Gander At City Employees Hired Since Ganim’s Return

In the roughly 16 months of Joe Ganim’s return to office, about 230 city hires have taken place, a solid one-third from the ranks of uniformed services as the city struggles to keep pace with attrition from police and fire. See list of mostly full-time city hires since December 1, 2015 here.

OIB, in a freedom of information request, asked the city for a complete list of hires since Ganim resumed office December 1, 2015. The hiring information is sequential by date with a majority of Ganim’s three to four dozen discretionary appointments listed in his early weeks as mayor that includes department heads, deputies and inner-office staff.

Some Ganim discretionary staffing changes have occurred such as his initial Chief of Staff Danny Roach moved over to director of Construction Services in the Public Facilities Department headed by John Ricci. In January Ganim hired Christine Bartlett-Josie, who worked on his comeback campaign, as deputy chief of staff followed by the February hiring of Dan Shamas as chief of staff. Shamas, who spent most of his professional career as a Bridgeport educator, had the role for several years of JG1.

One recent Ganim hiring defection has occurred, State Rep. Charlie Stallworth resigned Wednesday from his position overseeing the Small & Minority Business Resource Center. Stallworth walked into the mayor’s office as a roughly $100K-a-year hire in December 2015, but he and Ganim had a falling-out over several issues. Stallworth’s hours were reduced in January to coincide with the state legislative session that took him away from city service time.

The list includes department description, hire date, hourly rate and annual salary.

School crossing guards under the umbrella of the Police Department are listed at 9.03 per hour. That is a typo. They received the then-minimum wage $9.60 per hour. They receive no medical, but life insurance as a benefit.

The list does not include seasonal, part-time workers with no benefits.

Police and fire hires account for the largest employment areas. The Police Department, in particular, has lost many sworn officers the past several years to retirements and other municipalities poaching personnel.



  1. Lennie, I can say very safely most of those 230 hired are white and blacks have the lowest percentage of all those hired under Mayor Joe Ganim, plus just look at the top wage earners see how few are black especially black women.

    1. Ron, in reviewing the list I see that Chief Administrative Officer Kim Staley, a black woman, earns $127,555. The only Ganim discretionary hire paid more, according to the list, is Chief of Staff Dan Shamas, $129,778, a white male. Labor Relations Director Janene Hawkins, a black woman, receives equal pay scale as other department heads, according to the list, $124,110. A case could be made that Ganim hires, in the larger picture, do not reflect makeup of the community, but I don’t see that extending to pay scale of black women, based on this list. No doubt, Ganim was returned to office on the strength of a large black vote, but Ganim, as a rule, does not “color” his hires.

  2. It is laughable that an elected official, the Mayor, is considered a ‘Hired Employee’ in this list.
    While elected officials may be paid a salary, they are not hired by the city government, but elected by the voters of Bridgeport.

  3. So now MJF and Marilyn Moore loyalist, Gabrielle Parisi, has sold her soul to the devil. She did nothing for Ganim but now has a $75,000 job. My guess is Ganim wants to tap into her treasurer skills.

    Tyisha Toms is intelligent and a talented attorney, but she received her job to guarantee that she would never run against Danny Roach’s sister, Kate Bukovsky.

    There are many unqualified people on this list, but these two can never claim to have integrity, values, and principles going forward.

    Where is Lisa Miro, John Bohannan’s wife who is working in Labor Relations, etc.? These list has some interesting omissions.

    1. Maria re Lisa Miro I am told she is not a full-time/permanent city employee. She was hired as a seasonal/part-time employee in the Recreation Department. She does not receive city benefits. She works part-time at $18 per hour. As a result, she was not included on the report I requested. As for Deputy City Attorney John Bohannon’s wife, also an attorney, she does contract work for Labor Relations Department but is not a full-time city employee.

      1. Lennie,
        Did your FOIA Request specify seasonal vs. permanent? If the request was a list of all new hires; then EVERY new hire should have been identified.

    2. Parisi is doing what most people do when they are active in politics. She talked to people and got herself a job. This is a smart women who will be good for the city. She also has a law degree. Bohannon’s wife works for labor relations, well just look at the latest contracts.

    3. Maria, you just don’t get it and because you don’t get it you will not last long. Not everyone has someone to pay all their bills.
      Mary-Jane’s got a great job. Marilyn Moore is in Hartford and you are nowhere. Gabby did alright for herself.

      1. Andy, I’ve done just fine the last eight years. I moved into this district in November 2012, knocked on my first door in June 2013, and by November 2015 moved Thomas Hooker School from 10 out off 22 polling locations to number four in the 2015 Primary, and number three in the 2015 General, beating JFK for the first time in years although they have 1,000 more registered voters than Thomas Hooker.

        The 138th District is the only District that has both schools in the top five polling locations in the city.

        Whether you like it or not, I have a loyal following and am now working in JFK. And, I have NEVER cut a backroom deal to get a job for me, a friend, or a family member. Not once.

        Unlike Gabrielle Parisi, I am not for sale, not today, not tomorrow, not EVER.

        1. Maria, there is a world of difference between you and Gabby. Just take a look at her and then yourself and you will see the difference. Maria, you and your gang of six couldn’t get you to Hartford.

          1. There is a world of difference between us because I can’t be bought, and I won election to office three times, and she couldn’t even get elected onto her TC.

      2. Andy, you have no idea about my finances or my bills, however what I will share with you is that it does not involve any illegal activity, including drug dealing.

    4. Maria, in the most recent Council election when Katie B. and Scott B., the endorsed Democratic slate, defeated Rick Torres, Tyisha Toms and me running for Council, if you look at the totals, and see I received more votes than Tyisha, how do you explain that the City did not offer me a job? The numbers do not support your attack on this person’s “integrity, values, and principles” today or into the future.
      It’s just a sample of “fake news” from you who relies on the facts, or so you say. Not saying that Tyisha Toms is not a formidable candidate but aligning her appointment to a position requiring a “conscious competent” with some form of sellout accusation must be resisted. Are you saying everyone in public office today has no integrity, values or principles in the practice of their work responsibilities to the public? Time will tell.

      1. JML, you have lived in Black Rock for years. Tyisha Toms had lived there for one year, therefore her numbers were pretty impressive. Danny Roach knew Tyisha was a threat to his sister, Kate Bukovsky.

        The vast majority of high-level Ganim appointees are individuals who have little to no integrity, lack morals, values, and principles.

        Danny Roach
        Charlie Stallworth
        Janine Hawkins
        John Gomes
        Gina Malheiro
        Tom Gaudette
        Chris Alacon
        Tom Coble … and on and on.

        Tyisha is intelligent and competent, but she was bought and paid for by Roach. This is simply MY opinion.

        1. Do you find yourself compromised in any manner in wearing multiple hats at this moment?
          *** Member of Board of Education attached to which sub-committees who do work on oversight and policy (but about which we hear very little from you these days) about the things that affect our City’s most vulnerable youth, about whom you have claimed as your beneficiary often.
          *** DTC leader in the 138th with very real claims to expertise in canvassing but questions as to how to turn this into Citywide change?
          *** Relationships, personal and organizational, that will assist accomplishing the goals you feel are important and willing to go to the mat for. Does expressing your opinion on many topics undercut your overall priority or goal? Time will tell.

          1. No, I cannot think of a single incident in which I have been compromised. See that neither myself or a single one of my family members has ever received a city job or compensation on a campaign finance report.

    5. I won’t go as far as to say Gabrielle sold her soul. Unlike you she backed a losing horse (mayoral candidate).

      And like you she had a change of heart. BAM. 🙂

  4. Ganim, you are a piece of shit who only hires seasonal! For once in your life be a man and hire full-time for all your departments. You can also be “honest” and sell the jobs like Mario did at your “fundraiser.”

  5. Just wondering, since the vast amount of you have more knowledge on how the city works. This list states four custodians have been hired (since 12/01/2015) on the city side of things (13 more on the BOE, not on this list, but I received this info through an FOI request). The funny thing is the job of Custodian is a tested position (most likely to prevent only politically connected people from getting all the jobs) and there has not been a test for custodian (1) since 2009. That list expired about 09/2011, so how have 41 people gotten jobs, that were not available to everyone else? Civil Service tests for all custodian jobs. So if anyone want a job for about $19 an hour, you’d better find yourself a “political hookup,” or am I missing something?

  6. If your district leader is doing his or her job this is the person you want to see. If you live in the 138th you have Maria P as a district leader. Her not getting jobs for the people in the 138th is derelict in what she should be doing.

    1. The only official responsibility of the “District Leader” is to endorse qualified Democratic candidates and represent the Democratic voters in their district.

      None of us ran on a platform espousing we would help residents obtain city jobs, therefore we weren’t elected for that reason. We ran on a platform that we would not be beholden to Testa and party bosses, none of us were employed by the City, therefore we would only be loyal to our constituents, we would hold at least two community events a year to bring us together in a positive way.

      However, we have done significantly more than that. In 15 months we have held a community forum in which there was not a single empty seat with standing room only, held two phenomenal Christmas Tree Lightings, organized the neighborhood to successfully block the development of two apartment buildings, and are about to hold two Easter Egg Hunt events that will be pretty amazing, and we are organizing an effort in conjunction with the Boy Scouts to help Ms. Butler, who is legally blind, address the condition of her property and home.

      Six of us have kept every campaign promise we made when we ran for the DTC, three of us have not.

      And what other TC has done this kind of community-driven work? I know, none.

      You are just a completely negative and nasty individual.

      1. Maria, Andy got it right about the district leader and what they can do. Maria you are right when you said, “The only official responsibility of the “District Leader” is to endorse qualified Democratic candidates and represent the Democratic voters in their district.” If that’s all you want for being the district leader, then fine but you are shortchanging your district. There are a lot of City jobs that need to be filled, permanent and seasonal jobs. You are so busy hating on Mario and Ganim that you have taken yourself and residents of your district out of the game of getting your share of jobs for your district. It’s not about kissing anybody’s ass but knowing how to leverage the voting block in your district.

      2. Maria, I was trying to have a conversation with you that was civil but I see that is impossible. You just don’t get it. It’s not all about Maria and a few of her underlings. What type of service will you get if you call a city department and tell them who you are? I will answer that, NONE. Enjoy yourself now because your time is coming. You are one nasty person. BTW why is it that most people who start out with you leave? BTW when you wrote this you had to be looking in the mirror, “You are just a completely negative and nasty individual.”

        1. BTW Maria, how many people have been appointed to various boards and commissions since you have been our esteemed district leader? I will answer that for you, NONE.

          1. Raphael Fonseca was appointed to the BOE, but clearly that was not at my request.

            I had a lovely chat with his sister today. I was dropping invites to our Easter Egg Hunt in Nob Hill and we chatted for several minutes.

            I handed her the invite and stated “everyone is invited but Dollie Fonseca.” She looked stunned and burst out in laughter.

            We had a great and revealing conversation. We definitely connected.

        2. Really, apparently in your warped mind you believe initiating an exchange by stating “you don’t get it, you won’t last long,” and “not everyone has someone to pay their bills,” and closed with “you are nowhere.”

          Who in their right mind would describe these posts as,”civil?”

          Don’t start it if you can’t handle a factual rebuttal.

          1. Maria, you are showing people your real character, keep up the good work. Calling me warped will get you far. You are still a smoke and mirror district leader, with six clones following you.

          2. And you are just simply absolutely “nothing” in this district.

            I have only met one person in this district who had something nice to say about you, and he was a retired firefighter.

            You wouldn’t understand the definition of “civil” if your life depended on it.

        3. I have repeatedly contacted the Health Department, the Tax Assessor, Zoning, Engineering, and contacted Public Facilities repeatedly regarding our community events, sidewalk concerns, safety concerns at Success Park and a lack of seating, sewer issues, etc.

          They have all been helpful and conducted themselves professionally.

          You don’t know what you are talking about and seldom do.

          1. Why does the road still flood in front of the house you RENT? Such an easy fix and you can’t get it fixed. Maria, you are full of it. You talk the talk but don’t walk the walk. You won’t be around much longer.

          2. Andy, the road does NOT flood in front of the house I “rent.” And if it did, let me worry about it.

  7. Mr. Velez, Mario Testa and Ganim/Dunn flood non-certified vacancies in the BOE. This includes custodians, security guards, paraprofessionals, cafeteria/nutrition staff, etc.

    You are 100% on point.

  8. In my humble opinion, that’s why Mayor Ganim refuses to get rid of David Dunn or test for the position of Director of Civil Service because he has a mechanism in place with Dunn to circumvent the civil service process and hire political patronage hires. David Dunn has been shitting on the Civil Service process unabated for over seven years and no one seems to care.

  9. Ron, if I may make a comment, based on my knowledge of how district leaders are viewed from any administration. They are expected to attend meetings scheduled by the town Chair. These meetings are called only when endorsements are to be made prior to any election cycle. Only district leaders are invited, they are expected to speak on behalf of the other eight members of the district Town Committee. There is an expectation they will “deliver the votes” to endorse candidates selected by the Town Chair. Based on their effectiveness doing this, their district may be rewarded. This is not the case with all district leaders. Some can’t “control” all their members. The practice in the past was to take recommendations from District Leaders to submit names of people in their districts to serve on Boards and Commissions. Taking into consideration this is politics, that policy at least insured recommendations were made to fill vacancies. It seems to have changed from Boards and Commissions to jobs. The more effective the voter turnout, the more jobs geared to that district. Fair or not, that’s how it goes in Bridgeport. Patronage is inherent in all politics, the most we can hope for is qualified, unconflicted people are chosen to perform the positions they’re appointed to. In going over the list, what I find most obvious are the “hourly hires.” There’s no supervision or guarantee they are actually doing anything since there’s no structure or accountability. But again, this goes with the political territory, it’s done all the time. I hope these employees realize their jobs last as long as the mayor’s in office, and sometimes not even that long.

  10. I annoy taking sides here, but …
    I knew the town chair in New Haven and she told me in New Haven it is NOTHING like in Bridgeport. She told me the power of the town chair in Bridgeport is unprecedented.
    The town chair has nothing to do with appointment to boards or jobs. That is all done by the mayor’s office. So if you are telling it like it is, Bridgeport is unique in the power bestowed on our town chair and it is definitely not the norm.

    1. Bubba, the perceived power Testa has was bestowed on him by G1, Fabrizi and G2. Testa does the grunt work, presses for contributions, handles the overflow of those seeking jobs or favors so the mayor is spared the onslaught; for his efforts the mayor allows these seekers to think Testa’s delivering. Small price to pay. Ask Gomes and Danny R., they both slipped a couple of jobs by Ganim, I hear it didn’t go over well. Testa is nothing more than a glorified bucket boy. I repeat for those who may have forgotten, ask Bradley and McCarthy where it got them to be backed by Testa. He got his butt kicked by Maria Pereira also. So much for his bestowed power. This is a man who has lived and thrived in this country for over 50 years and still hasn’t mastered the language.

      1. Lisa, sometimes listening to you talk I wonder if you mastered the language and you were born here. BTW how many languages do you speak fluently? For a guy who has not mastered the language he did alright learning how to make money. Sorry Lisa, your animus is coming through.

        1. Maria, you still don’t get it, Lisa had clearly pointed out items district leaders have to deal with. Your HATE for Mario and Ganim is blinding you to help residents in your district get employment and appointed to boards and commissions. Only one you point to is Dennis Bradley and really he dug his own hole.

  11. Ron, I think your HATE for Maria has blinded you. Correct me if I’m wrong. The jobs you’re asking Maria to seek for voters in her district have to be black, or it’s null and void for her and the community.

    That’s your game, so district leaders like Maria needs to seek city jobs for their voter blocks, just like Ganim, the Mayor, did. So Ron you’re not upset about Ganim’s patronage or any other political figure’s patronage, as long as those jobs go to blacks, based on your prior comment on Ganim’s hires.

    You want Maria to work with Mario to provide jobs for voters in her district and cite Lisa. Didn’t Lisa help Joe and is now openly against Mario for torpedoing her DTC slate? Mario’s action towards Lisa didn’t go as she wished, but if she has the support of her district like Maria is trying to build maybe Mario wouldn’t have been able to torpedo her DTC slate (I think that is what happened to cause the fall-out between Lisa and Mario).

    In my opinion, Maria is doing what’s best for her and her district, against someone it seems she can’t trust. She’s building up a strong base within the community she is serving. So when it comes election time her endorsement will carry among her voting bloc, be it DTC, Council, Reps in Hartford, BOE, Mayor. That is where her power lies, being able to deliver the vote, not being able the deliver a few jobs to voters. The city can’t hire the entire community, and the community is not something to be hired, but something to be improved upon. That is what a district leader’s job should be, as well as all public officers.

    My advice to Maria, keep doing what you’re doing in the communities to build up your support. If anything Maria would be weakening her position over Mario by giving him power over employment of people in her district, by threat of loss of job.

    Ron, Maria summed it up with her post with Gomes and Bradley, if she and Bradley didn’t have a falling-out would he have beaten Gomes with her support?

    Although, I think when Maria finds herself at odds she should try to find a neutral or comfort zone with people she has a falling-out, in case she finds herself in need to support them again. If she is to wield her power effectively without seeming like a flip-flopper politician. Take Ganim, his election isn’t until four years, three now when her voting bloc voice matters, build dissent not condemnation. That choice is make on who you want to support in that particular election.

    The testament of Maria’s political voice will come in the next City Council election. I’m pretty sure she is not supporting Anthony or Nessah. If a viable candidate asks Maria for her support we will find out if her political voice and support among the community is more valuable the a few jobs, boards, or commissions. TWT.

    1. I don’t “flip-flop” on candidates I support. I simply hold them accountable to their campaign promises. If they “flip-flop” on their campaign promises, then I will organize the 138th District to “flip” them out of office.

      Anthony and Nessah broke EVERY campaign promise on their literature, and we will be using their very own literature as we go door to door.

    2. Robert, I’m going to respond to your comments as they relate to my TC situation. First I take full responsibility for being remiss in structuring a town committee slate that was weak and inexperienced. Because of that, I deserved to fail, another lesson learned. No one but me is to be faulted. My issue with Testa and McCarthy is they interfered with the election in the 132nd district between two neighborhood slates; that is a basic, unwritten rule even in Bridgeport, you stay out of this particular election. They were motivated to breach this practice because they wanted to prevent Senator Moore from receiving support if my slate prevailed. I didn’t, McCarthy was chosen by Testa to challenge her, the rest is history. The ultimate benefit of losing is it teaches and prepares you for the next time.

      1. Moore was never endorsed by Mario or the DTC. Mario and the DTC puts up candidates, and according to Maria that’s their only responsibility, not using their position to get jobs for people.

        Again, I just see Maria doing grassroots politics, building support in the community. How she wields it, by getting jobs, or getting candidates elected, improving the community or challenging Mario is not my point of argument.

      2. Lisa, here is where my limited politics comes into play. What is the difference between Mario, McCarthy, Moore and your slate to Mario, Bradley, Gomes, and Maria’s slate?

  12. Robert, if I say left then you will say right and give a comment that I said left because of race, it’s like you follow what I say so you can make yourself feel good. Nowhere did I mention race and neither did Lisa or Andy in stating their position on a district leader. I don’t want Maria to change because she can’t. Let’s see how far Maria’s HATE for Mario and Ganim gets her and her district.

  13. A. You were the first one to comment on this thread about Ganim’s patronage hiring.

    B. It’s not if you say left I say right, or if you say right I say left. It’s if you say “black left” or “black right.” I’m just pointing that out.

    C. I wouldn’t worry about Maria changing, worry about you needing changing.

    D. You are not going to get far on your hate for Maria and all things black. Don’t blame me, just sayin’.

    E. I agree with you, let’s see how far Maria gets on her hate for Mario and Ganim. You don’t seem to worry about Lisa’s hate for Mario and Ganim and how far she gets, how she got her change of heart after her support for Mario and Ganim, or give her some advice.

    F. Her next run against Stallworth will ultimately tell us how far she will go. Forty-plus votes is not a comfortable lead going into the next election, or Mario’s influence with Bradley against Gomes, that was also pretty close. TWT.

    1. Robert, I stand by what I write, you instead reply back to my comment about Maria being the district leader for her district and it’s NOTHING to do with race as far as my comment to Maria.
      My comment to Lennie was about the system of hiring and appointments by Mayor Ganim, something that is totally different from what I said about Maria. I see that is too deep for you to understand, but keep on posting.

      1. Please don’ try to deflect your racism and your hate for Maria by saying I don’t understand your writing. They speak for themselves. I’m just pointing it out.

        1. Robert, LOL, you really are a joke, you can’t spin what I wrote, I pointed out what I noticed on the hiring list that was posted and NOBODY has disagreed with my comment. The next issue that was posted was about what a district leader’s duties are and what type of influence they have with hiring and appointments and NOWHERE is race mentioned and importantly EVERYBODY can see for themselves that you are a liar. Robert, show us where I made a racist statement on this topic.

          1. Maria has been defending herself about being a racist on comments you have written about her. You commented about Ganim and the political system not hiring blacks. You commented on Maria not using her political position to get people jobs.

            Show you any racist statement, Ron you exude racism and hate for Maria. So much so you rendered a complaint about “racist” Maria not getting people jobs in city government.

            And you try to defect it by discrediting me.

      1. I’m not in politics, and Maria is by not seeking Mario’s help in patronage. “Testa is nothing more than a glorified bucket boy. I repeat for those who may have forgotten, ask Bradley and McCarthy where it got them to be backed by Testa. He got his butt kicked by Maria Pereira also. So much for his bestowed power.”

        1. Whoop Damn Doo, calling Mario names and hating on him will get the 138th district NOTHING as far as getting appointments to City boards and commissions or City jobs by appointments. Maria is doing a disservice to residents in the 138th district, she should be building a coalition with other districts in order to form a voting block but no district leader will support Maria in anything. The name of the game is to get 50% plus one, well Maria NEVER achieved that goal. Robert, you keep on kissing Maria’s ass, hey how did Maria make out when she handpicked her candidate to run against Mario Testa for the head of the Democratic Town Committee? Her candidate got his ass stomped on.

          1. A. That was a quote from Lisa, the one you told Maria whose wisdom she should heed.

            B. Gomes fared better with Maria’s support and Stallworth’s win over Maria was not overly impressive.

            C. This is politics, ass-kissing is mandatory. When ass-kissing I like the one-knee approach.

          2. Robert,
            I don’t know why you continue to defend me to Ron Mackey. His opinion is inconsequential, therefore if I don’t care, why do you?

            The only opinion that matters regarding my accomplishments as the 138th District Leader is the registered Democratic voters of the 138th District.

            We will find out in March if they think I and my five team members have done a good job or not.

            That would not include Ron Mackey. He should consider focusing on his district leader, Mitchell Robles.

          3. I’m not defending you just because it’s not an attack on you. I’m countering Ron’s posts. I just can’t help he has a (crush) on you.

  14. Robert, the only dynamic at play when it came to my slate of candidates and the other slate of candidates in the 132nd district, is that Testa and McCarthy, neither of whom reside in my district, interfered with the outcome. (Sound familiar?) Their motivation was to help the opposing slate win so McCarthy would receive the delegates he needed to be endorsed. That’s all. Nothing complicated, they did a no-no in Bridgeport Town Committee races. They may have succeeded in accomplishing their immediate goal, however, they lost the war when Senator Moore, along with my unconditional help, beat McCarthy, defeating him by a 3 to 1 margin.

    1. To your slate but not to the overall goal. If Mario would interfere with your slate for McCarthy over Moore, then he would interfere for Bradley. If he had the same conviction to get him elected as getting McCarthy, yes.

  15. I want–The Last Word–like Lawrence O’Donnel.

    I want to put in my 2 cents on two of the job recipients that became a target on the blog.

    Specifically in response to Maria and JML.

    First, let’s talk about Tyisha Toms. Happy Birthday, yesterday. I absolutely do not believe in any way, shape or form that Tyisha was offered the position based on her not running for future office. I agree with JML. Tyisha is a qualified individual. She may have supported Ganim. She may have supported Finch. She may have voted for Trump. Does any of that diminish her qualifications? Maria P, are you insinuating Tyisha was incompetent and doesn’t deserve a job with the city? You would be grossly mistaken. Gabrielle Parisi? She is intelligent and articulate. She is a woman of substance. I have worked on political campaigns with her on and off. She is most qualified for her job. Maybe overqualified. How lucky the city is to have her. On the side, she is also capable of doing fundraising. That is just the icing on the cake. She also had political aspirations as she tried to run on the Town Committee slate with Lisa Parziale.

    I do not think everybody sells their souls. Some ass-kissers obviously do and those sycophants are not beneficial to Ganim or the city. They help themselves.

    Maria, we know you were very helpful to Joe in the 138th. We know you were helpful to Anthony and Nessa in the 138th. We know you love to blow your horn often. We also know once you tell people to vote for a candidate and then turn your back on all of them, you lose credibility. You talk about Ralph Fonseca’s relatives in a public forum insinuating what??? I am not going to get into a pissing contests like you and Andy Fardy. Suffice it to say, you are not a bridge builder and you make outrageous assumptions about outstanding Bridgeport Citizens.

    1. Steve, I agree with you. Maria’s influence goes no further than the 138th district. As I said earlier, she doesn’t have the ability to form a coalition with other district leaders in order to support or fight against common issues, thereby hurting her district.

    2. Steve, my “assumptions” are exactly that, MY assumptions.

      I believe I repeatedly stated both Tyisha Toms and Gabrielle Parisi are both intelligent, articulate and competent, which only supports my position further.

      They aren’t dumb, incompetent women; therefore they don’t need sell their souls to be on the City payroll.

      It’s dumb incompetent women like Wanda Geter, Lydia Martinez, etc. who demonstrate this type of behavior and are hired mercenaries.

      They have damaged their credibility more than they know.

      1. Wanda Geter does a wonderful job with seniors in the city of Bridgeport. She is like a breath of fresh air for tired, bored seniors who just mope around. Her very presence is a gift to them. Lydia Martinez? I was not aware she was on the list of employees. I like Lydia. Good for her if she is. Why do these people not deserve jobs with the city? You have friends who work for the city and are extremely political. What is your deal???

        1. Wanda Geter is not an employee working with seniors. I believe she is assigned to the incredibly successful Minority Business Office. However you can often find her sitting at the front desk of 999 Broad St. checking visitors in. These particular responsibilities appear to be commensurate with her skillset.

          Those funded with taxpayer dollars should be employed based on what they know, not whom they know.

          1. Maria P, you are incorrect. Wanda Geter most certainly works with the Seniors in the North End. She has not been with the Minority Business Office for a while. The job was not a challenge for her. She is a people person and the Seniors love her. She has worked for the city for over 15 years. Changing depts is not unusual. She is not a big salary employee and she works hard for the city inside City Hall and throughout the city. She is a very well-liked and respected woman in the community. I could tell by the people in the schools who speak highly of her as well as her friends throughout the city. Greeting people at the Annex while her fellow co-workers took lunch was just an added benefit of her presence. She is a natural-born greeter. She always puts a smile on my face.

            She does not work at the Annex anymore nor at the Senior Center on Golden Hill. She has been a fixture at the Senior Center next door to the fire station on Beechmont Avenue in the North End in case you want to stop by and see your tax dollars at work.

  16. Bridgeport needs a “Jasper McLevy moment/movement.” Unfortunately, I don’t see it happening at the present moment. Very disappointing. Maybe I am naive, a bit of “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington.”

  17. Seeing that the conversation has been about the 138th district and their current district leader Maria Pereira, I decided to do a little research about the late Ann Migliore, a former 138th district leader. Ann was one of the most powerful. She was a member and former President of the Bridgeport Democratic Federation of Women for eight years, former Democratic District Leader 138th District, Grand Marshall in 1999 of Greater Bridgeport St. Patrick’s Day Celebration, the 1996 Barnum Festival Volunteer of the year, elected as one of the most Influential Democratic Women of the year, former member of the Thomas Hooker Parents Club and Cabaret Players of Our Lady of Grace, and worked for the Board of Education Nutrition Center for over 25 years. Ann was one of the most powerful individuals in Bridgeport politics. Ann and Mother Goose worked together as district leaders but the 138th was one of the most powerful districts in Bridgeport and Town Committee meetings expanded past the other eight elected members.

  18. Ann Migliore cared about everyone who lived in Bridgeport especially those who lived in the 138th. I remember a long-time voter lost his job six months shy of being eligible for Medicare. Ann got him a job that lasted until Medicare kicked in. We had many many people on boards and commissions and it carried a lot of weight.
    Maria and her merry bunch of six have no idea, not a clue.

  19. Hey Tango & Cash, are you two going to give the wicked witch of the 138th any accolades for starting an annual tree-lighting and Easter Egg Hunt?

    What’s up with this job thing? Why would Mario or Ganim help Maria out by giving Maria power to get someone a job to boost her strength?

    1. First off, the Christmas tree lighting was started by former council person Curwen. It stopped a few years ago and Maria revived it. She did start the Easter egg hunt.
      Mario and Ganim would not help Maria under any circumstances. Don’t get too attached, she won’t be here long.

      1. Andy, I’m in total agreement with you. That’s nice that Maria started the Easter egg hunt but if you want to talk about a Christmas tree lighting no one can touch what Chris Caruso started with the Christmas tree lighting in his district.

        Finally Andy, you are so right that Maria won’t be here long. Robert, what is it, are you Maria’s spokesman or what is your interest in Maria?

  20. Tango, does the Wicked Witch of the 138th get any accolades for reviving the tree lighting and Easter egg hunt?

    If Mario or Ganim won’t help Maria, why do you and Cash keep telling her to try to work with them and get jobs for voters in her district?

    What if it’s something Maria and the district needs and asks for, are you saying the DTC Chairman and Mayor will not help out the community?

    I could see them not helping out Maria on a selfish level like job patronage, but if it pertains to something for the 138th community, are you saying they still would not help out the 138th, if Maria, as their elected district leader, asks them? That’s not right, if true.

    What, Maria will have to step down as district leader of the 138th when she beats Stallworth and goes to Hartford?

    To address your comment on Gabrielle, are you say Maria was right that Gabrielle sold her soul to the Devil to get her job? I disagreed with her but you told me I was wrong.

  21. The answer lies in your question Cash, interest. However I have none. It is you and Tango who have interest in Maria, and that is to be against her. I agreed and disagreed with her on this very thread.

    You and Tango will find fault in anything she says or does. You will contest it, discredit it, and/or diminish it regardless of its merits, like you and Tango just had done.

    Maria will never win you to her side, neither does she want to nor care to.

    It was enjoyable fellas but I have to say adios it’s been a pleasure, I have to say.

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