Fire Up The Blarney, Here Come The Parade Pols

Did ya attend the parade? Nothing like shouting out a few wisecracks to your favorite politician followed by a rejoinder or two. Hey, the good Irish pols can spit in your eye and make you think it’s raining.

Did former Mayor Joe Ganim show up? Why not, he’s been crashing just about everything else lately. Yes, the blarney should be in full force from the honorary Irish pols too. After all, they had good teachers.

We’re all wondering, how come city employee Joe Tiago, the genial owner of Tiago’s, hasn’t persuaded the committee chiefs to reroute the parade past his pub on State Street? Come on Joe, you gotta show more juice than that. Shoot, if Joe Ganim owned the bar he’d have the parade end at the bar. Of course, he’d want you to bring along a little extra green (preferably Ben Franklins).

The 33rd Greater Bridgeport Saint Patrick’s Day Parade will kick off Tuesday at noon led by 2015 Grand Marshal Ted Lovely of Trumbull. The Downtown parade starts at Harbor Yard, marches up Broad Street to Fairfield Avenue, hooks onto Fairfield Avenue and then south to Main Street to return to Harbor Yard.

Here’s the Tuesday lineup:

8 a.m. Mass at Saint Augustine Cathedral celebrated by Most Reverend Frank Joseph Caggiano, S.T.D., D.D. Bishop of Bridgeport

9:15 a.m. Flag raising at City Hall with Mayor Bill Finch.

10 a.m. Grand Marshal’s Breakfast, Grand Ballroom, Bridgeport Holiday Inn.

12 p.m. Parade Kick-off with 2015 Grand Marshal Ted Lovely.

1:30 p.m. Post Parade Luncheon and Awards Ceremony, Grand Ballroom, Bridgeport Holiday Inn.



  1. Don’t worry, I’m sure Finch and his followers end up at Tiago’s, run up a tab, then continue the practice of squashing that tab by adding it in to one of the many city hall luncheons in the future. And in this election year, McCarthy already was told to officially use a sick day today in case anyone looks into it later, this is guaranteed.


    Mrs. F: Come on! Stop sniveling, it’s going to be fine. You’re the mayor, not Joe Ganim; he’ll most likely stay home in his new condo today anyway!

    MF: It’s the St. Paddie’s Day Parade, my favorite time of the year, Ganim will be working both sides of street. I think I better not walk with McCarthy, he’s on everyone’s shit list again with that HB-5886 shit!

    Mrs. F: Honey, Tom’s your friend, you should walk with him anyway.

    MF: I have my hands full when the people start yelling out, “where’s Boomtown, Mayor Billie?”!!! That’s one I’d love to take back.

    Mrs. F: Did you find your green derby yet?

    MF: Mary-Jane will be riding the Purple Knight’s float, like she’s at a Prince concert! The only thing she needs is the purple fog and with her money, she’s probably working on it! But oh no! Did she announce yet! She doing this to piss me off!
    I need a hundred people to run for Mayor, that’s the only way I’m going to win this with those flucking ABs, if I go one-on-one with Ganim, my ass is grass! Thank God Charlie Coviello jumped in!
    Ganim will show up at the luncheon, work the entire room, like he’s already the flucking Mayor! Then I have to get up at some point to say a few words and tell those inebriated Irish bastards the city is a flucking Boomtown, and things are getting better every day! This crowd will kill me if they find out Johnny Morris and Bass Pro pulled out two years ago!
    Paul Timpanelli booked Johnny Morris as the guest speaker back in December for the BRBC knowing Bass pro was long gone, now that’s funny!!!
    Then I’ll say wasn’t that the best Irish day parade we ever had, as they choke down their corned beef and cabbage. Then someone will yell out again, where’s Boomtown, Mayor Billie! If it was up your ass you’d know!”

    Mrs. F: I found your Green Derby honey, the cat was lying on it.

    MF: All year??? What’s that smell? That flucking cat!!!

  3. People have been written up for the “abuse of sick time,” when they really are not sick and have been seen away from home, or at an event during working hours. One would have to take a “personal” day instead. I guess nobody will really “grieve it” (union jargon) if it happens, though.

  4. Hats off to the St Patrick’s Day Parade Committee and for their 32nd or so year and keeping this parade in Downtown!

    I look forward to seeing the old gang down on Broad and Fairfield.

    My prediction is Ganim will march.


  5. Well you can tell statewide elections are nowhere on the horizon. Malloy and Wyman did not attend the St. Patrick’s Day parade in 2011, 2012 and 2013, however they suddenly showed up in 2014. Today, no Malloy or Wyman.

    Wake up, people!

  6. A friend of mine went to Murphy’s Law after the parade and Joe Ganim walked in. Many of the patrons started chanting “run Joe run.” Patrons even asked to take photos with him. My friend said he received a “very warm” reception.

    1. He not only received a great reception, he was a star at the event walking in dressed like a little leprechaun. It took everyone a while to figure out who it was. There was a very young drunk crowd there that had no idea who this guy was but there were three wasted guys screaming Joe is that you? That’s all we heard and three minutes later he was but a memory.


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