Finch PAC Friends Strike Back At Foster’s “Establishment Friends”

In a 60-second YouTube video, a political action committee that has donated $1,000 to Mayor Bill Finch’s reelection campaign needles Mary-Jane Foster and her “establishment friends” such as Joel “Speedy” Gonzalez, candidate for city sheriff, Alberto “Tito” Ayala, candidate for town clerk, and former mayoral candidate Charlie Coviello, prospective candidate for Board of Education.

Finch’s association with a political action committee has been center stage the past few days with the mayor taking a pounding over what Foster claims is an inappropriate financial relationship. So it’s intriguing that the first campaign strike at Foster comes from another Connecticut political action committee called A Better Connecticut. Philip Benoit of Rocky Hill CT is listed as treasurer, according to state finance reports. The Benoit PAC donated $750 to the Finch candidate committee in March, adding to a prior $250 contribution.

The video has generated howls of protest from Foster campaign operatives–just as Finch has done regarding Foster’s accusations–claiming the content is false and misleading. Ayala was a school teacher pinched on drug charges in the mid-1990s, Coviello, as a candidate for mayor, received campaign donations from strip club interests and Gonzalez chopped off the tip of his finger in 1994 protesting the gun lobby on the steps of the state capitol. Ayala claims he was pardoned by the Connecticut State Board of Pardons and Paroles in 2008.

The video aims to cast doubt on Foster’s judgment. These kinds of attacks could provoke a tit for tat retaliation. The same commercial could easily replace Foster’s supporters with Finch operatives with dubious past dealings and criminal records.

Finch campaign handlers wouldn’t kick out this spot unless they felt Foster inching too close for comfort, especially in light of the latest news revelations over Finch’s relationship with a PAC. Finch says he’s done nothing wrong. Don’t be shocked if Finch handlers deny association with this attack video that was teed up and ready to go before the latest PAC revelations against the mayor played out in the news.

Strap in. The next five weeks will be a wild, crazy campaign ride for OIB readers.



  1. Youtube video making fun of people? How seriously third grade.

    A graduate degree is stealing from the constituency yet an elementary education in understanding people don’t like crooks controlling their tax dollars.

    Stick and stones, doofus.

    Now a YouTube video on how Mrs. Beccaro could be the Chair of a committee and not know it … that would be interesting.

    The next time you drive by someone sleeping on a bench, someone who really needs your help and support, think back to your TJ Maxx reimbursements and try and make peace with yourself.

    1. The effectiveness is questionable. Interested viewers have to look for it on YouTube and share it on Facebook. Unless it’s broadcast every day at a certain time it will not have much impact. This is completely tasteless.

  2. Was Tito actually convicted because I don’t recall him going to jail. Besides, that was 20 years ago, no? Finch is a hypocrite. He’s the one who wanted to stop the criminal background checks for potential City employees because people make mistakes and deserve second chances. I can name three City employees off the top of my head who are convicted felons and served time in jail on violence and drug-related convictions. One of them is well known in the Annex and has physically and verbally threatened people on several occasions. MANY people both inside and outside the City will not have anything to do with him. Finch will not terminate this man because his godfather, District Leader Ralph Ford, won’t allow it. Now that would make a good YouTube video, don’t ya think?

  3. Agree, if the lead were not tightening, the ad wouldn’t have been kicked out–whoever cooked up the SEEC complaint did a good thing for the MJ race to the top … this Finch “ad,” above, great job–strong announcer, whimsical copy and soundtrack … well done.

  4. Actually, maybe this will help Mary-Jane. I just went to YouTube and did a search for Mary-Jane Foster. I saw several rather good videos of MJ. She’s an impressive lady with an honorable past. The most recent YouTube entry is garbage in my opinion.

  5. Remember when the feds came to Bridgeport and took down four major drug rings who supplied Bridgeport and the surrounding area? One of them was Marero, the owner of Marero’s Restaurant and the Liquor Store on E. Main Street. Very little was reported about the biggest dealer in that group. Luis “Papo” Robles was the owner of the body shop on Barnum Avenue where the DEA found a car with five kilos of cocaine as well as cash and a gun in his home. Luis “Papo” Robles is the cousin of City Sheriff and District Leader of district 131. I suggest if Bill Finch’s friends want to attack Mary-Jane Foster–one of the most decent of all candidates I’ve ever met–they should take a real close look in their back yards before (too late) they do. They have the nerve to question Mary-Jane Foster and her ticket, but never questioned other currently elected officials such as Mitch Robles, his family and friends (all Finch supporters). If the reason is because they had no knowledge of it, bullshit. Feel free to contact me as y’all seem to know me, Mary-Jane Foster, Alberto “Tito” Ayala (my former high school teacher) and Charlie Coviello, better.

  6. Tito was pardoned, which means he has NO record, he was cleared of all charges. This video is defamatory and the producer of this video should be ready for a big fat lawsuit.

  7. This is really juvenile, borderline retarded. I’m sure Finch and “Pecker” Wood are sniggering away like a couple of schoolboys. First there was the dissolution of the BOE, a clusterfuck if there ever was one. Now it appears Mr. Finch and his chief of staff and their wives have been caught with their greedy paws in the cookie jar. A $46,000.00 “donation” of unused campaign funds to a political action committee? Well I’ll be. “Reimbursements” from said PAC for “expenditures” at a supermarket, a low-end women’s clothing outlet and a couple of chain book stores? What’s next Bill, Sonya going to be reimbursed for “expenditures” at Victoria’s Secret? It all smells about as wonderful as the restroom on a shrimp boat at low tide. Hello, FBI? We have a case of money laundering here.

  8. *** There’s always a method to the madness, no? However political mud slinging instead of facts never seems to sit right with smart voters. As the deadline gets closer, expect the unexpected from all involved in the September primary. *** EDUCATE THE VOTERS WITH FACTS! ***

  9. I think it is hysterical. Because they can’t deny the charges in the ethics or SEEC complaint, they resort to personal and untrue attacks. When you are caught with your pants down all you can do is call people names.

  10. I am confused. Bill Finch was so proud to have Charlie Coviello supporting him in 2007. Also he was glad to have Tito’s support at times too. So now they are terrible people because they support Mary-Jane? Sounds like sour grapes to me. Also how can they talk about organized crime? If they accused Mr. Coviello of that seems like they would have to be tied to organized crime to make that statement! One last thing–this is the same group that has been using an illegal PAC where a poor 85-year-old woman was victimized by her own son to pay Finch and staff. So now they used this PAC with clear connections to Finch to make a stupid cartoon. Sounds like dirty tactics are the only thing dirty campaigns can come up with.

  11. Even if (and it is an “if” that grows bigger ever day) Bill Finch wins the primary and is elected to a second term it will be a short term. The authorities will follow up on the ethics complaint and find it to have merit. Finch will be forced from office.

  12. Would it surprise anyone to know Adam Wood is a member of Better Connecticut, Philip Benoit, of Rocky Hill CT, the PAC that is responsible for the video posted here?

  13. Mayor Finch is a hypocrite. How many ex-felons has he hired? Take the foreman in Public Works. Served 7 years for dealing drugs and Finch promoted him. His buddy, who should be in jail, is a druggie himself. You wanna sling mud, bring it on. This is the worst administration and everyone knows it. Foremen and supervisors are either incompetent, criminals or both. Finch lives in a glass house, he shouldn’t throw stones.

  14. Tito Ayala has a lot of friends in the East Side. They won’t appreciate Finch trying to discredit their brother. The YouTube thing will backfire big time. Adam Wood is behind this and he is an arrogant prick. He just sealed his fate.

  15. I agree. Negative campaigning doesn’t work. Besides, Bridgeporters are very forgiving when it comes to things like this. What happened with Tito was in 1990 and doesn’t matter anymore.

  16. Finch has the deniability of insulation. “I knew nothing about it, no one on my campaign staff had anything to do with this …” Typically Adam “Pecker” Wood will be unavailable for comment.

  17. Bill Finch might have just sealed the deal for reelection, very very effective ad. The only person I can blame is Mary-Jane Foster. How can you align yourself with Joel Gonzalez, a Democrat turned Republican then turned Democrat again? He will be right next to her name when people vote, that does not look like a full ticket I would want to vote for. Mary-Jane needs to think before she aligns her campaign with certain people.

    1. How? Mary-Jane Foster knows we live under a democratic system. This means I can register under any political party I wish and switch as I please, just the same way you change your mind as to who you are voting for every minute. You, blaming Mary-Jane Foster for what others do or say, is like blaming your mother for your own poor grades and inability to grasp college-level material. Mom, it’s your fault, because you didn’t go to college.

    2. A little more thought before you post stupid comments, donj. Just sayin’. Mary-Jane Foster has aligned herself with some talented people that actually give a damn about the people of the city of Bridgeport. For your information you can vote for whoever you want to. No one will be holding a gun to your head in the voting booth.

      The Finch camp is lashing out because she’s breathing down his neck in the polls. This 60-second video is just a piece of hackwork running on YouTube, not network TV. It is nothing more than a poorly executed smear campaign.

  18. Sounds like the Finch camp is trying to use the theory of “The best defense is a good offense.” The only problem here is Finch’s campaign is caught in its own “transparency” with its pants down. Bad move.

    1. An absentee ballot shouldn’t be too hard to figure out, even with your lack of education. One from column A, one from column B. Just like the menu at a Chinese take-out restaurant.

  19. Lennie, does onlyinbridgeport Fairfield County still work? Somehow I cannot access it to get the 2007 precinct results from that primary. I only can remember a few precinct votes such as Black Rock 318 Finch and 317 Caruso. Longfellow 188 Finch Caruso 108. Winthrop 424 Caruso and Finch 419.

  20. There is no need to sling the mud, the “package” has all Bpt needs. Voters know what has been, now the “package” will soon tell us what will be. Stay tuned.

  21. Joel, I will not gang up on you, you do NOT need to reply back to any attacks on you on OIB. You are running as a team and you need to do what is best for the team. Things will work out.

      1. Bridgeport Girl, I’m 46 now and for the past two years I been having pain caused by a muscle condition due to aging. It’s the most pain I’ve ever felt–the finger thing was like getting tickled in comparison. I’m still working and doing my best on my end. I’m getting ready now BG despite it all and I even took a week’s vacation starting Monday.

    1. Yahooy, WINNING, Charlie Sheen or whatever your name is. Dirty tactics? How many times have you used my finger amputation political statement as a smear against me?

  22. Joel, are you listening and reading? You do NOT have to reply back to statements made against you. You will start people thinking you can not control your emotions. LEAVE IT ALONE.

  23. SWITCHING PARTIES might be your democratic right. But it’s also the trait of a political carpetbagger!

    I have chosen Joel Gonzalez as a proxy for the MJF campaign.

  24. The Finch campaign and the Gomes bloggers all piling on Mary-Jane Foster and her ticket. This is definitely a sign MJF is gaining momentum and the other candidates are very worried.
    Go MJF
    Go MJF
    Go MJF

  25. METHINKS Grin Reaper is incorrect. MJF is not gaining momentum. She’s gaining publicity by assembling a team of what her supporters call “the same ol’ retreads.”

    That “vision” stuff might be her shortcoming.

  26. Local Eyes is the one who needs his vision checked.
    Seeing only what he wants to see.
    Hearing only what he wants to hear.
    Believing only what he wants to believe.
    Life is grand in Trumbull land.

    1. “Life is grand in Trumbull Land.” I like that. As that town’s raw sewage is piped into Bridgeport one can honestly say Local Eyes gives a shit about the Park City …

  27. Joel, please. I’m voting for Foster but sure as hell not you. I agree with yahooy what he said about Mary-Jane’s decision in picking her slate. Joel stupid? I just have to lmao, you’re a complete nutcase! Who in their right mind would vote for you? A nutcase who switches parties just to get elected. Trust me there will be many people who vote for Mary-Jane but split their tickets and I will be one of them and I think yahooy will also be one. You have no right to call anyone stupid ’cause you’re a lunatic and a lot of people can agree on that!!!

  28. To even think I gave consideration to voting for Joel, smh. That consideration is gone. Seems like yahooy was completely right about this guy. Mary-Jane Foster for Mayor!!! I think Joel should have been on the Finch ticket.

    1. OUCHHH! That was unnecessary and low, donj. Me on the Finch ticket? I feel dirty just repeating the thought. If Finch was to promised me an $85,000 job and there was a 100% chance of Finch getting re-elected, I still would not support him over a candidate of Mary-Jane’s caliber. I guess you are somewhat right as to me being a “lunatic.”

  29. donj,
    Mr. Gonzalez was questioning your intelligence because you appear to have been moved by the 60-second video produced by a political action committee called “A Better Connecticut.” If Mr. Benoit is really interested in “a better Connecticut” why is he stooping to this sort of mudslinging? He lives in Rocky Hill, not Bridgeport.

    As for switching party affiliation, a few thousand people are doing or have done that just to vote in the primary next month. I’m registered as an unaffiliated voter. I still have plenty of time to switch to the Democratic Party before the primary but haven’t made up my mind. Changing registration status is a time-honored practice in Bridgeport politics but I’m ambivalent about doing it myself. I do not want to be associated with the Democratic Party establishment in Bridgeport. No need to list the reasons.

    Neither major party has been doing much good for the city. The RTC can’t see past obsolete fiscal ideologies. As a politician Rick Torres is a great business owner. Keep serving coffee and breakfast, Rick.

    We all know the DTC is not the most democratic of political organizations. The unnatural influence of Mario Testa over the mayor’s office and the City Council has done nothing that could be truly described as beneficial for the greater good of the people of the city of Bridgeport.

    Whatever anyone has to say about Joel Gonzalez, he is from outside the established political order. Most of the attacks against him appear to be based on personal friction (or, as in donj’s case, on limited information). Mr. Gonzalez is actually trying to make a difference, whereas the rest of us are sitting in front of a computer monitor, sniping at other bloggers.

    1. Once again, that video did not move me. I made this point long before this video and yahooy was in complete agreement with me. Like I said before, I still might have voted for Joel but seems like candidates have problems when voters speak up!!! I for one have no problem speaking up! BK, I sure know how to read a ballot, my question was when will they be available.

  30. Squeeze the Charmin Dept:
    She doesn’t have to answer to me but …
    When the debates start, will MJF want to discuss the issues or the tissues?

    (yeah, I’m just getting started here. I sense a Tea Party feeling to the MJF crowd.)

  31. town committee–for your edification Ronin and Antitesto are associates who communicate frequently about current events in BPT politics on OIB. Please don’t confuse the two people. You are seeing ghosts in shadows. We can agree to disagree publicly but in private you have my respect.

    1. town committee–I just realized you are misunderstanding my point. I am not a neo-Nazi–I’m trying to convey the point stripping the People’s rights are the beginning of Facism or Socialism. Today I’ll tell you how to think, tomorrow I’ll tell you how to vote. This clusterfuck with the BOE is the beginning of the end–defend your rights.

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