Ganim Appoints Rowena White Communications Director

Rowena White, Ganim
Rowena White with Joe Ganim.

Mayor Joe Ganim on Friday announced the appointment of veteran marketing professional Rowena White as director of communications replacing Av Harris who has assumed a new role as director of legislative affairs and public policy. A Bridgeport resident, White’s annual salary is $100,000. She was a volunteer during Ganim’s 2015 comeback campaign.

White will serve as the primary media contact and spokesperson. White has extensive experience in social media and the radio industry where she most recently worked as event planner and advertising coordinator for Connoisseur Media Group, owner of several major stations including WPLR and Star 99.9.

White put her marketing skills to work her first day on the job, leveraging her contacts at Star 99 for the mayor’s roll-out of the city’s new Downtown parking meters.

“I believe in this city and I believe in the vision Mayor Ganim has for the future of our community,” said White in a statement.  “I can’t wait to share that vision with everyone–residents, visitors, and businesses, students at our universities, and potential residents and investors. This is a very passionate, dynamic, diverse and energetic community where you can come, work hard, succeed, afford to live, and truly make an impact. The future is bright and we look forward to telling our story!”

Ganim had considered several replacements for Harris who announced last month his new transitional role in Hartford where he has extensive contacts from his days working for the Office of the Connecticut Secretary of State. In the end, Ganim preferred White’s promotional, marketing and social media skills to the news media contacts of a traditional communications director.

“Rowena has a deep sense of commitment to our community and has the professional background and skill set to really help put Bridgeport on the map,” said Ganim. “This is an exciting time for our city and we have a tremendous opportunity in the near future to redefine who we are as a city, and where we want to go.”

White’s professional background includes service as director and president of the WICC Holiday Fund for Children 1995-2002 and as board director on the Bridgeport Chamber of Commerce in 2015-2016.



  1. Congratulations Ms. White. For those of us that believe in Bridgeport and want to see our city presented in a positive light, We wish you well. From Bridgeport, a woman, who can question this appointment? Oh , OIB !!!!

  2. Joe is on a (Row)ena when it comes to dishing out our dough. Slow down Joe, we have to pay for that. One great advice to Rowena White which shall make your transition smooth and nice: Don’t turn into a Tom White.

  3. “The future is bright and we look forward to telling our story!”

    Personally, I enjoy stories about our City but when hearing the vision, I like to explore how the vision can become a reality, AND HOW THE PEOPLE IN THE CHEAP SEATS, TAXPAYERS, can verify the reality.

    When people make optimistic or hopeful statements, I don’t wish to come off as a naysayer, but only ask for the tools accompanying the vision that allow us to verify.

    Otherwise it may be the $100,000 salary or the TV lights in the eyes of the publicist that makes the “future bright” for Ms. White. Time will tell.

  4. Bridgeport needs to be a better marketer. Ms. White, I believe, has the skill set not just to be another talking head but a relationship builder, who knows how to get the word out about Bridgeport.


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