Ganim, 2015 Fence Fixer, Returns To Trumbull Gardens

Ganim Trumbull Gardens fence
Ganim patches fence in 2015.

Mayor Joe Ganim on Thursday returned to Trumbull Gardens that was a flashpoint of violence in 2015 that he leveraged into a second-chance movement of police presence that returned him to office. As a candidate three years ago Ganim patched a fence near the housing project in a showy appeal to residents it’s possible to repel perpetrators, real or imagined, something that won him unorthodox goodwill. Now as a candidate for governor, the mayor seeks petition signatures to forge an August primary against Democratic-Ned Lamont. CT Post reporter Brain Lockhart provides this account of his standing in an area that backed him heavily three years ago.

Ganim campaigned heavily in that section of the city when, in 2015, he successfully asked voters to forgive the corruption conviction that toppled his first administration and return him to City Hall.

And now the second chance mayor, who is running for governor, is again turning to Trumbull Gardens and other inner-city neighborhoods in Hartford, New Haven and elsewhere to further his political ambitions. He has been asking urban residents to sign petitions to force a summer primary with Democratic nominee Ned Lamont of Greenwich.

… Since Ganim gathered signatures at Trumbull Gardens over the weekend, Thursday’s stop was, technically, all city business. But the lines between a mayor’s job and a gubernatorial campaign blur when the first can maybe result in some votes for the second.

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    The worst thing about it many, too many, Bridgeport residents, who have first hand knowledge of the scam artist’s ways, will fall for his self serving bull(bleep) again. I confess I fell for it, it was a lesson learned.

    1. Gary, a lot of us fell believing that giving Joe Ganim a second chance that he would work even harder than he did when was the mayor during G1 but like you Gary, “I confess I fell for it, it was a lesson learned.”

      If I learned anything from President Ronald Reagan it was “trust, but verify,” is actually an old Russian proverb that President Ronald Reagan used during arms control negotiations with Russian President Mikhail Gorbachev, well that’s something that I do including Joe Ganim and this is very easy to verify with Ganim, he has been a failure in the black community, others can speak from their point of view.

  2. He hasn’t been there since he won the mayoral election and now that he needs their signatures for his governor’s folly there he goes. My hope is that the residents of Trumbull Gardens can look beyond his BS and say hell no we won’t sign. My hope is that Steve Nelson district leader will tell him I’m not letting you pimp my people, find some white people to indulge your gubernatorial folly.

  3. What’s up with the Police posts around the City? Are they occupied on any known or predictable schedule? If not, what is their value? Are they occasionally used by Park City Community employees for a rest? How is public safety enhanced by bricks and mortar without dependable personnel getting to know the folks?

    Ganim2 for three years has used his initial pledge to hire 100 police officers as a badge of pride, right? But how many of the existing safety officers have retired (or can retire) during that same time period. What have we gained?

    Is it true that the Police Department has offered education reimbursement to officers successful in college courses? How many take advantage of such benefit annually? If we as taxpayers are offering such incentive, we must think that it is a worthwhile goal. Why is such successful completion of a degree program not part of the stipulations for a new chief? Management of resources in difficult times is not a high school subject, but we are not targeting candidates who have done the work. Why not? Time will tell.

  4. There is little hope for this state if the people continue to vote for a party, instead of the candidate.
    To all you Dem. voters, generations have voted for the Dem. nominee how is that working out for you? To all you Repubs. aren’t you tired of nominating politicians based on whose turn it is. Until and only until the same lying politicians get replaced, will this state continue to fall into economic and mental depression.


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