1. I agree with Toni Harp about Hartford
    Also, I thought it arrogant the State through us under the bus based on artificial county lines. We don’t have to be fed this that we are in silos based on county lines. It’s like “the grow ups ” have spoken to each other about us in another room.
    This proposal would create the regionalism we need to escape myopic vision of selfish suburbs.

  2. This is more pseudo-PR from Ganim and his newest co-conspirator,Mayor Toni Harp of New Haven. The Bridgeport-New Haven does not have the specifications that Amazon set out for the new 2nd headquarters. I wrote here weeks ago that the best that the Christophs can offer to Amazon is to give as much of Steelpoint as cheaply as possible for an Amazon DISTRIBUTION Center. Amazon is moving into same day distribution and Steelpoint could serve as a foci for distribution to Connecticut,Westchester,Long Island,posssibly even NYC. The BPT/NH area does not have the talent pool for the Amazon Headquarters;this area may have the talent pool for a large distribution area.

  3. The Mayor should be commended for trying to go after Amazon. Amazon belongs on Steelepointe for a headquarters and by the new train station on the Eastside. Only my opinion .

  4. Amazon will be a better fit for Bridgeport, 50,000+ full- part-time skilled and semi-skilled jobs paying very good wages, with benefits. The 6000 job suggested by MGM pales in comparison.

    It is deeply offensive that the legislature “threw [Bridgeport] underthe bus” (to quote Mr. Halstead) in favor of Hartford, a smaller city that has been bleeding residents and money for years,. Hartford filed for bankruptcy and is one if the most violent cities in the United States of America ranking 4 on a scale of  100, 100 being the safest. 

    That’s worse than Bridgeport, for the love of God! And the wise fools in the Malloy administration think Hartford would be better than the park city.

    1. While I agree that Bridgeport would be a good fit for an Amazon distribution center, they are building one in North Haven. Unfortunately, I don’t think another as close as we are would be in the cards.

  5. Didn’t Amazon say that they wanted a tax friendly state and a large city (circa one million residence)? Of course they are welcome to change their rules; but why would a business invest in CT currently? And if they did, the Bridge-Haven idea is much better than Hartford.

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