Food Workers Endorse Finch

From the Finch campaign:

The statewide United Food and Commercial Workers Union today endorsed Mayor Bill Finch for reelection.

“During his first four years in office, Mayor Finch has demonstrated the leadership necessary to move Bridgeport forward,” said Thomas Wilkinson, President, Local 371, UFCW. “We appreciate Mayor Finch’s pro-union support and we know he understands the value of union labor. We fully endorse Mayor Finch in his re-election bid.” Wilkinson also is president of the Fairfield County Labor Council, AFL-CIO.

“I am proud to have the endorsement of UFCW,” said Mayor Finch. “When I ran for Mayor in 2007, I made it a priority to support the work of our unions. I look forward to four more years of working with the UFCW, in our efforts to revitalize our City.”



  1. Thomas Wilkinson is the kind of man who gives organized labor a bad name. Does anyone know what sort of trading Bill Finch did with him to secure the endorsement?

  2. I am disappointed in Tom Wilkinson. I thought he was a better judge of character than to support Finch this go-around. The only employees Finch supports are his political hack friends. Morale is at an all-time low in City Hall. Finch has been unable to deliver any improvements in the city. There are no new jobs, the education system has crashed and burned and there are more dollars wasted on political hacks than ever before.


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