Funchal Cafe Opens Across McLevy Green Downtown

Mayor Bill Finch recently celebrated the opening of Funchal Cafe on the Green on State Street across from McLevy Green. This is the second Downtown location for Valerio Fernandes who also owns Funchal Cafe at 881 Lafayette Boulevard. The new location offers sandwiches, salads, wraps and sushi.



  1. I love this place. The 881 Lafayette location has really become successful. Their sandwiches and salads are wonderful. Their new location is going to do very well and adding sushi is just the icing on the cake. This is the first store selling sushi in Bridgeport. I did go frequently to the first-ever sushi restaurant on Markle court, unfortunately they were before their time and have since been replaced with the superb Star of Istanbul.
    I wish Funchal continued success and his timing is excellent.

  2. A step forward for Bridgeport because a restaurant opened. WOW! And Bridgeport now has three new pay phones, what a sign of progress. Sushi, BFD. Bridgeport is now starting to do what New Haven and Stamford started doing 15 years ago. If Bridgeport were doing such a great job downtown, the arcade mall would be filled. It has been a ghost town for eight years and how about that supermarket that was renovated with taxpayer money and didn’t even last six months? Save the BS.

  3. BptPorter, the supermarket was too upscale and there was not enough housing to support this venue. It was a bold move on the part of the owner and ridiculous of the city to support it as we are two years away from enough housing to support a small grocery store equivalent to Hillview Supermarket on Madison Avenue.

    If the Mayor does not support and tout a new opening, who will? Downtown is going to change drastically in the next few years and the Lafayette Blvd. project in Sunday’s paper will open up the downtown.

    BptPorter, I can understand if you are not a fan of Mayor Finch, but good news for the city even a base hit should be celebrated by all of us.

  4. I wish they’d thought of that before subsidizing it with taxpayer money. I don’t really have a problem with Finch, just stupid politicians. And the supermarket was a good example. Finch was acting like this was going to change downtown. Please! The problem with Finch is he only focuses on steelpointe and all else of Bridgeport is getting worse. By the time steelpointe gets in the other parts of Bridgeport will be more shitty like the North End.


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