Following Domestic Squabble, Woman Dies From Gunshots Fired Through Window On East Side

A woman died Tuesday night from gunshots fired through a second-floor window on the East Side. It’s the fourth homicide of 2019 following 11 murders for the entire previous year.

Photo: From Sujata Lee Edwards’ Facebook Page, via CT Post

From Tara O’Neill, CT Post:

The woman killed in a shooting Tuesday night has been identified as Sujata Lee Edwards.

Her mother, Llesa O’Connor said her 36-year-old daughter was killed in her William Street home.

Edwards’ two children were home when she was killed by gunshots fired from outside the house, O’Connor said.

She said there was a fight outside the house earlier Tuesday night involving Edwards’ 19-year-old son and an ex-girlfriend. O’Connor said the ex-girlfriend brought a large group of people to the house to fight her grandson.

After the fight ended, the group left–but the family suspects they returned later, armed.

Edwards was killed as she looked out of the second-floor window while her 17-year-old daughter was walking to her father’s car, O’Connor said.

“My daughter went to that window up there to watch her daughter get in her father’s car and bullets just started coming,” O’Connor said. “I sat and watched my daughter get hit with a bullet in her chest, maybe more than one, and she fell.”

Full story here.

Anyone with information about the shooting is asked to call Detective Winkler at 203-581-5224 or call the Bridgeport Police Tips Line at 203-576-TIPS.

Coverage from Steve Krauchick, Doing It Local, here.



    1. Police Superintendent Armando Perez say “we got to to something about this.” Well,what is he going to do? Saying “we got to do something about this” is equivalent to Republicans asking for “prayers” but nothing else after every mass shooting/murders.

      1. Frank, Police Chief Armando Perez’s comment to the media “we got to to something about this” is so unprofessional, it doesn’t give anyone confidence that Chief Perez and the Bridgeport Police Department know what they are doing, that is NOT leadership.

  1. Off the top of my head,I would say that the East Side and the West End are the two “hot spots” for criminal/gun activity in Bridgeport. What is our public safety “team” doing to address this situation or will residents/constituents/voters/human beings continue to live under the “Reign of Terror?” I consider the BPT Public Safety Team to be Mayor Joe Ganim,Superintendent of Police Armando Perez and the Board of Police Commissioner.

    1. Let’s include also include State Senator,State Representative ,City Council Reps…. for the areas directly affected but the entire City Council needs to get more involved with Public Safety.

  2. Its a damm shame another innocent person killed. My phone has been ring of the hook. I knew the family her father has a store on stratford ave. He’s has been there for a long time. I remember not long ago a 12 year old child was killed. I made a suggestion about stop and frisk as a tool to try and take these Guns out of the hands of people who have no permits to carry Guns. It was just a suggestion. You all would have though more people would have wanted to stop these young people from shooting up our streets and acting like this is the wild wild west. How many more innocent people will be killed on our streets.We are becoming prisoners in our own City. Its bad enough we can’t walk to a store know we can’t even look out our windows. Maybe we should all bare arms than we could protect ourselves. GOD HELP_ US ALL!

  3. Our Council President and members of our city council will be meeting with the powers to be to address this Madness going on in our City. Its not going to change until communities take responsibility and stand up and say enough is enough!

  4. People are being killed by bullets from a rifle or a handgun fired by people. So, how you stop someone from shooting someone, how do you know someone is going to shoot someone? Does society act before the crime is committed or after? Do we ban all guns, if so guns can still be bought illegally because there is a profit to be made. Do we arrest everyone in the area o a shooting? Are police resources being deploy properly? Why should someone come forward to inform the police on who did a shooting, will they be protected for pointing the finger at someone? I’m not even talking about the domestic and social ills of society. This is a national problem where local citizens are being harm, I look for nothing from Police Chief Perez, Mayor Ganim and the City Council.

    1. Ron we know you ain’t doing nothing but talking on OIB! The question i ask you RON What are you doing nothing but pointing the finger just remember when you point the finger your have four pointing back at YOU!

  5. All the GOP is able to offer are “thoughts and prayers.” Write that party out of the story. Democrats will run to front of the issue to make political hay of the controversy. No changes will be made to improve public safety because the guns are still on the street.

    Wild Bill Finch and Joseph Gaudette made political hay of it with that lame gun buy back program. All they paid for was a pile of firearms that hadn’t been fired in years.

  6. I blame the Mayor the Police Commission and the City Council, every time someone gets shot!
    We need police protection every hour of the day.!
    We need Police Precincts in all twenty districts!
    We need cops on foot-patrol everyday 24/7!
    We need road blocks and car checks every day!
    We need a City- Curfew!
    It’s time for a change people!

  7. *** Not enough police presence at nite for a curfew, so the P/D is under-maned & at times out-gunned. But as soon as the pressure is put on to try & curve the problem, the same politicians & so-called community leaders pointing the finger, are the first ones to cry foul, police brutality, etc… We need another gun buy-back program, street gangs task force increase & a $ city tips phone program to start with, & stiff penalties on those convicted of violent crimes & also repeat offenders. ***


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