Ganim Stresses Democratic Partnership With Urban Centers, GOP Running State “Death For Me And My City”

Edging closer to a formal declaration for governor, Mayor Joe Ganim on Saturday pitched members of the political action organization The Voices of Women of Color, stressing cities as the economic drivers to build a “new Connecticut economy.”

Ganim feels buoyed by Lieutenant Governor Nancy’s Wyman’s announcement she’ll not run for the state’s highest office. There’s no clear front runner in the Democratic field, be it declared or in exploratory, that includes Middletown Mayor Dan Drew, former state commissioner Jonathan Harris, former federal prosecutor Chris Mattei and Ganim exploring a run. Former Connecticut Secretary of the State Susan Bysiewicz and Hartford Mayor Luke Bronin are now contemplating their candidacies for governor as well.

In his pitch, see video above, Ganim emphasized cities as the rallying point both politically and governmentally. Ganim spoke in the Hartford home of Janice Flemming-Butler who founded The Voices of Women of Color.

“Can you come back beyond Bridgeport?” he wondered rhetorically to the group, a question raised often about his past.

Ganim said as a Democratic Party “We gotta get our act together” with a ticket that is geographically and ethnically balanced with cities as the energized epicenter for turnout.

He took a few swipes at Republican candidates collectively, some of them “small town mayors … walking around pretty cocky” about Republicans seizing control of the legislature and governor’s office next year. Some of those small town mayors include outgoing Trumbull First Selectman Tim Herbst, Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton and Shelton Mayor Mark Lauretti. Bridgeport resident David Walker, the former U.S. comptroller general, is also a gubernatorial candidate.

Republicans in charge of Connecticut, said Ganim, is “death for me and my city.”

Ganim talked about his first tenure as mayor, his federal conviction and his comeback.

That 2003 conviction on federal corruption charges prohibits him from participating in the state’s Citizens Election Program of publicly funded races. Qualifying candidates will spend roughly $1.4 million in a primary with the party nominees infused with $6.5 million for the general election.

Ganim is challenging the State Elections Enforcement Commission ruling in federal court.  If the court rules against Ganim he’d have to raise money the old-fashioned way through big-dollar donations. Even if Ganim’s message resonates and he’s able to build coalitions to win an August 2018 Democratic primary, the next day his campaign treasury would be zeroed out and the Republican nominee would instantly have $6.5 million to spend through election day. He’d be raising money again while the Republican spends in earnest, a fragile narrative for winning a general election.

Ganim introduced several city officials at the event, including blight czar Tom Coble, a long-time city political operative who backed his 2015 comeback bid. Ganim is eyeing a formal declaration for statewide office in January while his public money federal court challenge plays out.



  1. What does this idiot think has happened to this state in the past 8 years under a democrat? This state is in the worse financial condition its ever been in thanks to the democrats.
    No company will move here because of the high taxes, poor transportation system and a legislature thatt keeps looking for ways to take more of our money. We dont need Joe Ganim to screw up the state any further.

  2. Yes, Joe, some of the Republicans are “small town mayors” but at least they are not felons.

    Speaking of Connecticut Democrats ‘getting their act together’, it would be quite a statement if they endorsed a candidate who was convicted of felony crimes in office.

    Has Joe Ganim admitted guilt yet for those felony crimes he was convicted of?

    1. Not today, Tom. The closest he came to contrition was the faux conession before Reverend Stallworth’s congregation. That twenty bucks a vote bought him a second coming.

  3. Ganim said as a Democratic Party “We gotta get our act together” with a ticket that is geographically and ethnically balanced with cities as the energized epicenter for turnout. Really Joe, how about you ethnically balance Bridgeport’s city government? You would have these ladies from Hartford believing that you would do for the State what you are reluctant to do for Bridgeport? Please.

    My sister’s, don’t be fooled by the hyperbole, the unrealistically concern, the pseudo caring and the embellishment of his promises to the Black community, as Joe Ganim 2 isn’t the man that Joe Ganim 1 was. Sister’s I love Tom Coble, but did you ask what other department heads were indeed Black? Did you ask out of the almost 50 city departments how many have department heads that are Black and is that number reflective of the Black Bridgeport community? Did you ask if Blacks are getting jobs as police and firefighters that is reflective of the city and if not why, when they were under Joe Ganim 1? Did you ask him why Bridgeport hasn’t hired any women firefighters in the last 8 years when they had in every class for the last 35 years?

    Sisters, these questions and others need to be addressed from Joe because if the Black residents of the community that he governs are treated like second class citizens, who has witnessed the door of opportunity slammed in their faces wht would he not do the same thing to the Black’s of every city in Connecticut. Just being in the room is not enough if while in the room you are not being your Brother’s keeper.

    1. Don, you are 100% right, Joe Ganim use the Interdenominational Ministerial Alliance (IMA) of black ministers of Bridgeport Emancipation program to give his coming to Jesus moment as his unofficial announcement that he was going to run for mayor again. That jumped started Joe’s comeback and black voters came out and put Joe Ganim back in office as mayor but what did the black voters get from Mayor Ganim for their loyal support, nothing, not a dam thing. Oh, he gave a few blacks some jobs but he’s done “jack” nothing for the black community, now he wants us to support his ass for governor, what a joke. 

      Ganim said as a Democratic Party “We gotta get our act together” with a ticket that is geographically and ethnically, well, Joe, the Bridgeport Fire Department hasn’t hired a woman for the fire department in over 8 years, not one, no white females, no Hispanic females and no black females. Since JG2 has been in office he has had chance to make a change but he hasn’t. Ganim needs to do what he preaches as mayor before he could even think about running for governor.

      1. JG2 is a lot like Bill Finch: “Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.”

        For a man obsessed with tax payer campaign funds one would think Joe Ganim would be working harder to make Bridgeport more liveable for the people living here. If he cannot manage Connecticut’s largest city he cannot be expected to manage the entire state.

        Ganim’s gubernatorial campaign parallels Roy Moore’s for Senate. The difference is, Roy Moore is a dirty old man. Joe Ganim is just a fuckup.

  4. Day and Mackey two of the same racist ex firefighters aka Judge Dalys commandos has it occurred to either of you racist or professional minorities that maybe women did not pass the test high enough to get on the job. Maybe what the city should do is take black and Hispanics scheduled to be hired off of the list and replace them with women. BTW how many women actually applied and took the last test? Do you know?

    1. Fardy, you are still a chauvinist bigot who runs his mouth without the facts. For all of the past firefighter exams just like the ones before those women want to be firefighters and they study and train and workout to become firefighters in Bridgeport like women have before but David Dunn and Mayor Bill Finch changed the physical portion of the exam for no reason and gave up with CPAT, Candidate Physical Agility Test, Hartford and New Haven saw no need and in using that test because it was not need. If CPAT is so good then all current Bridgeport firefighters should be required to pass this exam to show that they have the physical agility as a new rookie firefighter.

  5. Ron, why are trying to explain something to this fool, that’s far out of his ability to understand and grasp as this man is as ignorant as the day’s are long. He’s an unintelligent, inarticulate bafoon who’s ignorance is legendary. Don’t waste your time my brother.

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  6. TBK calling someone a “stupid asshole” is the definition of being an “asshole”. You’re a “stupid asshole because, well, I read your posts. I mean you actually blamed poor welfare whites for the reason there are poor welfare blacks. “Genius” You “Godless liberals” make me laugh, you talk about being all for diversity but only if they agree with your views. If they have a different opinion you want them out. TBK “if you don’t agree with my Godless liberal views I will drive you out from OIB by stalking your posts and calling you and “Stupid Asshole” after every opinion you make.” SMH

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    The only reason Ron and Day are bring up the woman card is because the male race card can’t be played, not saying it’s far or right for the Fire Department not hiring any women. Considering many of the men in the department are so out of shape if they had to retake that agility test every year or so. They would be fired for failing it. However I will say woman are graduating with college degrees at a higher rate than man, and they are half of our work force. If you truly want to help women strengthen domestic violence laws and punish offenders. Woman should not have to live in fair or apprehension when the car pulls up or when the door opens to their home. I don’t want to place all the blame on man, ladies if you find yourself in such a relationship dip. Fellas having a small penis is not a reason to be abusive toward woman. Were you want to place it God was doing you solid.

    While the topic of the subject turned to race. Is anyone going to comment on Butthead’s comment that the state is in such of mess because of the “Democratic Governor” Malloy, and how Joe said a GOP Governor would be doom for the City of Bridgeport? Is Joe saying the city, or the state as a whole, is not suffering under the current Democrat Governor now? SMH

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  7. Joe Ganim fabricates his stories out of “unsustainable” fancy.
    The City was in severe financial distress when he came on board as Ganim1. But it was not “bankrupt” because the real money powers would not and did not let that happen.
    So Ganim1 dealt with a “financial review board” that raised the level of oversight in the City to where it should be today. But Ganim1, Fabrizi1, and Finch1 and Finch2 terms got rid of oversight of any and all types whether Financial or over Public Safety matters.
    The State did not give us funds to turn the situation around. We were forced to bond. And at some point in Ganim1 or early Fabrizi we had no Internal Service Fund and a rainy day fund of over $55 Million. But now the ISF seems to be a permanent fixture that is not reduced to $00.00 over a 3-5 year timespan. And the City Fund balance hovers around 2% from more than 8%.

    And Ganim talks about getting all the people around the table??? You know that you are not people cause you are not around his table, are you? Will he even talk to you?
    And to all of the women of color he addressed in Hartford,did anybody ask about the youth in public schools? They are not Ganim2’s priority as Mayor. Why would that change as Governor? Will Joe become a writer of fables and myths if he is not elected somewhere, next time? Time will tell.


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