Ganim Discusses State Budget, State Of City And Future

WFSB 3 Connecticut

UPDATE: Mayor Joe Ganim appeared on WFSB’s Channel 3 Face The State hosted by Dennis House on Sunday Morning. Ganim discussed Governor Dan Malloy’s budget proposal, city progress and his political aspirations. Video of interview attached.

The current Bridgeport mayor has not ruled out running for the position of governor in Connecticut.

Joe Ganim, who is an an ex-con, appeared on Face the State this week. He discussed the governor’s budget proposal as well as the city of Bridgeport and his political aspirations.

“We’ve got a good course set for the city of Bridgeport. It is exciting in Bridgeport. I think that is where my heart is and that is where I am focused on,” Ganim, who is a Democrat, said. “I am interested in where the state goes and the direction of leadership. I will certainly keep an eye on whatever is going on, but my focus right now is on Bridgeport.”

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      Bridgeport News: Shots Fired)–11:00am–#Bridgeport Connecticut–#BlackRock CT–Reports of a man walking at Brewster and Ellsworth Street shooting a gun. Police on scene, so far no one or anything reported hit.

  1. He won this election for Mayor because the minority community believed he changed and gave him a second chance. In addition to Bridgeport’s minority voters there were a few of us white people, with experience in elections, who also wanted to give him a second chance. Well we were all wrong; okay, I’ll speak for myself. Shortly before the election was over, a long-time politician, also white, turned to me and said, “do you really think he changed?” I couldn’t answer then, but it only took me about a week to realize I made a terrible political call and I publicly admitted it. I still cringe when I have to go back to those voters who trusted me when I asked them to support him. I still have a few elections left in me, God willing, and the next time will be sooo different. This latest move is one for the political arsenal, he won’t be able to go another three years without raising taxes, this example of greed will present a great talking point with voters if he tries a rerun.

    1. Lisa, we are a poor city still on the verge of bankruptcy after Moran’s declaration in 1990. Joe will have to raise taxes unless there is massive economic development. While the city wastes time trying to become a sanctuary city, other towns are cashing in on an improved economy. Joe Ganim has been back in office for one year and many on this blog who supported him have hung him out to dry. I do not get it.

      Joe has three years to bring magic back to this city. We need a few home runs and I want to believe Joe will deliver. We are all in this together. Ganim is “Our” Mayor.

      1. Steve,
        Your active imagination and loyalty of the moment have been on full display for years now. That is not to deny you freedom of speech, freedom of choice, or any other freedom you elect to exercise, it is just to remind you “cashing in” like other towns are doing, is something made more difficult by Ganim1’s shadow. Added to that darkness is Ganim2’s rejection of or failure to embrace the words he spoke as a candidate, like open, accountable, transparent and such. Plenty of evidence out there.
        So you are “hopeful” Joe will hit some home runs thus avoiding what you admit is dire financial position today, but never mention any ways he might trim current expenses, thus eliminating the need to raise taxes. How does Ganim2 get credit for being a slugger when he turns his back on expert coaches offering free advice quickly? The budget overruns in the Police Department from the last PD contract that already expired last June 2016 have not been publicly examined. Both Finch and Ganim have treated them like they were merely a leaky faucet that can be fixed by a capable plumber. Our experience is acting chief, consultants, as well as deputy chiefs or assistant chiefs have not been an answer for several years. And despite many words to reporters and printed by CT Post or spoken on Channel 12, the CAFR reported the overexpenditure in FY 2016 for Police was over $11 Million and for Fire was $3.4 Million. No other City Department had overexpended budgets exceeding $275,000 AS IT TURNS OUT. How does that balance with the $20 Million inherited budget gap that Ganim2 ran with for his first seven months in office (Page 35 in the CAFR)? When the story and the numbers seem to tell different tales, which do you choose to believe, Steve? Time will tell.

  2. Steve, I admire your optimism and for the sake of our City, I hope you’re right. My political gut says “no go.” If he were truly dedicated and committed to Bridgeport, his actions this past year would have indicated that; they haven’t. As far as those of us who supported him and have now become soured, do you think we’re crazy and had nothing better to do with the year we gave to his “second chance?” You have to know when to cut bait, and some of us did. I should add those of us who believed in him with no expectation of being rewarded in any way. There is such an animal, Steve. A rarity I admit, but we do exist.

  3. This posting segues into my latest pet peeve and that issue is the four-year term for the Mayor of Bridgeport. IMHO, a four-year term is completely inappropriate for the mayor of Bridgeport. Just think. If we were still at the two-year term, we would be voting in a mayoral election this November 2017. It’s an issue we all need to revisit.

  4. *** My how Joe likes to be in front of a camera or on TV! He’s into everything good or bad! Wonder what the upcoming city budget is going to look like. You have to give him some time to turn things around in a city with all the problems Bpt has, no? ***

  5. I only see Bridgeport getting better by bringing in jobs, decent-paying jobs with paid benefits. And please enough of the bragging about retail stores being brought in and employing X amount of people. With decent-paying jobs come responsibilities, self-worth and commitments.
    Maybe Lennie (OIB) and Joe G2 (mayor) could get on a conference call with President Trump to drum up support for some large industrial factory-type businesses to be brought into Bridgeport.

  6. Ganim stated it’s exciting in Bridgeport. He definitely perpetuates propaganda.

    Mayor Ganim should NEVER speak about our public school children. He did not keep a SINGLE promise regarding our public schools. Not one.

    Word is he is considering running for Lt. Governor in the hopes of landing with his buddy Herbst. They are both Lebanese and close family friends.


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