Foster Issues Voter Alert

From the Foster campaign:



Voters in Bridgeport have recently received mailings from the Finch for Mayor campaign listing where their polling place is. It has come to our attention that this mailing provides the wrong polling places for some people.

While the Finch campaign maintains that this was a mistake, we want to be sure that no voters are misled.


If you received a mailing with your polling place listed, be sure to check that the polling location provided is correct.

You may check online   

Simply type in your address and your correct polling place will be provided.


If you received one of these mailings, do not throw it out!

Please call Foster for Bridgeport headquarters at (203) 908-3684 to let us know and/or come to headquarters at 3768 Main Street to drop it off.

We are collecting these brochures for our files.



  1. Hey Bill, I thought you had a 15% lead, so why the dirty tricks? Sounds like a desperate move by a desperate candidate. Mistake my ass. Is this another way you found to get rid of democracy? Send people to the wrong polling place? Your day is coming.

  2. *** Voters going to the wrong voting polls seems to happen in every election somehow, no? A district voting sheet should be posted at all polling sites if questions arise. Hats off to the Town Clerk’s Office for doing a great job so far with the ABs! Time to flood the city with FOSTER SIGNS! *** HERE WE GO! ***

    1. These were clearly sent from the mayor’s campaign. He “says” the inaccuracy was due to a printing error. If that is the case, then he and the people on his campaign are totally incompetent not to have noticed such a mistake before sending them out. I suppose that’s better than the alternative, that being they were deliberately sent out in order to keep voters from the polls. Either way it does not speak well of Finch and his campaign. Change cannot come soon enough.

  3. Foster’s voter alert links you to the city’s website which one would assume has been updated to reflect current conditions. NOT SO! If you voted at Wilbur Cross in the last election you will be voting at Park City Magnet school. However if you type in an address, say Reservoir and Yarmich the website tells you your polling place is Wilbur Cross. Hey guys at the City–please update your website, please. Columbus and Wilbur Cross are closed for renovations. Change the voting place, will ya please? You are confusing voters too, it’s not just the Finch flyers that are screwed up, the City’s own website is wrong. Someone needs to take care of business. Or is that the plan … confuse the voters?


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