Ganim Announces Mask Distribution Sites

Mayor Joe Ganim on Wednesday announced the five drive-up locations for city residents to pick up a face mask on Saturday: Bass Pro Shops, Seaside Park Perry Memorial Arch entrance, Central High School, Harding High School and Fairchild Wheeler High School.

See Ganim’s daily update:



  1. This is what public health is all about.
    Protect others, protect yourself. (Don’t bend the curve, smash it!)
    If you’re up to the task
    The Mayor will give you a free mask.
    bonus: one size fits all.

  2. Hey Joe, why did this happen, a Bridgeport resident who works as a janitor at the University of Bridgeport but they had to go to New Haven to get a nasopharyngeal swab up their right nostril for three seconds to gather the nasal secretions necessary to see if they have Covid-19? You’re out there showboating about giving away a mask while New Haven is giving away mask and giving Covid-19 test at the same time without their mayor doing photo-ops.

    “We Got Swabbed In Day Street Park”
    by Thomas Breen | May 6, 2020 5:05 pm

  3. Hey Ron. How many times are we going to run the same story and give Ganim more kudos?
    Lennie will cry I’m just pushing out what’s sent to me but with a little of editing, ie substituting City of Bridgeport for Mayor Joe Ganim, he can get the news out with out getting the name, Joe Ganim, out.
    Ganim is shameless but Lennie’s going along for the ride.

      1. No problem. Just doing my bit. We’re in this together. Be strong. Stay safe. Bash Ganim when he is milking the cow with phony news stories.

  4. Let’s see. There will be a reminder on Friday. A story Saturday about how successful the program is. And then a recap Sunday. Maybe we can find some people to praise his effort the beginning of the week.
    All for doing what should have been done months ago.

    1. For weeks everyone from TPOTUS to local hospitals have been searching for PPE (Personal Protection Equipment– masks, gloves and surgical gowns for docs and nurses.
      Now that Bridgeport’s mayor is proactively enabling public health/safety, all you can do s complain.
      NOBODY was doing what you prescribed in earlier months!

  5. Local Eyes has only eyes for Ganim.
    He was probably one of the “incompetent” volunteers trying to help Jared Kushner get PPE’s during the pandemic.
    As Ron pointed out New Haven gave them to various nonprofits to be given to the public but in Bport the mayor has to take credit for giving out the goods purchased with THE PUBLICS MONEY!!!
    Why don’t you just keep your opinions in Trumbull where you live.

  6. On 91N there’s a billboard advertising face masks for $1.00 with the discount code. They are listed for $1.24 on sale quantities less than 10. So if you pay the $15.00 you can have them shipped today.
    Or you can pick them up curbside and not pay shipping. So pickup today and pay a buck and it’s shipped today or wait in line on Saturday, show prof of residency, don’t know if it’s only one and if they run out you’re out of luck.
    Tell me what’s the big deal!


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