Fore! Golf Courses To Reopen Thursday

Mayor Joe Ganim announced during his daily virtual briefing that the city’s two golf courses will reopen on Thursday. Players must wear masks, one player per cart, and tee times, at 15 minute intervals, made on the course website or by calling 203-573-5911.



  1. Lennie, A ‘mulligan’ please? (That is a do-over for those seeking a hole in one.) Re-posting from Plan 1 entry.
    Caddyshack, fans? Grass is green and cut? Clubs polished? New balls? And Caddy Master Mayor opens the course as a site for City revenue, but no word on Council sessions (where he presides) as a source for information and integrity in timely and regular fashion.

    OPEN ADDRESS TO City Leadership…….regarding Plan 1
    Just heard from my friend Clyde Nicholson, who often addresses the City Council in public sessions. He feels locked out from hearing and being heard, participating in governance. Clyde has sketched the City Hall Council Chamber to indicate that it is large enough to open for the public soon, safely, and regularly to Council sessions. When will we begin to gather again in our spacious City Council chamber? When will the public speaking list be posted? Governor Lamont is taking a step at opening democratic ‘polite society’ effective May 20, 2020, with Phase 1. I am curious whether a gathering such as a City Council session is contemplated anytime soon by the Council?
    There are usually about 25 individuals present in the Council Chamber well area. Planning to clean such area and have it measured for 6-foot social distancing should work within that space. (Retreating to a caucus room for executive session may be more limited, but how often is that breakout necessary when Open, Accountable, Transparent and Honest governance is the objective and the practice?)
    As for an audience attending such meetings, once again there should be no problem. Aside from CC meetings discussing the education budget six-foot social distancing is easily practiced. The audience can be limited by Fire officials in any case. City Council meetings are better attended when the City is using the prelude to a meeting to honor or celebrate a group, an act of heroism, or showcase City talent, musical, athletic, or community service, for instance. Perhaps these photo ops might be suspended until social distancing is no longer necessary. The more basic reason for witnessing the actual process of a Council meeting can be on display and that is the point, isn’t it?
    Is it understood that Council and Committee meetings where the subject matter is heard, seen, and pondered by interested taxpaying citizens is a part of democratic governance? Is it likely for the public or a slice of it to have such expectations and count them reasonable? What has been discussed by the Council in this regard? Time will tell.
    John Marshall Lee and Clyde Nicholson


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