Ganim Opens City Parks, Stickers Available At Seaside And Beardsley Checkpoints

From Mayor Joe Ganim:

Mayor Ganim officially opened all City of Bridgeport public parks today, Thursday, May 21st for the season. Seaside Park, Beardsley Park and St. Mary’s by the Sea will be open for Memorial Day weekend for Bridgeport residents only with the purchase of a park sticker. Due Covid-19 Seaside Park and Beardsley Park will have limited parking capacity of 30% and reduced operating hours of 10am – 4pm. The Mayor is encouraging all residents to keep their distance and follow Covid-19 guidelines while enjoying the vast waterfront and more than 1,300 acres of public parks the city has to offer.

Seaside Park, Beardsley Park, and< St. Mary's by the Sea

Annual Passes
— Annual Parking Sticker (Resident Permit) — Vehicle Registered in Bridgeport): $15 cash only

— Annual Parking Sticker (Special Permit) — Vehicle Registered in CT with proof of current City of Bridgeport property tax bill): $20 cash only

Park stickers will be available for purchase at the checkpoint booths at Seaside Park and Beardsley Park from Thursday, May 21st through Labor Day. Parks and checkpoint booths will be open 10am to 4pm on Weekdays & Weekends.

Stickers can only be purchased for the vehicle entering the park with proof of registration. The sticker must be affixed to the windshield. Residents will receive a copy of the City of Bridgeport Park Policy with updated safety guidelines.

Senior Park Stickers

Bridgeport resident senior citizens (65 and older) are eligible for a free lifetime Senior Park Sticker with proof of Bridgeport car registration and proof of age.

For more information, visit the City of Bridgeport Parks and Recreation Department website at



  1. How can you open public parks and have no rest rooms open ? That is simply encouraging people to urinate and defecate in the open, which is both barbaric and unhealthy !

  2. Mayor Ganim is aware that there is a pandemic and 1000’s of Bridgeport residents lost their jobs and for a lot of people they barely subsisted with those jobs? Now the Mayor is asking those residents that lost their jobs, that are hurting financially and who have no other choice but to have a Staycation, to take money from your food budget to pay for a sticker even though you are already paying the highest property taxes in the State. And This Is Better Than Marilyn Moore? Good job Mayor Ganim, oh yes Good job City Council for again turning your back on the least among us.

    1. Don, maybe that $15 for a park sticker will pay for the overtime that the City will have to pay for the police, even paying the highest property taxes in the State won’t get you a discount or free a park sticker.

  3. Really. Don’t even check for park stickers until after July 4th. Then charge $5 if you must.
    Is this just another way of paying for some silly patronage job to someone who doesn’t even live in the city.

  4. Hopefully some of the restrictions ease up in a few weeks. As the temperatures rise in a month or so,there is no way you’re going to keep people out of the water,or from grilling etc. This is a city that more than 50% are living close to poverty, they don’t have pools,or for that matter yards to hang around in,the parks, especially Seaside are their only relief during the dog days.Combine the high temperatures,30% capacity restrictions, no swimming allowed,no gathering etc,and it will get ugly very quickly count on it. And for god’s sake, open the bathrooms, that is a health issue.

  5. Currently, BRIDGEPORT is the COVID-19 hot-spot in Connecticut, with about 3150 cases to Stamford’s 3075 (extrapolating from yesterday’s numbers — when Bridgeport had 3057 and Stamford 3051 — with Stamford’s barely changing over the past three days, but Bridgeport’s increasing by about 70+ per day…).

    That doesn’t make this Bridgeport resident feel comfortable about getting out and about on our city…

    It is hard to imagine that social distancing will be enforceable in Bridgeport during the holiday… There has been quite a bit of laxity about the city during the pandemic in this regard… The state should be coordinating a lot more testing and should institute contact tracing in the state’s largest city and current COVID-19 hot-spot?

    What’s up with that Mayor Ganim and GA delegation/candidates?! Senator Moore? Senator Bradley? Candidate Brown, Governor Lamont (et al….)?!


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