Ganim: Dem Leaders Secretly Helping Lamont–Ned Spokesman: Joe Doesn’t Deserve Public Trust

From Jon Lender, Hartford Courant:

Democratic gubernatorial challenger Joe Ganim said Friday that an internal legislative campaign document shows that high-level state Democrats have secretly–and possibly illegally–assisted party-endorsed candidate Ned Lamont in voter-canvassing efforts toward Tuesday’s primary, which will determine the party’s nominee in the November election.

Party leaders denied any favoritism toward Lamont, but Ganim wasn’t buying that and he said he may file a complaint with the State Elections Enforcement Commission.

Ganim’s grievance originated Thursday, when The Courant sent him a screenshot it obtained of a survey question that’s been included in a computerized system controlled by the state Democratic Party and used by authorized campaigns to identify “prime voters” likely to support their candidates. This particular survey question–which has been used by canvassers for Democratic candidates for the state House of Representatives–was headed: “HDC Lamont Primary” and apparently was tailored for Lamont.

Full story here.

Marc Bradley, campaign manager for Lamont, issued this statement to the Connecticut Post:

Joe Ganim doesn’t understand the meaning of honesty and integrity and he doesn’t deserve a shred of public trust. Joe lives in a world where coercing city employees and city contractors for campaign contributions is the norm, and playing fast and loose with the facts is standard operating procedure.



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    1. Robert, I am glad you enjoyed yourself. I was disappointed that I did not attend. I met the gentlemen holding the event while having lunch at Funchel and yes, I am still white and Jewish as you are still an asshole. Sometimes it is nice when things remain constant.

        1. Yes Ron I am like most of your Brotha on the down low if you catch my drift. It is just a fact of who I am. I just don’t think it is important for me to discuss it it on the blog or the fact that we hang out together

          1. By the way Ron Macky, please no teeth but gagging is good and at least you do that well. All those years on the Fire Dept. You taught you something well.

          2. Steven Auerback, there’s no down low for you and yes, “All those years on the Fire Dept. You taught you something well,” it taught all of us to be aware of people like you on medical calls.

  2. *** Kidding Steven over his political affixation about Ganim & past Mayor Finch is one thing however, belittling him because he’s gay is like calling him out for being a minority, no? I’ve also done it out of spike in the past on this blog towards someone else but have come to realize its not cool. Maybe in time you guys might come to realize that, no? ***

    1. Mojo, I understand what you are saying, I’ve never say anything that’s derogatory or negative about personal life, I respect that he’s open about a number of things especially is loyalty to certain elected officials and Steve gives as well as takes when he’s being questioned.

    2. Mojo, on another subject, First lady Melania Trump’s immigration attorney is criticizing the president’s hostility toward “chain migration” — a process by which U.S. citizens or permanent residents can sponsor family members to come to the country — and said the attacks are “unconscionable.”

      “This is a tradition that happens in all rank and all files of life, whether you’re president of the United States — and this is the first naturalized first lady that we have — or people who eventually navigate through the waters into America,” Michael Wildes told CNN on Friday.

      Both Melania Trump and the president’s first wife, Ivana, came to the country as immigrants. Ivana Trump, born in the former Czechoslovakia, became a naturalized citizen in 1988.

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