Ganim Tweet Subject: ‘Using My Individual Voice To Support Those Who Live In Fear’

Ann McCarthy
Ann McCarthy, second from right, and her co-workers from left; Irma Camacho, Michael Patota, and Terril Pile, at The Child & Family Guidance Center at 180 Fairfield Avenue in Bridgeport. CT Post photo Brian Pounds.

Fairfield resident Ann McCarthy, the subject of Mayor Joe Ganim’s tweet to highlight suburban responsibility regarding sanctuary communities, works for a social service organization in Bridgeport. “Mothers, fathers, and grandparents are calling us seeking help for themselves and their children,” McCarthy wrote to the CT Post Wednesday. “That is why I attended the rally. To use my individual voice to support those in Bridgeport who live in fear. … The mental health concerns endured by Bridgeport’s immigrant population are real, are compelling, and must be addressed.”

More from Brian Lockhart, CT Post:

A Fairfield woman Mayor Joe Ganim targeted on social media for trying to dictate city immigration policy actually works daily in Bridgeport with immigrants.

“Yes, I do live in Fairfield,” Ann McCarthy told the Connecticut Post in a statement Wednesday. “But I work in Bridgeport. I serve as the Director of Development and Communications for the Child and Family Guidance Center. Our organization has provided mental health support to thousands of children and families in Bridgeport for more than 90 years. The majority of our clients are poor and from minority groups.”

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  1. Just curious why she did not identify herself as such when she was asked her name by the reporter who took her photo. That is odd. Understandably, she has a strong position, and she has a responsibility to the people who walk through that door. What is missing here, however, is that this group has offices in other locations as well. They have an office at Fairfield University. This may serve more of their Fairfield base, and would also serve surrounding towns/cities, including Bridgeport–some of those may or may not be children of illegal immigrants, but most likely some are. But if she lives in Fairfield, and she has clients in Fairfield who may be here illegally, why isn’t she making a case for or to Fairfield in addition to Bridgeport–would that not be her responsibility as well?

    1. Rocco. So if a reporter approaches any single person at a rally, what would you suggest the interviewee provide or the reporter demand? Birth Certificate, Social Security Card, Employee ID card, Green Card, Visa, Driver’s License etc. Where does it start and where does it end? Your posting is filed under the “What If?” Filed where hindsight is 20/20.

      1. I think if the reporter were thorough, he or she may have questioned why someone from Fairfield would be at a Bridgeport rally, and in kind, a person from Fairfield, especially with that kind of position, would have elaborated on why they were present at the rally. Either way, a big, important piece was simply not discussed. Do I think that is odd? Yes, I do.

    2. Rocco, CT Post reporters have a tendency of leaving out important or clarifying information. It’s possible Ann McCarthy did mentioned her reason for being at the council meeting. When I first saw the mayor’s tweet on Fb, it looked like some meme or PhotoShop job. When I realized it was real, I chuckled and said to self, “No he didn’t.” I then Googled Ann McCarthy and it became obvious why she attended the council meeting. Now as for Frank Gyure, I will keep it “decent” and not tell you where you can go to get an apology from me. You’ve been on an OIB field trip insulting many people with your rants. You’re against the Sanctuary designation like I am and so is Joe Ganim, but you spend more time going for the mayor’s jugular and only worry about your “whiplash.” However, I do apologize to all cows in the world for participating in and entertaining the serious issue of mad cow disease by interjecting it into an unrelated discussion.

      1. Joel Gonzalez. I am sure “all the cows in the world” appreciate your comment. I do admit I am disappointed and disagree with the policies and activities of Mayor Joe Ganim. If I have insulted anyone, I truly apologize. Just for the record, I was born in Bridgeport (St. Vincent’s Hospital) and have live all my life in Bridgeport. I also own property–my very own home–in Bridgeport and pay the called-for property taxes. So, in a business sense, I am a shareholder in this “business” called Bridgeport and have every right to be of concern and to try to find different ways of getting involved in the direction of this community, our community called Bridgeport.

  2. The only way to put out the fire of deportation is not by sanctuary city status but to fix and pass comprehensive immigration reform. Since 2008 over 200 hundred cities had enacted sanctuary laws (well not laws that are legal because Federal laws supersedes State laws. More like orders not to help out any Federal agency with deportations) to prevent and protect undocumented immigrants from the deportation policies of the Obama administration. McCarthy, you said “more and more of her clients are scared about the policies coming out of the Trump White House.” McCarthy, why weren’t your clients scared about the Obama White House that had created the call for Sanctuary Cities?
    As a Resident of the City of Bridgeport I am also scared like many others about Trump’s rhetoric and his call to defund sanctuary cities, funds this city and its residents depend on. Mayor Ganim and the city have the right policy in place. Where undocumented immigrants were protected and Federal funding was not in jeopardy. Basically it was the same orders that sanctuary cities have, without the label. I wish you and the others would continue your fight for the undocumented immigrants, not just here in Bridgeport but in your home towns and other cities as well. Mayor Ganim is right, please out-of-towners, don’t tell Bridgeport how to fight and protect undocumented immigrants in Bridgeport. We have been doing a great job for over the past eight years. I know this to be true because you and the others at that protest hadn’t felt the need for the city to declare itself a sanctuary city during the years of the Deporter in Chief Obama.



  3. So here’s the answer to the attacks on this one particular person. The attackers ranged from Joe Ganim to people posting here on OIB. Will anyone be decent enough to post an apology? Borrowing that phrase, Time Will Tell. As for this discussion concerning suburbs becoming sanctuary communities, that segue is purely a diversionary tactic. Inquiries have been made whether or not I was suffering from “mad cow disease.” I went to my doctor and was told I was not so I would like to alleviate any concerns especially from Lennie and Joel. However, I found out I was suffering from whiplash as my head was twisted to and fro trying to follow the activities of our elected community leader, Mayor Joe Ganim. Our Mayor was at the McLevy Hall vigil expressing solidarity with the plight of (il)legal immigrants. Then he presided over a City Council meeting where he threatened to cancel the CC meeting because he did not like the noise from the high number of attendees. Low attendance at CC meetings is preferred. The very next morning Mayor Ganim with his volunteer bodyguards was at the Faifrield train station deflecting the sanctuary community issue onto Fairfield because a Fairfielder was pictured at the City Hall/CC meeting and the Ganim political think-tank thought they could use the pic to turn the tables on suburbanites. Now the whole Fairfield PR event has backfired.

  4. Just goes to show; Joe must go.
    How embarrassing! How trivial! How pitiful!
    Let’s first begin with JOE offering an apology to Ms. McCarthy.
    Then to really show how sorry he is, let’s get on the ball and make Bridgeport a sanctuary city. Then he can honestly begin conversations with Chief Elected Officers in neighboring cities and towns about joining Bridgeport with the designation rather than trying to mock them. Lead by example.

    1. To hell with the apology, she works for Malloy, she must have thick skin. Throw the sanctuary city ball away then he can start the ball rolling for re-election by first changing party affiliation.

  5. And Rocco, to you and your stupid comment. Whether or not she mentioned she worked in Bridgeport or not, that does not give Joe Ganim the excuse to attack a private citizen.
    Maybe Joe should have asked where she worked rather than just piling on.

    1. Wow, Bob. You seem to have a double standard. You criticize Ganim for his actions, and then you turn around and call my comment, “stupid.” Was that not an attack? And just to be clear from the onset–I’m not a huge Ganim fan. Bridgeport has so many issues, as you are well aware. This decision, to make Bpt. a SC, needs to be made with care and lots of thought. Trying to jam it down someone’s throat as; make a decision nowww or else you are a bad guy, has got to stop. Especially, especially, if when that person does not live in this city or pay taxes in this city. Does she own a rental income producing property we don’t know about? Who knows? Would that give her a little more say so–or at least make people less reactionary? Maybe. But the whole thing is up for discussion, and it may take some time. And it does not make anyone bad and it does not make anyone good. It’s tough.

  6. The CT Post article has a headline saying Ganim’s tweet backfired. In what way did it backfire? The point is very clear. McCarthy works for a non-profit social service agency that provides mental health care.
    The CT Post article quoted her as saying “The mental health concerns endured by Bridgeport’s immigrant population are real, are compelling, and must be addressed.” This is what compelled her to attend a rally to convince the city council to make a statement claiming to be a ‘sanctuary city.’ Are McCarthy’s clients living in fear because they are in the USA illegally? Perhaps her focus should be on supporting programs to help people become citizens, not pushing the Bridgeport city council to make a defiant statement about enforcement of immigration laws.

    1. Tom,
      You know me, bridge building beats constructing those walls. And the fear in the land of Bridgeport at this time extends beyond those who can be termed Illegal Aliens, though they may also be currently called an Honor Roll student in a public school, or very caring attendant of a beloved older relative, or even ‘that guy who made my yard bloom like never before.’ Can we place a moratorium on the law-and-order comments for a short time until our Congress gets around to some significant OLD BUSINESS? Many of the human problems have been caused by the delay of our elected leaders in handling business in a timely manner, no? Can our legislators set good laws working again? If they really wanted to be policemen or judges, why did they run for Congress? Time will tell.

  7. Turns out McCarthy is a “neighbor” who cares. Lives in Fairfield, works in Bridgeport and is able to identify with local residents who are fearful. She identified herself on Monday night with the sign she carried as a person who cared, not necessarily telling the City what it had to do, but rather if City leaders know about the fear and care about it, what they might do. Discussion? Request from Ganim for help from Fairfield–(not yet according to First Selectman Mike Tetreau)? Does leadership by Twitter users seem likely to deal with issues currently? Or is it more likely to you that sit-down meetings where you can engage in dialogue and view the demeanor, especially the eyes, of a speaker might create foundation for genuine solutions? Time will tell.

  8. Who cares where this woman is from or what she does? She raised the awareness level that Bridgeport alone does not have to continue to shoulder these responsibilities. It is time we started to realize this. Trumbull has economic development at our boarders. Do we benefit? Shelton is having an economic boom–do we benefit? Trumbull and Fairfield use our Hospitals. We have storefront churches, do we benefit? Enough of this holier than thou crap. New York is a Sanctuary city. We have other issues to deal with. Thank you, Mayor Ganim. Keep dealing with real problems like our failing schools. Let’s not tempt Trump. He says what he means and means what he says. Wait four years? Really? I am not waiting. I am assuming he will be there for eight and plan accordingly. A bankrupt, welfare city with overburdened taxpayers cannot shoulder the responsibility. We have yet to take care of an East End and here we are putting federal funding at risk. Nice!!! Decade after decade we continue to undermine our future. The good news is all the pro-Sanctuary city advocates are all anti-Ganim. Do what you must. You are not going to gain any votes from these folks.

  9. Joe Ganim is expressing a resentment that I share. The suburban towns surrounding Bridgeport have for decades refused any consideration of regionalizing services. They benefit from services such as power generation and garbage disposal located in Bridgeport, but want no part of the burden of a dependent population. How many OIB readers recall the practice of exclusionary zoning by suburban towns when pressure was on them to have ‘affordable housing’ years ago?
    Any suggestion of judgement of Ann McCarthy is not personal. She may be a very caring, concerned person, but likely chose to live in Fairfield rather than Black Rock because the school system in Fairfield is better. Why is it better? Anyone who has spent time in a Bridgeport school can understand why.
    Joe Ganim is not vilifying Ann McCarthy. Perhaps the CT Post writer is too young to remember issues from years ago and the resentment still in place. Or, maybe the CT Post wants to increase readership in Fairfield. Is that where their new home will be?

    1. Tom White. Please review the “Home Rule” situation in CT. If Joe Ganim or Tom White wants to change the present Home Rule situation, please contact General Assembly members and the Governor AND CHANGE THE LAW. So Ganim is attacking Ann McCarthy and now we have Tom White attacking the reporters saying the reporters did not do their job. Your insinuations about about a reporter being too young or that CT Post wants to increase readership in FAIRFIELD is an attack on FREE PRESS. Please have some more substantive information to support your accusations. If you do not have substantive information, please let us know that as well.

      1. So Frank Gyure learns of the term ‘home rule’ and is anxious to use it in an OIB post to show us how knowledgeable he is. Let’s see, I’ve been called a racist, a misogynist and some other things. Now Frank Gyure declares I am attacking free press. I assume he is joking. I remember a time when the Bridgeport/CT Post was the most authoritative source of local information. Times have changed and it is a shadow of its former self.

  10. For God’s sake, leave the woman alone! Ann McCarthy, thank you for your good intentions, and feel free voice your opinion regardless of where you live. Some of my friends on this blog tend to get a little testy sometimes.

  11. *** This was just a political stunt by all who claim to serve Bpt and its citizens by wanting to make the city a S/C. As long as I can remember, all immigrants past and present have been treated fairly without issues, so why all the sideshows now just because America has a new idiot President voted in by the white silent majority and their few chosen tokens! *** Let’s be Real ***

  12. Jim Fox. Every town addressed ‘affordable’ housing. Their state reps were involved in adopting legislation to define ‘affordable.’ It became defined as a percentage of the average household income of that specific town. I recall an affordable housing development in Trumbull by RD Scinto that complied with the law by having some of the units priced at $230,000. Three-bedroom colonials in Black Rock were selling for about $180,000. Another way suburban towns like Fairfield complied was when state legislation was passed to designate senior housing as a way to comply with affordable housing requirements.
    These are old rubs that are hard to forget. I suspect Joe Ganim saw even more in G1.

  13. Let’s talk about the Greenwich boys who run the former Bridgeport Post. Always trashing Bridgeport and its people. And these self-righteous, judgemental reporters who grew up in the lap of luxury and don’t live here, they never seem to get the whole story.

  14. Bottom line is she’s not a Bridgeport resident! So if she cares so much about an issue she should take it up with her own elected officials as opposed to pushing her views on us regardless of where she works. This is just another example of the surrounding suburban towns saying do it in Bridgeport, not my town.

    1. Brick,
      Isn’t the issue she knows of many people in Bridgeport (because of her work in Bridgeport) who are living in fear, and such emotions in the community are not limited to those who are personally identified as illegal aliens? If those people lived in Fairfield, or Easton or Redding, I assume she would be there making such protest.
      By attempting to sidestep his “gut feeling” with comments that can be interpreted as “blowing in the wind,” in the direction the wind is blowing at a given moment, Ganim2 provides another example of political positioning rather than integrity. Isn’t he showing his fear, too? And he deals with it today by ignoring the fear of others? Perhaps they, those who are able to register, are registered and can vote, should remember how Ganim2 deals with “fear” the next time he presents himself at the polls. Time will tell.

  15. She is a stakeholder in Bridgeport. It was not just a random person crossing the City line to add her voice. The issue is one she deals with, in Bridgeport, every single day. No one else who was photographed gave a personal bio; why should she have? This is a testament to the virtues of fact checking.

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