was throwing around the tax abatements for all the Absentee Towers, I asked about the issue of locking in for fifteen years at the current assessment when reassessment was looming. Conveniently ignored. No one on the Council had any interest in making this information available when it is very critical to making decisions about tax abatements. Go Joe!

    1. Hey Bob,
      Given the late date and the staff time and resources needed to do the job right, I do not believe we would be able to pull off another debate. Also, there are already five debates scheduled–two of which will be broadcast live.

      I am currently in the process of getting a clean copy of the upcoming debate schedule and I will post it as soon as it is ready.

      All the best,
      John D. Soltis–BPL

  20. Thanks to everyone for your supportive comments. I genuinely appreciate them. However, I believe it’s time to move on as I am sure there are many other topics worthy of discussion.

    Thanks again,

    John S.

    1. John Soltis, I consider Bob Walsh a friend and I respect you and I’ll leave it at that. John, there is a great article in the online Bridgeport Library titled “Strikes for the Eight-hour Day in Summer 1915 Bridgeport.” Would you post a link for it here? I think this historical event should be shared with others, thanks.


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