1. Says something when the president of the CC can’t get an endorsement from the mayor of which he serves. All this does is further screw the taxpayers of Bpt, McCarthy will be very difficult to work with now. McCarthy has always been vindictive, now watch.

    1. I would not assume this is an endorsement. I see Ganim is attending, but there has been no formal endorsement announcement. He is just doing the right and smart thing and working with the folks who can help Bridgeport in Hartford. He is the Mayor and knows his job is Bridgeport. Well done.

      1. Frank, she’s the incumbent and as Mayor he should be there. But no, this is not an endorsement. I believe G2 and M.T. are playing good cop, bad cop. They both know the deal, while G2 is praising the Senator, M.T. is lining up the endorsement for McCarthy. They know exactly what they’re doing. Poor Marilyn, I hope she sees it for what it is, and begins to become more aggressive.

        1. Lisa,
          Let’s say your “good cop, bad cop” act is in play. So what? She is proving her competency with her two-year representation in the District, something her opponent may not be attuned to.

          And while “male privilege” or “white privilege” have been identified for almost 30 years now, there are a number of club members who still do not understand how out of place it will seem to many to see a handful of Caucasian politicians taking on an incumbent, competent and dynamic African American female. This type of behavior is noticed and stored away for election day. McCarthy and his handlers should remain sensitive to their “privileged” positions. And what will happen if Tom McCarthy runs to the suburbs to brag about Steelpointe or other of “his successes?” Does he understand the reach of OIB and other media keep many in the region reasonably informed as to what has happened in Bridgeport in the past eight years and his collusion in the steady decrease in City financial strength? Can Tom remove his connection as City Council President to the many “newsworthy” City items during those years? Will the press ask him about the items posted on OIB over the years? Time will tell.

          1. John, I agree with you, I was just pointing out the games that are being played with such an important position.

          2. Politicians have played games with Bridgeport’s legislative seats since time immemorial. It is one of the reasons that, with a few exceptions, the city has traditionally had such a weak legislative delegation.

          3. John Marshall Lee, I agree with most of what you wrote but not this, “Let’s say your “good cop, bad cop” act is in play. So what?” Mario Testa is once again showing his total disrespect to the black voters by not supporting the two incumbent black State Senators, Marilyn Moore and Ed Gomes, by putting a white male candidate in Tom McCarthy and Dennis Bradley who is Hispanic. Why? Then you have Mayor Joe Ganim being silent on this and by being silent he is showing his disrespect to both Moore and Gomes and the black voters in Bridgeport. They are showing the black members on the DTC, the black members of the City Council, they both don’t care about them and they are showing them if they don’t follow the direction of Mario and Joe then they will not support them and they will find people to primary them. Good cop Joe not saying anything and bad cop Mario who is out front putting up candidates to run against the two current black State Senators.

    2. Harvey Weintraub, I did not read anywhere this was an endorsement by Mayor Ganim. If I recall, Mario Testa spoke during Mayor Finch’s re-election bid. I think that is the same type of endorsement Moore will get. I could be wrong. I doubt I am. Clinton next Tuesday. Clinton 2016!

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