Finch’s Unused Vacation Time $13,295

In addition to the retroactive pay increase of $17,079 Bill Finch received his last day as mayor, Finch will receive a final paycheck this week of $13,295 representing unused vacation, according to city officials.

The final payout represents about five weeks of accumulated vacation time.

In one of his final acts as mayor, Finch approved retroactive pay increases for dozens of discretionary appointees after the City Council failed to act on approving a collective bargaining agreement under the Bridgeport City Supervisor’s Association covering about 150 city employees for a five-year period starting July 1, 2013. The $17,079 was direct deposited on Finch’s final day as mayor Nov. 30.

Likely the agreement would have been implemented under Ganim’s administration, but Finch and his discretionary loyalists leaving city service would not have benefited from the retroactive bundle if Finch left it alone.

On November 18, the attorney for the supervisor’s association Ed Gavin sent a letter to then-Director of Labor Relations Larry Osborne, a Finch supporter who’s also a member of the Democratic Town Committee, citing Connecticut law regarding inaction by the legislative body to act on collective bargaining agreements.

“Such requests shall be considered approved if the legislative body fails to vote to approve or reject such requests within 30 days of the end of the 14 day period for submission to said body,” Gavin wrote.

One day later Osborne, who announced his retirement a few weeks ago, wrote a letter to then Chief Administrative Officer Andy Nunn, a now-deposed Finch appointee, recommending that the “City move forward with putting the contract into effect, including any and all payroll adjustments as of November 27, 2015. If the City does not implement the contract, it will be subject to Municipal Prohibited Practices and other claims from the Union.”

Under the new agreement the mayor’s salary jumped from $132,500 to $144,000.

Finch is not the only one receiving a payout for sick time. Osborne will receive $13,126.86 in accumulated sick time. Former Finance Director Anne Kelly-Lenz, the finance chief of Wilton, will receive $7,613.58. The payouts are scheduled for this Friday.



  1. *** Maybe he can invest in eco-friendly stocks and bonds, etc. Or eco-friendly businesses based in CT with his city taxpayers and city employee giveback money! Even buy a new “green suit” with white shoes and sunglasses, no? ***

  2. One thing, who keeps track of the overtime for Finch and the Finchettes? Why of course I am sure it is all honest and factual. Oh by the way, I just bought a bridge in Brooklyn.
    If you want to learn how to steal and whom from, follow the Bridgeport politicians. Note Ganim has already cost us a fortune. BTW we are the only city in the country with two police chiefs. It’s great to be #1.

    1. And a police and fire chief who are both receiving a City pension and still drawing a weekly paycheck from the City, they each are getting paid over $200,000 a year.

      1. Ron, don’t forget we also added at least two more double dippers. Don Clemons from the FD and Chris Myers retired from city attorney’s office and don’t forget we are now paying a former police chief we bought out of his last contract and now we are paying him $10,000 per month.

    1. Yeah. It is going to hurt the taxpayers of the city of Bridgeport. During his last few days in office Finch showed his true colors as a spiteful, petty and vindictive man, re-upping Gaudett’s contract, giving raises to himself and his lackeys (a left-handed gift: the pay increases carry over to the new administration), authorizing the purchase of $700,000 worth of golf carts. I’m surprised he didn’t get a hot tub out of the deal.


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