Former City Councilman Warren Blunt

Warren Blunt
Warren Blunt

Former City Councilman Warren Blunt, the jovial big man who cast a big political presence in the North End 135th District, passed away on Friday. He was a long-time employee of the city Health Department.

“He was a warrior,” said former State Senator Ernie Newton who visited with Blunt at his Health Department office the other day.

Blunt, who battled health issues in recent years, was a likable establishment Democrat who served for many years as leader of the African American-strong 135th District. He was a key  political operative in his neighborhood, a gentle giant respected in all corridors of the city.

“Warren was an absolute pillar of the community who was devoted to the well-being of Bridgeport for almost his entire adult life,” said Mayor Joe Ganim. “He was a city employee for decades, dedicated to improving health conditions and outcomes in Bridgeport. Warren was also a political leader in his North End district and touched the lives of many people in the entire city. He will be sorely missed, and we all mourn his passing.”

City Council President Tom McCarthy issued this statement:

“What I remember most about his contribution on the council was his determination to pass the curfew ordinance. The ordinance was misunderstood by many but it really was a bringing together of city government, the police department and social service agencies to make sure that the neediest kids in Bridgeport had access to services. It was extremely successful in providing a layer of protection and a path to safety for many kids of the city … I’m proud to have been on the council with Warren but more importantly I’m proud that he was my friend.”



  1. My condolences to the Blunt family and friends. Warren was a true brother who truly cared about the uplifting of others and of Bridgeport. Brother Don Clemons, stay strong.

  2. I’ve known Warren for about 40 years and he has always been gentleman and carried himself as such. My sincere condolences to the family of Blunt and may God be pleased with his time on Earth.

  3. I am saddened to hear of the loss of my Friend and Brother in the struggle of our people and Our City. Warren was a Warrior. He always shared his wisdom and knowledge with me. Ernie, never let your situation nor your location obscure your destination. I spoke with him at his office in city hall a few days ago. RIP Warren, you will be missed!

  4. I first met Warren playing basketball at the Shehan Center in 1968. He always had game! We reconnected at Saint Michael’s College in Vermont in the Fall of 1971. His first weekend at school, Warren had to make the long trip back home to bury his dad. Talk about a culture shock as a young black man in the Snow White Mountains of Vermont! Warren had an appetite to learn and teach. He turned many of his lily white dorm mates onto The Last Poets.

    His service to our city will be well documented!

    How I wish I could get one more time of Warren stroking his beard and with Warren saying; “Nice, Tom, Nice!”

  5. OMG, I was at the Annex this afternoon and shook Warren Blunt’s hand after meeting the new Department head. This is shocking. Dennis Scinto, WTF???

    My sincerest Condolences to all his family and friends. Very sad day indeed.

  6. Warren was the one of the kindest, most gentle people I knew. He never had a mean or angry thing to say about anyone, and was able to smile, crack a wry joke and chuckle even during a Bridgeport City Council meeting during his CC tenure. He was the smiling face in a semicircle of scowls. The placid face among the angry. I worked with him on many projects involving the North End Community Council, Lake Forest Association, and the Lake Forest and citywide community policing efforts under three mayors. He was a quiet but major force getting things done for public safety, public health, seniors, and youth in the North End and citywide. He was truly–literally–a gentleman, scholar and poet (I hope his poetry is shared publicly at some point). He was my friend, and I will miss him. His passing is a great loss to the City of Bridgeport. My sincerest condolences to his family and close friends (especially Don Clemons). RIP, Mahatma.

  7. Warren will truly be missed. My prayers for comfort go out to his family and friends, he was my brother/comrade in both street life and politics. From Bridgeport to Harlem, from Gil Scot Heron to Charlie Palmieri. Que en Paz Descanse.

  8. This is very sad news. Warren was a big man with a big heart and a big laugh. He will be sorely missed. My prayers go out to his family and friends, especially Ronnie Caviness. RIP Warren.

  9. Warren Blunt, may you rest in eternal peace. In my early days of learning about the Council and speaking at public sessions, you were always patient and kind as others have indicated. What I came to respect was your pursuit of information and learning, which has been uncharacteristic of the majority of Council members in recent years. You pursued graduate studies and met some success in that regard, which made you a more effective employee. That is a behavioral model for employees everywhere. May your family be proud of your unique contribution, a genuine giant among your peers. Peace.

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