Following Shootings, Additional Patrols At Trumbull Gardens–Mayor Postpones Campaign Announcement

In light of the Thursday shootings, Mayor Bill Finch postponed his scheduled reelection announcement at Captain’s Cove Seaport to join community leaders and local clergy at prayer rallies at the city’s two hospitals, 6 p.m. near Main Street in front of St. Vincent’s Medical Center and 7 p.m. in the courtyard of Bridgeport Hospital. Several of the shooting victims are recovering at the hospitals. A vigil also took place 5:30 at Trumbull Gardens.

From city Communications Director Brett Broesder:

Police have added patrols in the Trumbull Gardens housing complex and detectives continue to follow leads connected to a overnight shooting that claimed one life and injured eight other people.

“First and foremost, I want to express my deepest condolences to the families of the people who were injured early this morning and especially to the family of the young man who lost his life,” said Mayor Bill Finch. “his is a community and a city that cares deeply about one another. I have seen that compassion over and over, here in Trumbull Gardens and in every neighborhood in the city. And I know that this community will pull together and come out stronger in the end.”

The shooting happened at 1 a.m. in the 400 block of Trumbull Avenue, wounding six males and three females. The suspects were last seen fleeing on foot behind a building in the complex.

“Detectives are committed to finding and arresting the people who committed this senseless act of violence, and I am asking the community to help in the investigation. We have work to do, and we need the community’s support and cooperation to get these dangerous people off the street,” Mayor Finch said.

Police Chief Joseph L. Gaudett Jr. identified the homicide victim as Savonnie McNeil, 37, of Shelton.

The other victims ranged in age from 27 years old to 59 years old.

“Literally dozens of detectives are following leads, interviewing witnesses and visiting area businesses to determine if security video exists that will bring us closer to finding these gunmen,” said Chief Gaudett. “Investigators are working non-stop and won’t rest until we identify these gunmen and bring them to justice.”

He asked anyone with information to contact Detective Ada Curet, the lead investigator, at 203-581-5236.

“We have developed leads that we are pursuing, but we need the community’s assistance,” Gaudett added.

This afternoon, a crisis intervention mobile team will deploy to Trumbull Gardens to provide mental health support for people in the complex. Also, School resource officers also will be in the neighborhood to provide emotional support and additional security during school dismissal.

This morning, members of StreetSafe Bridgeport responded to the shooting scene and hospitals and remained in the area speaking with residents and trying to prevent any potential retaliation. Streetsafe Bridgeport is a grassroots initiative that hires community members, many of the ex-offenders, to mediate conflicts before they turn violent.

“We are from these neighborhoods. We know the people. We’ve walked the same path that a lot of these kids are on. We’ve been there so we can relate to them and they can relate to us,” said Kenny Jackson, a member of Streetsafe Bridgeport.

Ø Click here for an interview with Kenny Jackson:

“I know that we were all impacted very deeply here in the city,” Mayor Finch said. “This is a very small and tight-knit community and when something like this happens, we all know someone involved. We are outraged at this violence. The community is outraged.”

“We’ve made progress and we have the lowest crime rate in 40 years,” he added. “I realize that is no consolation to the victims today. The vast majority of people here in Trumbull Gardens get up in the morning and go to work, and send their children to school. I urge parents to talk to their young men and tell them to put down the guns.”

Chief Gaudett said that at least two shooters, wearing hooded sweatshirts fired shots at the group of people standing in a parking lot and then fled on foot.

“We will do everything we can to bring these people to justice,” Gaudett said.



  1. I trust the man from Shelton who was visiting Bridgeport in the small hours of the morning did not come here to be gunned down. May his soul rest in peace. And may all of the injured heal from their physical and emotional wounds. Perhaps they will commit themselves to increased community relationships that lean against outlaw actions like gunfire shot into a crowd and penetrating buildings where people expected to be safe.

    Another writer on the previous thread believed Mayor Finch had made every effort to remove guns from the street. In my opinion an annual or bi-annual gun purchase program does not exhaust all the possible efforts and perhaps does little to slow down the happening of this type of activity.

    What might accomplish more? When the public safety leaders and the Mayor’s office are able to adequately staff the Police Department where we are currently short 75 officers, which represents nearly 20% of the force, we will be better off. Overtime is served by officers who are already serving their full tour of duty and now are tasked to do more when tragedies like this occur. Our current situation has occurred despite many leaders and managers being present and well compensated. Where is their accountability?

    But if Bridgeport PD was at full strength, would there be officers who worked in a neighborhood and were familiar with local folks and with the ability to see strangers from outside the community as well as to hear the latest word on developing issues that may prove dangerous? We are not there so we move to a different type civilian program, grant funded with what results? Perhaps we are seeing the results as folks move outdoors more often.

    And perhaps it is finally time for Mayor Finch and Chief Gaudett to saddle up an idea brought to them about five years ago from just plain folks, financed for about $1200 from plain folks, and with local footwork to businesses, housing offices, libraries, post office etc. was ready to engage and provide citizen input WITH CITIZEN SAFETY AS A PRIMARY PURPOSE. I am talking about TIPS, Trustworthy Information for Public Safety.

    An envelope (for an observer brief note) that is postpaid, confidential and an anonymous way to report What, Where, When, Whom, With What that appear to be threatening to a neighborhood. Why did neither the Mayor’s Office nor Chief Gaudett respond to repeated year-long requests for a Channel 12 effort to promote this inexpensive, safe for citizen use, helpful to local safety authorities system to engage the entire community? Perhaps they were waiting for approval from the public relations experts. Maybe they liked the tagline about Bridgeport getting better more than a useful concept like TIPS. Time will tell.

  2. Mayor Ganim wants guns off the streets, while Bass Pro will add more guns in our city!

    No more Guns Bass Pro!
    No more Guns Bill Finch!
    No more Guns Bass Pro!
    No more Guns Bill Finch!

    1. Jim Fox, thank you for supporting Joe Ganim. I am most serious and you are a buffoon.

      David Daniels–great post full of sincerity and resolve. I am assuming you are not running for Mayor. Your comment was worthless.

      Mayor Finch, I thought it was respectful of you to cancel your meeting this evening and grateful I logged on to OIB as I would have been on my way to Captain’s Cove. The opposition was waiting for a press conference to make an issue out of this.

      It is so sad these shootings go on. Gangs, drugs and violence are just part of a subculture we cannot escape. I do blame the leaderless minority community for being so weak. A community that stops snitching when they are in seventh grade and to watch a crime and remain silent is the norm. The model for public housing continues to change and the problems of third generation welfare and poverty and high school dropouts doesn’t help.

      These individuals will not be shopping at Bass Pro. Getting a gun on the street is not difficult.

      Maybe one answer is a police barracks located within the projects and Big Brother cameras located throughout all public housing facilities including rears of buildings.

      Communities need to take responsibility for their neighborhood and of course there needs to be more outreach in the community beyond social workers. Isn’t it enough kids will have pre-k and after-school activities?

      Mayor Finch has been doing his job. It is about time the community took responsibility for the actions of their neighbors. The lack of respect individuals have for life is just painfully sad.

      Mr. Daniels, this would have been a perfect opportunity to put in your two cents. Keep in mind, Bridgeport’s Finest did not fail and the problem was not a shortage of manpower. The problem is a weak community with weak leadership and Mr. Daniels you have spent your entire career as part of this mess so how about some suggestions on how to address the issue.

      1. “I do blame the leaderless minority community for being so weak.” Steven, who do you blame when young white males shoot up schools and movie theaters?

        Why are blacks held accountable for horrific crimes committed by other blacks, but whites aren’t held accountable for the actions of other whites? I know I’m wasting my time because you will never understand the inherent bigotry in your statement.

        1. I blame the black leadership, Donald Day. When a white mentally deranged animal shoots up a school I blame the parents, school psychologists etc. for not identifying a psychopath. White crackers get blamed, but I digress. In Bridgeport, the black-on-black crime is horrendous and Donald since you pride yourself as you accuse Maria Pereira of patting yourself on the back for being an unapologetic black man I would suggest instead of writing letters to your brother and sisters, I’d organize a community group in all the projects and not blame Finch for the horrible tragedies that happen over and over again. This is not a political issue, Mr. Day. This is a Bridgeport tragedy that affects all of us. So Mr. Black America, get off your high horse and race bait me. This is our problem collectively. Four years ago when I walked Trumbull Gardens with and without Mary-Jane Foster, little kids gave us the finger. I know, precious. If the black leadership spent more time with the people and not with their hands out to the candidates, maybe the problem could have been resolved 30 years ago. A student from Wilbur Cross stole my touch pad. He got shot in seventh grade in the leg. I am tired of hearing my students talking about their brother, uncle, father or mother in jail. Yes, I blame the black leadership because a white man like myself would be as ridiculous as Rick Torres going into Trumbull Gardens with the answers. People need to get involved. Use your voice wisely, Mr. Day. I am on your side and you could be a force for change instead of spending your retirement years attacking leadership so some black people can get hired. It is in your head. Make the change you want to see and take David Daniels with you. One thing is for sure, he is another whiner and not a leader. This has nothing to do with rhetoric from Finch, Foster or Ganim. This is our problem.

          1. Don, Maria is gone and this guy will gone on 7/11 but they won’t be gone long because they need to feel important so they’ll be back because they have a need to be heard, what’s that about? Oh well, who cares?

        2. Donald Day, you will never understand the inherent bigotry in your statement. Donald, go race bait some other idiot on this blog. I have been baited by you since Musto/Moore. One of us is a racist and a mirror would help you. I am as excited you are a Mary-Jane Foster spokesman as I am for Jim Fox supporting Ganim. Of course I will be taking a break from this blog after the 7/11 gathering and I will observe the Foster and Ganim camp gnawing at each other and creating a silly Finch narrative. Me, I will take my act on the road. I think you will miss me! Not sure about anyone else.

          1. I’m through with you Steven, and this is my fault for trying to have a conversation with a person whose moral compass is obviously broken.

      2. Lennie, it is time to close down the blog since all eyes are focused on the upcoming primary and election in the City and “Judge” Steven Auerbach has declared what should be the final word on things: “Mayor Finch has been doing his job.” Though the “Judge” is known to be an ardent supporter of Finch, he did not bother to recuse himself when uttering his opinion.

        “Judge” Auerbach is known as a particularly sympathetic listener to tragedies in the City that cause him regular outrage. He has often stated antipathy to candidate flavors Ganim, Foster, Gardner, Coviello, Torres and those like Daniels who may or may not be running this cycle but give him a heaping portion of Finch-flavored Bridgeport.

        His posts in the past have been sometimes quite humorous,
        But late, his support of Finch has just made them numerous!
        Seven years as Mayor has brought the City unpleasant ills,
        But Judge A. states no opinion on City financial Bills.

        Fortunately these opinions are not binding on the court of common sense and therefore need not be appealed or attended to. Does that matter to Judge Auerbach, or will he return to “City Restaurants I Enjoy” or “Preparation of Ethnic Foods for Non-Ethnics.” Isn’t there room on OIB for all topics, subjects and opinions of the non-judiciary? Time will tell.

        1. JOHN MARSHALL LEE. My Uncle Eric was a well respected Judge in Beverly Hills. I am not a judge. I am a Finch supporter and that just irks you, doesn’t it. Let me tell you why. People listen to me and I know this blog is anti-Finch. Like most of his supporters they stay off the blog and unlike myself those who read it just read and laugh. I like to stick needles in the eyes of the opposition. It is how I get my chuckles. I discovered this blog four years ago when it was also anti-Finch and pro-Mary-Jane Foster. Well it didn’t help her then and most likely will not help her now. As for Ganim, the only noise being made by his supporters is on this blog. The street tells a very different story.
          Mr. Lee, are you jealous that people respond to my posts? It would appear so. I am sorry you are not pleased with my support for Finch and I am sorry you have no thoughts of value on Joe Ganim. That is pretty pathetic. Do not concern yourself whether I am on the blog or not. Listening to you is like nails on the whiteboard. But I do respect your watchdog attitude though I do not agree with most of your extremely redundant posts. Whining omg–omg. 🙂 Just for you!

          1. Judge Auerbach, is it time for you to re-read your postings (that you will then tell us were tongue in cheek, perhaps) and wonder what image you provide to new readers to OIB with your representation as Mayor Finch’s booster, sitting in judicial chambers handing out personal opinions about other candidates and (asking others to throw more dirt) while you get your jollies by “sticking needles in the eyes of the opposition.” Are you serious? That kind of comment coming from a teacher in the school system? And you chuckling while avoiding the “whining” of others and imagined or fanciful nails on the blackboard.

            You are not supporting Finch in this effort but rather having many folks wonder about how you are doing, and why there is nobody talking about Mayor Finch’s progress on making Bridgeport governance more OPEN, ACCOUNTABLE and TRANSPARENT. Those are simple concepts and if they seem redundant to you, why have you not discussed how Finch has trended on these three measures? Time will tell.

          2. John, do you ever give up? You have been haranging Ron Mackey for two years and now I am the object of your desire??? You are like a stalker, 🙂 you pick your favorite topic and address me like I started the conversation. If you keep it up, I’ll send Ganim’s right hand and she will level you.

  3. Here we go again, putting a band-aid on a bullet wound (no pun intended). Little to late. More cops, more patrol, Trumbull Ave is a free-for-all. You won’t see cops for hours. Only when they are called for service. They are not wanted up there and the ones I know don’t want to be there.
    By the way, can someone tell me who is the guy with the white shirt next to Finch? If I’m not mistaken, that guy used to work for housing in PT and was fired for helping drug dealers hide drugs.

  4. MAYOR FINCH STATED As mayor, it’s my job to be a leader who puts the community before politics. This statement is self-serving. As a leader there should be more foot police who have their roots in Bridgeport.

  5. I’ll repeat. Apparently the only person who didn’t see a drop in police officers happening is the chief of police. Either he is dumb or incompetent. Either way he should be held responsible and sent packing.

      1. Phantom, can you be serious? Well I know you are. Do you think anyone with a brain believes these shootings have anything to do with the staffing of the police department? Even seniors at the Watermark see it for what it is and it has nothing to do with Mayor Finch. When you volunteer you kind of get a feel for what is happening. The buzz at the Watermark went pro-Finch after a talk on corruption in Bridgeport with Ganim on the cover of a book. In the Jewish Home, Mayor Finch is prominently displayed with Michelle Lyons among others attending the signing of a beam for the new Jewish Home.

    1. When you refer to the Chief of Police, do you mean the Newtown resident who commutes to Bpt daily in a City-purchased Cadillac Escalade?

  6. Steve, I have yet to see a description of the shooters issued by the BPD. I have yet to hear of a motive. And because some kid flipped you the bird four years ago up at the Terrace you have declared the crime was committed by blacks against blacks and you are blaming black leadership; whomever you determine them to be. You are a piece of work.

    1. And you are an ignorant instigator. Work on Foster’s campaign–you urged her to run so she could finish a distant third. I didn’t call up a council woman and remind her of her slave past. So keep your racist pro-Donald Day comments to yourself and Foster supporters. I do not even know how anyone could imagine I could support a candidate who supports herself with such characters. It was vomitous to me four years ago and it’s worse now that I am on the other side of the fence. What you have done to Foster’s future in politics is just so sad!

    1. Ron Mackey, you really have become very sad. I do not just teach black children and they are so very lucky to have me, thankfully not much longer.

      Ron Mackey, I have asked you on three occasions in the past 48 hours if you are supporting Ganim or Foster. Based on your posts one gets the impression you think Ganim will win. What say you? Time will tell.

  7. Steve,
    Your narrative above relates me as haranguing Ron Mackey for two years? Nice vocabulary word to introduce to OIB readers, Steve, but on my part I would have used questioning, responding, discussing, encouraging a meeting in person, providing an invitation, etc. That is what can be shown from the written record. You have added several emotional levels to these objective words.

    Did Ron feel “harangued?” When we did meet by chance in person he did not indicate that. And most of our individual postings since then has found us to be “not in general disagreement.”

    So how about your statement Steve Auerbach is the “object of my desire?” Does someone responding to you make you feel important, impressed with yourself, etc.? My desire is OATs as you know. Your OIB desire is to hold up a Finch flag and see yourself as a hero of the Alamo, it seems. In certain neighborhoods they fire mortal bullets. On OIB words are used sometimes as statements and sometimes as questions. Seriously, the only response you are seeking is who other people are supporting so you can align them into camps as political intelligence. Perhaps you ought to spend more time questioning why you get so many chuckles out of sticking needles in the eyes of the opposition. Time will tell.

    1. JML, I was told Ron Mackey and you have been hanging out together. Ron is an intelligent man and if he is your new best friend I say better him than me. Do you guys hang with Rick at Harborview? Not yet? Time will tell!

  8. Some black kid gave Steven the finger and stole his touchpad and now he’s made it his life’s work to denigrate and hate blacks. I’m going to buy you a new one so you too can turn down the hate and vitriol you feel toward blacks. Life is too short to hold a grudge over a touchpad and a finger, LET IT GO.

    1. Donald, are you insane? The kid who stole my touchpad I did not press charges. Darlene Meekins I’m sure you know her. She had him put in the downtown detention. When the courts asked if I wanted restitution I didn’t want to put a financial burden on his family. The kid who gave me the finger I can assure you was a non-issue. Donald Day, you are poison for Foster. You are revolting to me with your nonstop race baiting. You are all about making others feel like racists. You pat yourself incessantly. You have absolutely no pull in the Bridgeport black community. It is great you are a proud black man but your entire existence is limited by your heritage. You are no different than local black ministers believing they are delivering votes. Your tag-team partner Ron Mackey is a good friend and will jump in to attack me also. You are not dealing with Maria Pereira here. You are an insulting and condescending individual. The black children I have dealt with in the school system have been the beneficiary of a caring, animated and engaging pro-Bridgeporter. It is so ironic they all hate Bridgeport, their parents hate Bridgeport and are the recipients of every benefit Bridgeport has to offer.

      Donald Day, I cannot go anywhere in this city with kids of every background who do not come over to say hello. That says a lot. I am certain you cannot say the same.

      I have a bet with Howard Gardner and Maria Pereira. I would like to make a bet with you. A bet that would be painful.

      I bet Mary-Jane Foster is a far distant third in this election because she has surrounded herself with you and Bob Walsh.

      Donald Day, if my comments irk you, do not respond. It is that easy. Your biggest misfortune is I am not on your team. My biggest misfortune is responding to a race-baiting black-centric individual who sounds as ridiculous as listening to the Christian-centric Ku Klux Klan. I have done a hell of a lot more for the black community than you have done for any community that does not look like you.
      Far distant third. What say you? Time will tell.


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