Following Special Election Win, Antonio Felipe Joins CT Legislature

Antonio Felipe and father Ruben who served as deputy chief of staff to Mayor Bill Finch, embrace after win May 7.

He’s now State Representative Antonio Felipe. Following his special election victory last week to fill the 130th State Assembly District seat of Ezequiel Santiago who died in March, Felipe on Monday was issued the oath of office by Scott Bates, deputy Connecticut Secretary of the State. Felipe, 23, is the youngest member of the State House.

Antonio Felipe receives oath from Deputy Connecticut Secretary of the State Scott Bates. In background State Rep. Christopher Rosario and House Speaker Joe Aresimowicz.

Democratic-endorsed Felipe defeated his closest rival former school board member Kate Rivera 466 votes to 343 riding a mighty absentee ballot operation in a heavy senior citizen district. Three other challengers ran far behind. The district encompasses Downtown, South End and portions of the West End and East Side.

Antonio Felipe is joined at his new legislative desk by sister Olivia Felipe.

Felipe has been a regular face in the state capitol learning the legislative ropes in the days since his win. Felipe, along with his colleagues, will be weighing an assortment of issues as the legislative session winds down in about three weeks including tolls, commercial cannabis, sports betting and gaming expansion.

If not all business is completed during the regular session it could lead to a special session that would cut into the campaign time of two challengers to Mayor Joe Ganim’s reelection, State Senator Marilyn Moore and State Representative Charlie Stallworth, both of whom have run low-key races so far, in part because of the demands of their respective legislative positions.



  1. Congratulations again Antonio Felipe. I wish you a long and successful career fighting for Bridgeport. Just knowing you have the support of Christopher Rosario and Dennis Bradley means a lot. It means even more that the family of Ezekial Santiago was 100 percent behind you. Please, always make sure your education is on the front burner and not be come complacent. So may people are counting on you and I know you will deliver. Best of luck and remember , those that support Bridgeport are 100 percent behind you. The naysayers are as always, irrelevant

    1. The truth Bob Walsh is that you are an asshole- The only rumour that is true is that Antonio Felipe is an honest and since young man and you do not live in Bridgeport. The truth is he had the support of the Santiago Family and the truth is he won- he didn’t win by 5 votes. He won and will win again. Those are the simple truths. I will assume my Senator will also Embrace him . Not like she got into office with so much experience. He will make Bridgeport proud, Branford , not so much.

      1. Steve, Antonio Felipe had the support of Santiago Family, Mayor Ganim, Mario Testa, the DTC, former mayor Bill Finch are just a few of Felipe supporters who backed him. In fact Antonio Felipe father worked for Mayor Finch. With all of that support and money behind Antonio Felipe, Felipe still LOST to a political unknow woman, Kate Rivera, who had none of the backing that Antonio Felipe had, yes Kate KICKED THE ASS of Santiago Family, Mayor Ganim, Mario Testa, the DTC, former mayor Bill Finch at the election polls. Antonio Felipe did win the absentee vote 212 to 53, how did Kate Rivera BEAT the machine at the polls? Simply, the voters. America is well aware of the AB scandals Bridgeport has had in its elections, remember this from the Connecticut Post, Tuesday, November 28, 2017.

        “Testa’s alleged absentee ballot meddling questioned”
        By Brian Lockhart and Daniel Tepfer

        “The police chief directed the officer to act as an agent of Mr. DeFilippo,” Bellis said Tuesday from the bench. “There was no opportunity for the Town Clerk or anyone to find out if they were legitimate absentee ballots here. There is no evidence in this case there is a legitimacy to it.”

  2. I trust when you insinuated that Senator Moore came in without benefit of experience you excluded these qualifications which this kid clearly lacks.

    Marilyn Moore founded and became President and CEO of The Witness Project, which seeks to address and reduce breast cancer mortality.

    Marilyn has tackled the war against hunger by serving and being a member of several boards in Connecticut, including, End Hunger CT, Network Support Team Connecticut Food Systems Alliance, and the Food Solutions New England Coalition.

    Marilyn’s accomplishments in improving the quality of life for Connecticut residents have earned her local and national acclaim over the past ten years, including being awarded by the National Association of Negro Business and Professional Women’s Club.

    What’s that experience worth dealing with a myriad of professional business, corporate and religious leaders in her capacity with just those things she’s done? Marilyn Moore became a Senator after accomplishing those. Antonio Felipe is probably a good guy, but how dare you compare his meager accomplishments to those of Senator Marilyn Moore. I hate to think that you’re that stupid, no I don’t.

  3. Antonio, I’m sure when you move into Bridgeport From Stratford
    Stevie A. will be more then happy to put you up in his Mom’s basement.
    I hope you’re not allergic to cats or twin lobsters at Zazzy’s (the best) movie night is so much fun especially when Stevie Mom’s falls asleep, that’s the time Stevie gets to riffle through her pocketbook for a few Twenties.
    Oh shit!, you’re not in Stevie’s District, I am sure if we talk with Mario he’ll say it’s ok you can stay in Stratford or move in with Stevie’s Mom.

    1. Jim Fox, Thank you for following my Facebook page. You are not alone. Yet I only know you post on Blackrock news and Madeline Dennis’s column. Always always bitching and moaning You are the kind of guy that people want to be around or stick needles in their eyes Just before they jump out of a window. Thank you for reading my Facebook page. You might hit the like button so I know you are not just trolling for my Pro Bridgeport comments . Surely you can make better use of your time, no. My page shows I have a life greater than Bridgeport. Your page, not so much.

      1. Stevie, I love Lasse’s Restaurant in Milford , just 6 minutes from your office, they have the best roast beef sandwiches in the world!
        But I didn’t know they have a Happy Hour at noon, thanks for the tip wink*.

  4. Ron
    You forgot that Marilyn Moore also served for 4 years as Senator Gomes aide which gave her the opportunity to see how things work in Hartford and get to know many of the players. Just sayin

  5. Ron, Stevie A had better watch out.
    Antonio is going to need a job from the city to supplement his state paycheck and it would seem that Stevie A’s job requires little experience and little training. I think Antonio would make a perfect replacement.

  6. Oh Bobbie Walsh. Please check Antonio in my win column. I am so glad you continue yo rant about my job. You live in Branford. It is really laughable that you continue to talk about Bridgrport politics. Hopefiully you are still a Bridgeport registered voter. Your candidate is going to need every vote she can get. Now, write her a fucking check. Her being an aide to Gomes was most impressive. Too bad being an aide is not exactly impressive. Remember Jimmy Carters “aide. Mondale. Yeah impressive credentials.

  7. Bob, when Steve gets out of Ganim’s ass, how much has he donated for his City job? I guess with the “royalties” that Steve’s making from his book sales, “Kissing Ass for Dummies 101?”

  8. You know Ron, I’ve known Antonio much, much longer than Stevie A. He’s a nice kid. But that doesn’t make him a good state rep. Unless it does in Stevie A’s book “Important people who know me.”
    Only thing is he isn’t important.


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