Following Trump’s Election, Tim Hammill’s Call To Action

Tim Hammill
Tim Hammill plans to write every day about Trump’s presidency.

Many Democrats experiencing a hangover from Donald Trump’s presidential victory have found sobering outlets for their political hair of the dog. Former Mayor Bill Finch communications staffer Tim Hammill received some love in an Associated Press article following the launch of My Life In Trump’s America where He’s challenged himself to write every day until January 20, 2021.

AP writes:

After the election, Tim Hammill, a 36-year-old in Bridgeport, Connecticut, said he felt as if he didn’t recognize his country. He thought he didn’t know 10 people who would vote for Trump, but his Facebook feed began filling with celebratory posts from all sorts of friends and acquaintances. He launched a blog, “My Life in Trump’s America,” and vowed to have conversations with those on the other side in hopes of better understanding them.

“I want to do anything I can to make sure the feeling I felt on election night and the next day never happens again,” he said. “If we want to move forward and be less of a divided country we have to have these conversations. We have to talk to people who don’t agree with us on everything.”

Hammill was one of the good guys in Finch’s City Hall. But writing every day, Tim? Welcome to the club!



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