1. Hello OIB Patrons…yes, it’s me…a newly FIRED COB employee who did nothing but spend full time weeks working for Joe, endless hours of fundraising, not just recently, but since his FIRST phone call to me before he ran for mayor. I listened to his pitch this evening (via my home computer) and I am actually perplexed at the verbiage
    set forth. No disrespect to his followers, as I believed in him and stood by his side in hopes of helping the approximate 140k people that reside in this great city.He says in video, “State of CT in need of change, unite with a vision, straighten out the mess, get house in order, and of course, the budget. Big population cities are the engine to drive”…really? Job creation? Really? HMMMM…lets think about this…lets talk about Bridgeport’s vision on how to balance the budget and ultimately be the boiler plate to fix this beautiful state. Unfortunately, I can’t elaborate on what I know, (due to me being fired today after standing up for what is right) but I will say this, I’ve never heard the mayor acknowledge John Ricci at any other fundraiser, not once, but twice. Ironically, it was Ricci who met me at Labor Relations TODAY and fired me. I didn’t want to leave my union full-time position to be a typist/secretary to Paoletto at the WPCA. After filing a lawsuit a week ago, (only to get what was promised and what the position demanded)and union finally filed a grievance, I was FIRED. Again, I can’t elaborate, but I am flabbergasted…I’m in shock. I worked so hard to help Tammy with her Youth Services Dept. and made good things happen. My dedication meant NOTHING.I literally begged all of them to help me from being at risk of losing my home. NADA….only what I aforementioned…I have not stopped crying…I only did good for the COB.

  2. Lisa what I find ironic is that John Ricci delivered the news to you. He was fired from his first patronage job by Mayor Paoletta for what was alleged nefarious actions, then he was fired by Mayor Finch, again, for alleged nefarious actions, the jury’s still out with Joey G. So long as he proves himself to be “useful” he may avoid a three strike out career.

  3. Joe Ganim has to explain why Bridgeport’s economy is un the crapper, why he hasn’t created more employment, why there are still many unlawful firearms on the streets. C’mon, Joe, tell us why you have accomplished next to nothing during your return to the mayor’s office. Only then will your plan to “clean up the mess in Hartford” be taken seriously.

    Maybe he will open an unofficial BPD substation in the Capital Building…

  4. If any ot this development did happen, where is the city planning component? Where is the preservation of Bridgeport’s assets, use of its waterfront, creation of public parks and spaces, involvement of community, the arts and the new urbanism/walkable communityies for attracting the younger generation who go to Boston and Seattle? I don’t see anyone I would consider hip or cool in that room.
    It’s not called the Poli and Majestic Theater, it is the Palace and Majestic Theater developed by Poli who should be highlighted as an American icon.

    1. Joe Ganim would have us believe he brokered all of this development for the benefit of the people of the city of Bridgeport. Maybe the Federal Bureau of Investigation ought to take a second look at Mr. Ganim. Given the lack of municipal oversight one has to wonder if the the only person in Bridgeport to recieve any benefit is him.

  5. This is a room full of ass kissers and people looking to get a job or keep a job. Kid anyone catch the fact that twice fired Rich Paoletta has a secretary at his new position at WPCA. Why? Ganim you really suck
    The only person that Ricci should be firing is himself. Maybe this time the feds will do it right and get everyone.

    1. Joe Ganim is only interested in job security. As his license to practice law was revoked he has to something to earn a six-figure paycheck. He woundn’t look in a McDonald’s uniform.

      The city could find several million dollars a year to balance the budget if only Joe Ganim saw fit to fire all the incompetents that owe their municipal jobs to political nepotism, i.e., being relatedcto a campaign donor or a friend of Mario Testa.

      Clawing back all the centuries-long tax abatements handed out to theccorporate owners of properties that are now abandoned and leeching toxic industrial chemicals into residential neighborhoods is another potential source of revenue. But Joe and Mario can’t do that. Those corporate interests contribute to political campaigns.

  6. Now I’m no advocate for Joe Ganim, but I’ve been in and around Bridgeport since 1968 and I don’t recall Joe doing anything different than of the other white male mayors. I don’t recall if Mayor Moran did the same because she was gone so fast it made your head spin.

    Political patronage jobs in Bridgeport, No News Here.

    1. Ron,
      No surprise that “political patronage” will appear in every term. What the record does not show is how infiltrated is both City and BOE organizations with folks who appear not to be able to do the job in question, are not visibly on such jobs for whatever hours constitute payable time, have never been scheduled for testing as called for in regulations, and float almost as the wind blows in no direction that can be said to serve the taxpayer? We have OPEN BUDGET but cannot see how the workforce positions operate, yet we know that whatever the salaries are, the expense of benefits can increase the cost from 35% to more than 50% additional. And what does the public get…..disrespect, no answers, dissembling?? Are we seeing how a Ganim term as governor would look? If so, it is time we take every opportunity to add readers to OIB from the whole State. It will kill his candidacy among the general populace when they see how a municipal government has been co-opted by the few in power to serve themselves first and at the expense of the public who may get the benefit of whatever is left? Almost like an evening out where you go to a restaurant for food, beverage and service. The waiter lets you know that the kitchen is very busy and service will be slow. Then asks what your budget (not order) for the evening will be and asks you for the tip first (think taxation without representation) and lets you know that some bread and water will come next so that you can be patient while waiting. And then admits that there has been a necessary but undisclosed lessening of value/increase in expense for all appetizers, entrees and desserts, so think tapas!! MORAL for Bridgeport: More expense, less service, increasing liabilities, and no accountability. Does Connecticut need and wish for a change? How does another “second chance” for Joe fit that bill? Time will tell.

  7. Interesting,as the camera was panning the room,I noticed some people hiding their faces.Bottom line is,most in attendance,HAD to be there,or risk losing their jobs.Sad really…And Joe,you’re trying to convince people that this theater deal is going to happen,can you at least learn the names of the theaters?

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