Ganim To Host City Employees About Government Restructuring

Mayor Joe Ganim on Tuesday will host city employee town hall meetings in anticipation of a restructuring of government for the start of a new four-year term commencing Dec. 1. Some personnel decisions, according to a letter Ganim issued Monday afternoon to city employees, will be immediate.

Ganim will address city employees Tuesday 12:15 p.m. in the first floor conference room of Margaret Morton Government Center, 999 Broad Street and then at 1:15 p.m. in City Council Chambers, 45 Lyon Terrace. Most municipal service departments are split between those buildings.

Ganim letter:



  1. A Mayoral Town Hall Meeting…….something new under the Bridgeport sun??
    Two Town Hall Meetings tomorrow and that seems reasonable because we do have two town halls, don’t we?
    It seems that City employees are contemplated as invitees specifically as they along with the Mayor are the “WE” included in many of the statements in the invite. But his mention ensuring that all are “accountable, efficient and transparent in our service to the public” made it seem he was addressing many of the subjects I have raised in the past four years. And City Council representatives have been invited? How many of them can get away from their daily occupational responsibilities on such short notice? And what happens if the public taxpayer, certainly part of the “WE” appears? Time will tell.

  2. I believe number 3 is another way of saying privatization.
    Welcome to Joe Ganim’s vision of government.
    Let’s take a look at what department are restructured and which departments are not.
    That will tell a lot.

  3. Every City department head will be there with their spies and for those who suggest certain changes in their department could be getting their pink slip. Two suggestions, first fired David Dunn and find out what happened to Charles Ramsey’s report concerning the running of the police department so that Mayor Ganim can replace Police Chief A.J. Perez.

  4. “ We secured exciting economic development projects adding over $1 billion of private investment in the city”

    Is there a development that I’m missing??, $1 billion???.. is Joe still including Exact Capital’s Majestic pipe dream??

    1. “Continue to reduce taxes?”. Haven’t seen taxes reduced in 20 years. How’s that computation a savings for the taxpayer without the mil rate being raised. Hardly.

  5. Get rid of AJ. Replace him with Gaudet until his contract is up. Get rid of the guy from NY if he’s still on the payroll.
    Dunn is done. Get rid of Mr Rogers in Finance. Just to name a few.

  6. This just in. Mayor Ganim has named a transition team to transition from Mayor Ganim to Mayor Ganim???
    The first transition team will be the Housing Authority and, this just in, Ed Adams will be part of the team.
    Man this cat’s got more than 9 lives.

  7. Department Heads will need to cut 10% of their Budget, this will include the Mayor.
    I called the Mayors office to save Stevie A’s job, but the Mayor said he wants to take another look at Peter.

  8. Go ahead Joe! Do what you need to do. You will have haters, but you were the best choice for this election cycle hands down! I know that you will do a great job. I remember when this City was bankrupt and you saved this city! You worked hard and have been since then. A lot of people should be fired because they stabbed you in your back, but then again, you are professional. Keep making your haters mad by doing just wht you are doing!

    1. Ganim2, soon to be Ganim3, has reported that he hired 100 Police officers, just as he promised in 2015. True, because he has repeated it frequently and therefore we believe it. Or true because there is a document showing the 100 who have been trained and are still serving with the department, (because some may have merely departed for greener pastures, other towns, become disabled, or moved from the area)?
      Let’s make this a learning moment about trust in this community. Trust, but be able to verify? Heard that before? Good.
      It might provide the total scheduled complement of trained and employed officers budgeted and approved? If we assume the group to include 450 or more, then with a 25 years to retirement career, and the normal human changes contemplated above like retirement, joining another PD, moving out of the area, disability or finding other work more to liking, do the math!!! It seems entirely reasonable that if the department was 100 officers short four years ago, with an average 25 departing annually, we probably need another 25 this year?? If not why not? Where do we find the numbers?
      Ganim’s quote is an anecdote…..and an anecdote is not a “data drop” sufficient to verify the big picture. But we have the right to ask for this information to be available routinely without FOI as part of “Knowing Your City” accountability. Available to City Council members automatically, and to citizens, somewhere on the City website as part of posting current and up to date info on Public Safety matters. Agree or not? Time will tell.


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