Foley Stiffs Hearst Connecticut Editorial Board

You’d think one of the endorsements actively coveted by the Tom Foley campaign for governor is Hearst Connecticut Media Group that includes four daily newspapers, Connecticut Post, Danbury News-Times, Stamford Advocate and Greenwich Time with a combined print readership of roughly a few hundred thousand, and more factoring in web audiences. Nope.

According to an article by Hearst Connecticut political reporter Neil Vigdor, the Republican candidate for governor has given editorial boards around the state one bite of the apple in the election cycle: I’ll meet with you before primary or I’ll meet you before the general election, but only once. Efforts to meet with Foley in the general election have come up empty. Hearst Connecticut newspapers tend not to make primary endorsements. He met with Hearst pre-primary.

Foley defeated primary opponent Senate Minority Leader John McKinney, but now that he’s facing incumbent Democrat Dan Malloy in a tight general election he feels no need to share with editorial board members why he’s the better choice. Do newspaper endorsements matter? In close races battling at the margins they can, as voters filter information in the final days of a race.

Meeting with editorial boards is no walk in the park. Members generally include the editorial page editor, other senior editors and sometimes the paper’s publisher. Beat reporters are not members of editorial boards but they sometimes sit in and ask questions of the respective candidates for public office. Basically it’s a candidate’s time to shine, but it can be like facing a firing squad of questions. Editorial board members keep score of what’s said and often times measure it against past statements. But you said this then, what’s changed? “Well, gee, no, not really. Ugh!”

Foley is a guy who squirms at the thought of being pinned down on an issue. God forbid he take a stance. For instance here’s the type of thing Foley wants to avoid. His education agenda calls for stripping funds from underperforming schools. Mark Pazniokas, seasoned scribe for the Connecticut Mirror, asked Foley a few weeks back how do you expect to lift up failing schools if you don’t fund them? Foley’s response, gee, no one ever asked that question before. Duh.

That’s the kind of stuff Foley wants to avoid under the heat of questioning.

So if Foley does receive the endorsement from Hearst it will come despite himself.



  1. Tough luck for the Hearst Corp. They have ignored Bridgeport problems for a long while, so screw the Post. How many people will actually read or watch or listen to the editorial board grilling Foley, let me see!!! Steve A, Local Eyes and maybe Finch.

    1. Andy, I could care less if the Hearst papers endorse Malloy or give an astounding commentary on Foley. I will be voting for Dan Malloy and I expect he will win with or without an endorsement. I will also look forward to seeing President Obama on Nov. 2. Must suck, even the small exciting joys in life are challenged by your vain attempt to make a change so very very very late in life. You have been to the party and eaten at the table and schmoozed with all who you now loathe. I will assume most of them feel the same about you. So stop being a killjoy. You know you are voting for Malloy because you couldn’t possibly be so ignorant as to believe Foley would lift a finger to help Bridgeport. Andy, be honest, could you really be that stupid? So much so you are willing to cut off your nose to spite your face at the expense of all your neighbors and friends, many left in Bridgeport?

    2. Andy, I am not sure why you single me out and make me feel like a celebrity. I do not know Local Eyes, but to equate me with the Mayor, that’s pretty impressive. I can live with that.

    3. Steve, sorry you took that as an insult but so be it. I see your response was really bitchy so I guess you saw it as an insult. Oh well. Now for the rest of the crap you wrote. Make a change, I don’t know what that means. Steve, loathe is a strong word and what you state is BS. You see Steve, you don’t have a brain you still vote for a Democrat no matter what he has done or not done and you take on the ultra liberal mantra all Republicans and their followers are vile. You know Steve, I am happy to tell you I am going to vote for Foley because Malloy has failed. Please Steve, you are talking like a man with a paper ass. The world will not come to an end if Malloy loses. BTW most of the higher-level politicians I hung with are retired or dead but the difference from today’s politicians is they did not forget where they came from.

      1. Andy, did I miss something? I thought it was a compliment you gave me by putting me in the same company as Mayor Finch and Local Eyes. I however, was insulting you. I thought I was clear. I do not know what a paper ass is. I am voting for Malloy because I believe he has Bridgeport’s best interests at heart. If I lived in a wealthy, suburban neighborhood that did not have housing projects, homeless and social agencies, if I had no faith in a G-d and didn’t give a rat’s ass about another human being, I could actually see myself voting for Foley. Andy Fardy, you are a fool!

        1. Steve, you are a sanctimonious asshole who wears rose-colored glasses. If you vote for Foley, you don’t believe in God. Really, is that your determination as chaplain to the weak and stupid? You are one elitist son of a bitch, grow up.

          1. Andy, a real job? You are an ass. Vote your conscience and stop pushing your beliefs down other people’s throats. You are an outcast amongst those you used to suck up to. You are caustic, annoying and obviously not a hero in your own neighborhood. You love the use of the word “sanctimonious,” every time you make a comment to me it shows your lack of understanding. You may want to ameliorate your vocabulary and choose more carefully. I sure hope you are working your ass off for Foley. If he loses it will be another four years of misery for you as well as Hillary Clinton. Can you survive that or do miserable people like you thrive on human misery and suffering? I am not sure where or how you developed your social skills. They suck! I am certain you are well aware of that. You are a wart on the nose of humanity. Work on it!

          2. Yeah Steve, a real job, not like the one you pretend to do now, substitute teacher, really. What’s the matter Steve, can’t work full time as a teacher? I don’t push my beliefs down anyone’s throat, I only answered Lennie’s question on who I was voting for. That’s not pushing anything, you moron. Steve, how can someone be an outcast among everyone who is dead? Steve, again you don’t know squat. Steve, I am not working for anyone, if Foley loses life goes on but if Malloy loses you will be crying like a little girl for weeks.
            Forget about Hillary, she will not live down what happened at the embassy overseas. Besides, she is too old.

          3. No offense, Andy. I do not want to be mean, but are you paying my bills? Do you have dementia? I’d put my credentials and life accomplishments against yours any day of the week. I respect you were a fireman but let’s not get carried away. Your history and the pros who respect you have been pretty well documented on this blog and speaking about being a substitute teacher, if I were interested, I would have been certified to do so. Being a sub you find out interesting things. One of your many accomplishments, your grandkids at Hooker. Yeah, they haven’t nice things to say about you. So the next time you imagine you are going to diminish my accomplishments because I am in the middle of a career crisis 🙂 , remember, the skeletons in your closet are more disturbing than my being a substitute teacher. I show up every day and the kids love me. I know, hard to believe. Keep going tit for tat with me, Andy. I will wipe the floor with your sorry ass. Btw, thank you for reminding me on more than one occasion as a sub I do not have a real job. Do you also say that to men who work full time at McDonald’s to support their families at 8 dollars an hour? Who pays their insurance? Who pays yours? I pay $6,000 a year. Half of what I earn as a sub. Loving going to school every day. 🙂 Andy, honestly, do you realize what a lowlife you really are?

          4. Steve, you are a little bitch bringing my grandchildren into this and making up nasty stuff. Be careful what you say about them and about me. You are a substitute because you are not qualified to be a regular teacher. Please with you will compare you to me, your credentials against mine, what a joke, you are not even close.
            Name one thing you are that is recognized as an expert in your field. You can’t moron, but I can. Steve, you are so much better than me. Have you ever been paid $200 an hour for your opinions? I have. Steve, how can you have a midlife career crisis when you don’t have a career? Maybe you could start a career as a nanny or a dog walker.
            Steve, the only thing I say to the men and women at McDonalds is Thank You. Steve you idiot, you pay for part of my insurance, doesn’t that piss you off? BTW Steve, the only thing your sorry ass could mop the floor with is a mop, tough guy.

  2. I have an idea. The editorial board can ask one of their own questions on vacations he has taken, how his kids are doing, how did things go on his trip to Ireland. There are a million questions for this editorial writer, after all we are asked to read this drivel every Sunday.

  3. I would really like to know how these Republicans choose their campaign gurus. Rowland almost carried the city due to his support for huge job creation. These Republicans can’t be that stupid, they have plenty of money, so they can’t be that stupid, or maybe they are.

  4. So far, only Andy Fardy and I are open enough to reveal our names.

    I can’t defend Foley, but judging from stories in the CT Post, it is obvious he will not be considered for their endorsement.

    Lennie, I suspect you will not endorse him, either.

  5. I remember when the CT Post was relevant, when circulation was at its peak. When paperboys rule the city blocks and Mr. Lousy put his kid through college working Main and Fairfield Ave ’til midnight yelling “Paper, Paper!” wearing that long trench coat, and if you gave him a buck he would turn his back on you and walk away. He never gave back change!
    Now circulation is a metal box chained to a telephone pole, most times empty.
    Foley’s leading by 7 points (Rasmussen poll), maybe he smells a trap.

  6. Tom Foley made the right decision because he doesn’t need the voters to see he has no plan for Bridgeport and other big cities. As stated above, “Foley is a guy who squirms at the thought of being pinned down on an issue.” As I said before, I don’t like Malloy but I will hold my nose and vote for Malloy.

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