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Ganim Claims Credit For East End Deli Slicing Hours To Cut Crime

August 14th, 2015 · 32 Comments · City Politics, News and Events

From Mike Mayko CT Post:

Mayoral candidate Joe Ganim donned his crime fighting cape once again Friday and took credit for helping convince a 24/7 deli to cut its hours after residents complained it was becoming an early morning hangout for gang bangers.

“It took several phone calls but the owner has agreed to shut down for several hours beginning Saturday at 1 a.m.,” Ganim said during a press conference late Friday afternoon in front of Deli & News,1159 Stratford Avenue.

Ganim credited Juan Hernandez, the owner of the building and a backer, for reaching out to his tenant and negotiating the early closure.

Full story here.


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  • Steven Auerbach

    This is just way too funny. A Ganim backer owns the building and reached out to the tenant and Ganim gets a spot on the news. I’m telling you the man is brilliant, and this is too funny.

    If this were a Finch press conference, everyone would be hysterical.

      • Steven Auerbach

        Jim Fox, I happen to know the meaning of that word and it is disgraceful. Are you insane? Have you lost you mind?

        I urge all readers of the blog to read my previous post and read the Jim Fox response and look up the word and tell me!

        Jim, pretty vulgar and certainly not necessary He called me a Mother fuc%$@#$ Bast#$@ … really? Necessary?

        • The Bridgeport Kid

          Te csak egy dühös öregember semmi pozitív, hogy hozzájáruljon a társadalom. Kérjük, ne okozva az érzelmi problémák a többiek.

  • Quentin Dreher

    This is socialism! The government telling a store what hours to be open. The store wouldn’t be open 24/7 if it weren’t making money. The store owner pays taxes. The government’s responsibility is to keep the citizens safe. Where are the police? Oh that’s right, thanks to Finch we’re 100 or so short. Typical Democrat policy; cause the problem in the first place and then fix it by taking away citizens’ freedoms.

    • Steven Auerbach

      Quentin, the government did not tell the business to cut the hours. Former Mayor Ganim’s friend owns the building and “reached out” to the tenant.

      Last week Former Mayor Joe Ganim threatened a business investor in Black Rock with a lawsuit if he didn’t stop cutting down the trees, a renewable resource. The gentlemen has invested more than 2 million dollars in the city.

      Joe Ganim will continue to carry the respectable title as former Mayor Joseph Ganim, serving 10 years in Bridgeport and seven in … well, let’s not beat a horse to death!

  • Quentin Dreher

    What’s the difference between Democrats and socialism?

  • Bob Walsh

    For Q, what would you do? Ignore the problem under the guise of the marketplace trumps public safety?

  • Quentin Dreher

    No, I would have never let the police force staffing get this dangerously low.

  • Quentin Dreher

    Steve, she hasn’t answered yet either. :)


    Is this how a Ganim administration will be? If you have more than three minority young people outside your business, Ganim will close it. Were these kids suspected of being gangbangers because they were not white enough? What proof does anyone have that these kids had anything to do with the shootings? Kids already have nothing to do in the summer. Now they cannot even hang out. Finch is opening shops in town and Ganim is closing them. Who is going to pay the minimum-wage work now that the shop is closed? Minimum wages were still better than no wages. Ganim is not fighting crime. He is just racial/age profiling.

  • city hall smoker

    BOE, you are getting worse than Steve, talking about things you know nothing about. Your previous posts indicate you are racist. Certainly not Joe Ganim who is connecting with the people and working with them to solve their neighborhood problems.

  • Andrew C Fardy

    Nothing like a little blackmail to get things done. What’s next? Vote for me or I will put a lien against your house?

    • Andrew C Fardy

      BTW just a reminder, Joe Ganim cost the taxpayers of Bridgeport over $1 Million when he leased the golf course and we did not receive a penny for two years.

  • Maria Pereira

    This is just who Joe is, a problem solver.

    • BOE SPY

      There are a lot of youngsters hanging out in the parks, beaches and b-ball courts. Is Ganim going to close them as well? Oh, oh, oh, the schools, lots of kids hang out at the schools. Close them.

      He is not solving problems. He is profiling. Now that he closed the deli, what did the gangbangers do, evaporate? What, exactly, does a gangbanger look like? Ganim could share this information with the police. Then the police can institute a ‘stop and frisk’ program based on the gangbangers’ description.

    • Andrew C Fardy


  • Hector A. Diaz

    It wasn’t Joe who decided the store would be closed for those hours. It was the community who said the “problem” had to do with the late hours of operation, he then took action on a request. The owner of the store wasn’t ordered to close, but asked. If any one of you had a store on your block that was open from 1 am to 4 am and people (any people) congregated there at those hours, I’m sure you would appreciate this action. Also BOE, there was a time you could hang out in the parks and basketball courts (provided they had lights) ’til sunlight if you wanted, times have changed, a gangbanger probably looks like the kid who shot the guy the other day.

    • BOE SPY

      Hector–where did the gangbangers go once the deli was closed? Greenwich? This did not solve the problem. It just moved it somewhere else. Also, who says they were gang people? They could have been late-night revelers leaving local nightclubs or cab drivers waiting for their next fare. After the election, is the deli going to go back to its original hours? You want to make a bet?

  • Local Eyes

    If you value economic development in Bridgeport, re-elect Mayor Bill Finch. Joe Ganim didn’t learn his lesson; he burned his bridges. Outside investors can change their minds but Mayor Finch has already convinced millions of dollars to come here. Think of the future.

  • Hector A. Diaz

    But at what price to those who live here now? Local Eyes, I usually see the logic in your posts, again if I were thinking of leaving this city so they could make room for another dollar store, I’d see it here.

  • Local Eyes

    Readers of this blog might think Bridgeport is the only place where taxes have gone up–that’s not true.

  • Quentin Dreher

    So you have a Democrat mayor whose plan to fight crime is to slash hours of operation for deli’s and a Democrat governor whose plan to close the budget gap is to extend the hours of liquor stores???

  • Quentin Dreher

    Local Eyes, high taxes are only part of the problem. It’s also the quality of life you get for your money!

    • The Bridgeport Kid

      Amen, Quentin. The quality of life is important. Taxes are merely the cause, not the only issue worth getting hot and bothered over. Discriminatory tax collection, failing schools, a depleted police department, ineffective city leadership, toxic chemicals polluting the land, air and sea. But none of that matters because the mayor has spruced up a few city parks and a primary challenger is going to fix the sidewalks.

    • Local Eyes

      Your whole life sounds like an endless emergency.

  • Quentin Dreher

    12.5 million dollars for that park on Knowlton Street (plus future maintenance cost) when Beardsley Park and Washington Park are within walking distance from either way. How many police could that money have staffed and we wouldn’t have to close businesses to fight crime?

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