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 Saturday October 20, 2018

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Food World Closes

March 31st, 2011 · 11 Comments · Development and Zoning, News and Events

Recent grocery store closures have cost the city more than 100 jobs, according to this piece in the CT Post.

Food World IGA closed suddenly two weeks ago–another grocer down in a city where high unemployment and competition have started to chip away at shopping options.

“Nobody has any money,” said a man at the Beverage Max next to the closed market. He said he didn’t know why the store closed, but suspected it was a lack of businesses in a tough economy.

Shalonda Chaplin, who was shopping at the 345 Huntington Turnpike complex said she was surprised at how quickly Food World went out of business.

“There’s nothing in there. It’s already empty,” she said.

Read more: www.ctpost.com/default/article/Grocers-facing-tough-test-in-Park-City-section-of-1315676.php



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  • town committee

    My wife talked to the manager of Food World who stated his rent was raised to a point that it was too costly to stay in business.
    Ironically the Sunoco station next door also closed down.
    Years ago when there was talk of a Stop&Shop at this location the plan was for the developer to buy the gas station and a house on Jennings Ave and incorporate them into the overall shopping center property.
    Who know, maybe there is a Stop&Shop going in there. I was told the developer spent $7 million in redoing this center and he did a great job. I guess we will have to wait and see what happens. Right now our closest food store is Big Y in Stratford.

    • Follow the Money

      United Properties owns this parcel.

    • Antitesto

      You announced this closing several weeks ago.
      I raised the question, have any of our elected officials intervened to keep those jobs & that store open in your district? The silence was deafening. Economic development office, Mayor’s office, the Councilmen of the 138th & our State Rep. Stallworth have done nothing. Chris Caruso would have packed that parking lot with protesters and brought pressure & media attention to stop this travesty.

      • The Bridgeport Kid

        I have no expectations of the Bridgeport City Council. Many of them are too busy spending their annual stipend on “business” at Testo’s. That consumes a lot of time, all that kissing of the ring and the royal ass.

      • town committee

        Antitesto: Our two council people are administration wonks. They do what they are told to do and no more. They both work for the city as does a wife and an aunt.
        These two knew about the proposed jail one year before it leaked out. Neither one said a word.
        We have no NRZ zone, none on a board or commission. They offer no solutions for flooding issues up here. It’s like we have no voice other than their voice answering yes to the administration. I don’t believe either knew about the closing of Food World nor do I think either one gives a shit. We are the lost district.

        • The Bridgeport Kid

          They are all lost districts, tc.

        • Antitesto

          This city is in a death spiral & we may have time to reverse it. This entire administration is so self-serving they believe they are entitled to their abuse of power. They think they are untouchable and the public be damned. People start now, don’t wait. We must start to register voters & change of addresses as applicable. This is reversible, please all get busy.

  • The Bridgeport Kid

    Bridgeport has been poorly served by its legislative delegation. At least two of their number have claimed that securing funds for worker-retraining programs do a lot of good for the city. How’s that? The only measurable success is a few white-collar jobs have been created to administer the applications. The graduates are pouring out of these mills with no more hope for employment than when they enrolled. Bridgeport’s retail economy is far too dependent on social welfare benefits programs like WIC and EBT.

    • The Bridgeport Kid

      Folks don’t have any money because there are no jobs. Bill Clinton posted a sign on the wall of the Oval Office that read “It’s the economy, stupid.” That about sums it up.

  • enlightened

    Could someone explain what is “the Park City” section of Bridgeport that the Connecticut Post is describing in its Web headline?

  • The Bridgeport Kid

    If Bridgeport’s elected officials weren’t so focused on résumé enhancement this could’ve been located here.

    Thanks, guys. You do so much for the “little people.”

    www .ctpost.com/news/article/Recycling-plant-could-create-160-jobs-in-Monroe-1316897.php

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