1. It’s still it its infancy but good ideas travel fast. Here’s why I’m writing:
    Blockchain technology is the answer. It’s a great way to install a no-excuses, stiff-consequences policy on our elected officials. It’s the last word in accountability and transparency. It might become The Bible of politics.
    It’s everything CW4BB is looking for and nothing City Hall wants.

  2. Good shout-out IMO!!!
    CITIZENS, not taxpayers, or voters, or residents or people who are young, or old, or perhaps indifferent. What does our average City dweller think about being a CITIZEN in fall 2016???

    And what about “challenges” facing CITIZENS and CITY? Who sees “opportunities” in that mix? How does money play into the future of Bridgeport? Libraries are places of independent learning for those who care about such things. We are fortunate they are open to share quests and journeys for those who see paths to a future that is improved for many. Will you invest 90 minutes to listen, to speak, and to live your role as a citizen of this special City? Time will tell.

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