Ganim, Testa To Host Dem Ticket Rally Sunday

Governor Ned Lamont and all candidates for statewide constitutional offices are expected to join local Democrats at Testo’s restaurant for a Sunday rally at 5 p.m. in advance of Tuesday’s election.

Democratic Town Chair Mario Testa is rolling out pasta and salad for the evening with suggested contribution levels to the town committee treasury, but I’m told the chairman will not introduce you to his meat grinder if you just want to show up to lard up.

At times like these better to fill the banquet hall.

Lamont enters the final days with a double-digit lead over Republican Bob Stefanowski, according to multiple public opinion polls. Four years ago, during the mid-term of Donald Trump, a surge in urban voting in Connecticut elevated Lamont to a close win.

Now running on his own record, Lamont has built bona fides with female voters, especially among electors unhappy with the Supreme Court’s decision to reverse Roe v. Wade, codified into state law, while Stefanowski has stumbled to find pro-choice clarity on the right-to-an-abortion issue reverted back to the states.

Connecticut is now swimming in surpluses, following years of projected budget deficits, bolstering Lamont’s reelection prospects.



  1. Calendar. 🙂

    P.S I hear Port politics can get out of hand people. Everybody try to play nice for our state dignitaries. 🤣

  2. What Happen, To the Victor goes the Spoils?
    A box of pasta cost 98 flucking cent to feed 4 people. A bowl of COVID Virus Salad cost 12 cent using the same flucking Tongs.
    The DTC should be feasting at Ralph & Rich’s or Joseph’s Steak House at those fund Raising Prices.
    Rib eye Steaks, Tomahawk Steak NY Strip, particularly an open Bar!
    The DTC won every seat you can possible win on every Board and C omission and yet!
    Mario exclaimed: “Well, then, let them eat Pasta!” ……Marie Antoinette. “The cheap Bastard”!

  3. I hear you, Jim. While Ralph & Rich’s and Joseph’s Steak House may be a bit too expressive to splurge on Ports electorates and donors who grace the ballot box for CT demarcate state and local dignitaries, you would at the very least think Mario would bust out his famous Meat-a-balls. 🙂

    To be fair, I heard you can get seconds on the pasta. Are they going to have Orange soda? 🤣

    I wonder if Biden was coming if Mario would bust out his famous Meat-a-Balls. Being elevated to the Job of the president. I have no doubt he would. Although Ned Lamont paid in taxes last year what is Biden’s total net worth. 🙂

    “thou shall not speak ill of Mario’s meatballs”

    Peace out, people, Good luck!


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