Finch, Martinez, Clemons Ticket

Finch, Martinez
City Clerk candidate Lydia Martinez, right, joins Finch and wife Sonya at a campaign event last week at Captain’s Cove. Photo from Finch campaign website.

City Councilwoman Lydia Martinez and former State Rep. and retired city firefighter Don Clemons will join Mayor Bill Finch’s ticket as city clerk and town clerk candidates respectively.

The mayor’s reelection campaign made the announcement Friday afternoon with the Democratic Town Committee endorsement on tap for Testo’s Restaurant Tuesday night. Finch and former Mayor Joe Ganim are battling for the party endorsement ahead of an expected September 16 primary. Finch’s 2011 primary opponent Mary-Jane Foster, school board member Howard Gardner and multiple mayoral candidate Charlie Coviello are also in the race.

Martinez, Finch, Clemons
Finch flanked by Lydia Martinez and Don Clemons at ticket announcement.

Challenge candidates may start the process Wednesday morning to petition onto the ballot through signatures secured from Democratic voters.

Earlier this week Ganim announced the support of incumbents City Clerk Fleeta Hudson and Town Clerk Alma Maya to run on his ticket.

Martinez is a seasoned campaigner with a base of support in the city’s 137th City Council District. She also served in the Connecticut General Assembly. Clemons served about a decade in the State House representing the 124th District that includes the East End. He decided against reelection last year.

The city clerk and town clerk positions are citywide part-time positions. City clerk oversees the records of the City Council while town clerk handles land record filings and processes absentee ballot votes.



  1. After eight years, Bridgeport still continues to have the highest taxes in the country, and this drives the rents up. Finch is a public housing Mayor. He screws the homeowners and wants to build public housing everywhere, even right next to the Harbor Yard Arena. You can’t even make this shit up. We still have potholes and blight and crime and nothing to show for all the taxes we pay but he thinks Starbucks is going to flatter us. What a clown.

  2. Ron Mackey, you asked the other day if I had been to Knowlton Park. Today I was there and it is spectacular. The playground, boardwalk, basketball courts and plantings. It was really a shock and so nice to see families enjoying it. To think it is just a block away from my favorite fish market. It was a pleasure running into Mayor Finch and crew. A real pleasure and I appreciated being part of the announcement for Donald Clemons, Lydia Martinez and Dennis Scinto. It was great seeing such political icons I have not seen in years. All the way back from when I was a commissioner for Historic Black Rock under the Tom Bucci administration.

    I am writing this from Fruta Juice Deli and Café. What a great Juice and food menu. Ran into Mary-Jane and Gage heading toward their headquarters and Chris Rosario driving by.

    The most pleasant surprise was not the Mayor’s great speech or the folks who wanted to meet him, but Kadisha Coates. Omg Maria P. I expected this monster from all your posts. She is an absolutely lovely person, bright, articulate and a great representative for our city.

    I finally met Maryli Secrest and Adam Wood. To those on the blog who have this impression of two of the worst people on the planet, I say Mayor Finch is in very good hands.

    Keith Rodgerson, how in hell did you hit the jackpot? 🙂

    1. Steve, what do you think of Mayor Finch’s choice for town clerk and city clerk? Why did Finch choose a black and a Hispanic, what, there are no whites out there?

      1. Ron, make up your mind. Finch is screwed no matter what he does in your eyes. All you need to know is the black community will deliver Mayor Finch as well as myself. Just us peeps, you know! Ganim only imagines he has their support because the Reverend Stallworth told him so. Mayor Finch has the support of the most respected black icons in the city. People I have respected for 30 years when I first got my taste of local politics. These people not only read the blog but what they do in their community and for their community is mind boggling. Ron, there comes a point where your attempt at painting the Mayor as a racially challenged individual is just painful to listen to.

        You, Ron Mackey, are an extremely intelligent man, but like Ben Carson, an accomplished doctor comes out with some seriously ignorant statements. You have wrongly painted the Mayor in an unforgivable light. There are many things people say in a campaign, but calling someone a racist in so many words is not acceptable on many levels.

          1. Ron, if you are unaware who in the black community is supporting Mayor Finch than I’d say you were as useless as two tits on a bull for Mary-Jane Foster. 🙂 If I offended anyone, sorry!

        1. Steve, once again who on Mayor Finch’s ticket is going to deliver the black voter? Steve, you are the only person on OIB who speaks for Mayor Finch.

          1. Everyone else is an observer and a Finch supporter. Ron, in my old age I am getting wise. I mention names when it serves a purpose. I will tell you this. You personally know many of them! If you still don’t know, I can’t help you. Not everyone cares to have their business broadcast. You want to laugh–I am one of them. I only talk about what I want the blogosphere to know. What you don’t know is so much more interesting.

    2. Steve, I never said Kadisha Coates was a “monster.” She is absolutely not “bright” and “articulate.” She is pretty dumb.

      A few examples are that on several occasions during role call votes when her name has been called instead of voting yes, no, or abstain; she actually has said “here.”

      Yesterday a DTC member told me she called him/her seeking their support. The DTC member asked her who was running on her slate. She answered with “Andre Baker, Dave Hennessey, etc.” The DTC member said “a slate means who are you running with in the election. She replied with Hernan Illingworth, myself and I don’t know who the third person is.

      I know I would love to debate her because she is completely clueless.

      1. Maria, she is absolutely lovely and I could not imagine her calling you dumb. Maria, you are beginning to sound like Andy Fardy. I love Andy Fardy and so look forward to his insults. But calling her dumb? Maria, remember you are the face of the Ganim campaign. I had a very engaging conversation with her. I see a parent totally engaged in her child’s education. I honestly found her to be a genuine person. Is she a Maria P? Oh, hell no! Will she resonate with voters? I think so. She is very nice. Let’s be grateful the city has many qualified and different personalities running for the board. In that respect, we are in luck, no?

        1. Steve, she is absolutely “dumb.” I have been unable to find a single black community leader who knows her. She has no following in the black community.

          She has never had a child in the BPS. She has one child at Achievement First Charter School and another in a parochial school. And we are going to hammer that home on every door we knock on.

          Tonight the canvassers I was training and I knocked on 18 doors in about one hour. We got got eight yes’s for Joe, including two ABs. One who wanted to think about it. One person who said they told a Finch canvasser earlier in the week that she and her husband were voting for Joe. The rest were not home.

          1. Maria, I am a little disappointed in your calling her that but not surprised. I guess we will have to get her some name recognition. Maria, I am glad you are having fun knocking on doors and telling us how many told you they are supporting Ganim. Me, I am thinking the moment you call Ms. Coates “dumb” they tell you what you want to hear. Remember, Andy Fardy hasn’t been out yet and he will call anyone supporting Ganim an asshole to their face. Andy no longer has a filter. I love it! Oh and Mary-Jane’s Army has not been there yet, she will most likely get some of your anti-Finch votes and then of course we have Mayor Finch. He has a huge support system in your neighborhood and his army has not started yet. Maria, those not at home were at a Finch function or saw you at the door and ran for cover or Andy and Barney called in advance and gave them heads up. I get the impression you think the voters in the treeland Nob Hill section are dumber than a box of rocks. They are not! However, if it puts a smile on your face–that makes me happy!

          2. Steve, the voters in Thomas Hooker are definitely not dumb. I had a great debate with one of my neighbors for about ten minutes tonight. We discussed serious topics, but we laughed and joked too.

            I am not going to tell people Kadisha Coates is “dumb” on doors. I am going to tell them about her affiliation with Families for Ex$ellent Shysters, how she testified at the SBOE in favor of charter schools, not the BPS, how after she was appointed to the BOE she taped a segment on Fox News promoting charter schools. How she voted to eliminate the DPAC Executive Board of the BPS which had existed for 46 years when she has never been a BPS parent, etc. I have facts to support my position on her serving on the BBOE, therefore I don’t need to speak about my personal views.

          3. Steve, Finch’s canvassers have already made two passes on my street. The first time no one was home, however the canvasser left a piece of literature in my mailbox in violation of federal law.

            Earlier this week a second canvasser rang my doorbell. He asked my daughter if she would be voting for Finch. My daughter said she hadn’t decided yet. The canvasser said thanks and walked away. If that is the best Finch has got out canvassing, he is definitely in trouble.

            I was telling everyone this story yesterday at the headquarters and we all cracked up.

          4. Maria, did you mention Joe Ganim at all? You do realize many people support charter schools? Do the people you are talking to have kids in the schools? You might want to distance yourself from Ganim. You will most likely get more votes than Joe gets.

  3. Steve, you are absolutely sickening. You are all atwitter about a park where no remediation was done. Let me say this, Adam Wood is a bully and a 100% asshole. You know what they say, assholes find each other and you just found Wood.
    Secrest, just read her press releases to find out she is nasty.

    1. Did I mention how beautiful the water looked off the boardwalk and guys on jet skis? I was a bit envious but thrilled they were enjoying a part of Bridgeport in an area few people know about.

  4. Steve, did you see the news today that Bridgeport leads the state in home foreclosures? 300+ homes in the 1st quarter. That’s twice as many as the next city.

        1. Hector, honestly not only is that comment silly, the fact you believe any developer would come to the city under a Ganim administration, just plain naive.

  5. Lydia Martinez does not help this ticket AT ALL. She has been fined for voter fraud more than once. HOW on EARTH does this Mayor think it’s appropriate to put her on his ticket and advocate for her and scream foul over Ganim’s candidacy out of the other side of his face?

    I guess this Mayor can’t do any better, but I know a candidate who can. Bridgeport deserves BETTER!!! FOSTER FOR MAYOR.

      1. Maria, you are aware Lydia Martinez is a public servant who has always been extremely involved in her community as well as the city in general. She may be the Queen of the absentee ballots but she is also a woman who dedicates a lot of her personal time reading to students in the Bridgeport Public Schools as well as parks. Personally, I think Fleeta Hudson should have retired. She has lost a lot of respect supporting Ganim over Finch. Lydia is entitled to now go after the top spot For City Clerk. I can understand you supporting another candidate, Lydia does have name recognition and a lifetime of Public Service. I don’t think she hurts the Mayor. I expect him to win and carry his entire slate to victory.

        1. Lydia Martinez is the queen of absentee ballot fraud. She will hurt Finch in Black Rock, Brooklawn, the North End and the Upper East Side. The only area she will bring votes to Finch is in the East Side and possibly the South End. These are votes she would have brought Finch anyway.

          1. That’s great Maria, because the Mayor will bring in Brooklawn, Black Rock, North End and the upper East side. Sounds like a perfect marriage. Finch may share some votes with Mary-Jane Foster but that’s politics.

            I think Mayor Finch acknowledging the great work of Julia Heade was during the Steelpointe announcement today was awesome. She has donated over $15,000 in school supplies to city schools and has been a volunteer. I wish I were in the position to do great things. I really respect those who share with the less fortunate and continually give back to the community. I like to think we all do what we can within our means.

          2. Maria: I agree, folks in these parts are not voter fraud. No siree, nope. I believe we will see many who do not usually campaign AGAINST anyone vehemently, sticking their necks out a little farther to keep the poster child for voter fraud from further being paid with taxpayer money to keep trying to steal elections.

          3. Steve, four years ago Mayor Finch lost Black Rock to MJF, and that was with a much stronger ticket. I assure you, he has no shot at winning in Thomas Hooker. With Lisa Parziale running in Brooklawn, that will hurt Finch’s slate and his line. I can assure you, Joe is having great results in the North End. He has spent quite a bit of time walking.

  6. Quentin, let’s be honest, would that story be different if there were let’s say Rick Torres in office? Be honest! I’m thinking $250,000 mtg on a property now worth half. What do you say?

  7. It absolutely would be different. First of all we would shrink the size of the city government and cut spending. I guarantee you I, myself, can cut the budget 10% the first year without cutting one service if given the chance. I work with budgets every day in my job. If politicians would put Bridgeport first instead of themselves and their cronies it could be done. It takes honesty and integrity.

    1. Quentin, how does one become a crony? Is there a degree? Nepotism? Inquiring minds want to know. I want to walk down the street and have people say there’s that Auerbach guy. He is one of Finch’s cronies. You know, the Mayor who turned the city around and now running for Governor. I’ll bet that Auerbach guy gets a job with him at the state. Is that what you mean by crony? I know some Ganim cronies and some Finch cronies, they are nice people. I am a nice guy, therefore cronies must be nice people. 🙂

      1. Steve, Quentin was talking about budget cutting, a most reasonable subject as nothing serious has happened to the City for years now. Then you said “inquiring minds want to know” and your subject is ‘cronyism’ rather than City finances. But do not count yourself among inquiring minds because you turned your mental shutoff valve to the CLOSE position some time ago when you became RADIO FREE FINCH broadcasting all the good news and opinion one can possibly see at this time when you turn a blind eye and a deaf ear to inquiries having to do with City finances and OPEN, ACCOUNTABLE and TRANSPARENT governance. The positive thing about you is elections move you into a self-correcting position. When your candidate loses, you move on. Where will you settle over the next four years, I wonder? Time will tell.

        1. Where will I settle? Bridgeport, the city I love. But you make it difficult, JML. Since you are so anti-Finch and I was so hoping to assist my friend on your ticket. How could I possibly??? I cannot be connected in any way that will hurt my number one priority, supporting our Mayor. As you walk the streets attempting to get votes you may want to remember, Mayor Finch has a lot of supporters and you will alienate them before you bore them with your rhetoric. The question JML, where will you settle when your candidate loses? I am confident.

          1. One or more candidates will begin smelling the coffee and seeing the future in the entrails that will be exposed. I am patient to see how voters will respond to the Town Committee voting on Tuesday evening. How many petition candidates will work very hard over the next three weeks?
            Real Watchdogs are ever prepared to do what is necessary to protect what is valuable. The past five years of learning, sharing and communication to the elected Democrats indicates to me the Finch mass or wave of voters in my district are overrated by you, and since they have been paying attention to the unanswered questions I have asked, they likely will be an unchanged minority, but whom will they give their vote to for Council? I am patiently waiting and working for a place on the ballot. Were you going to move to Black Rock soon? Time will tell.

  8. This is laughable but not surprising. Don Clemons’ girlfriend was promised a good-paying City job. Finch has been trying to force her into various positions but she has no qualifications. We’re all wondering where she’ll finally land.
    Lydia … well there’s no excuse for that.

    1. city hall smoker, there must be many city jobs where you don’t need qualifications like being an in-the-know city hall smoker who has the best inside scoops.

      I heard all electronics are monitored in city hall and all individuals on the blog during working hours the taxpayers are paying for will be reprimanded for stealing time!

  9. Steve, not everybody sees Bridgeport through the same glasses you do. There are real families, with real people hurting real bad by this administration’s policies. Do you know how much that park on Knowlton Street cost? How about 12.5 million dollars. That site should have been used for job creation and a tax base. I’m sure Maria could have used that money for the BPS system. And the cronies are those who get meaningless jobs in the city for political favors, or construction jobs for political favors, or expedited permits if the contractors on the city’s “preferred list” are used and so on and so on.

    1. You’re something amazing, Quentin. The city owns the property and I think if any business, high tech or manufacturing didn’t want any of the other vacant, obsolete and derelict properties I am sure the Mayor and the office of planning and economic development could easily accommodate. For now Quentin, this new spectacular park is being used and makes the area more attractive to future developers. I think most readers on this blog who are not political would agree with me. These parks are quality of life issues any many times in neighborhoods that have been shortchanged some have waterparks most have playgrounds. Quality of life issues do count for things and are enjoyed by those who have the least. We are the Park City. Every park that has been created and owned by the city can just as easily be turned over to a developer of housing or a business. Relax!

  10. So Steve, it’s a quality of life issue unless some business wants it and then Finch will close the park and the hell with the quality of life?
    Once again Finch is playing follow the leader and the leader is Joe Ganim. That is exactly what Joe did on Park Ave with Russo park, which is now Walgreens.
    Tweedledee and Tweedledum. You pick who’s who.

  11. city hall,
    I heard a rumor Clemons had a girlfriend and Finch got her a job. Clemons broke up with her and told Finch his new girlfriend needs a job but the city can’t fire the first one. Any truth to that?
    If so then the questions are:
    1) Can the city afford any more of Clemons’ girlfriends?
    2) Can the city afford any more of Clemons?
    3) Can the city afford any more of Finch?

  12. And if anyone is going to say this is why we need Ganim, you are totally wrong. As I said previously, although neither will admit it, Ganim is Finch’s mentor; Finch’s role model.
    All hiring was approved by Mario. This is not a lie.
    So if you really want change then the only change agent in this election is Mary-Jane Foster.
    Otherwise it’s Ganim or Ganim lite.

  13. Bob Walsh, if this kind of rhetoric is the best you can do for Mary-Jane Foster you may as well do her a favor and support Howard Gardner. It just boggles my mind. You, Ron, Gabrielle, is this your game plan? Gabrielle agrees with Maria on the subject of Lydia Martinez. None of you go after Ganim? Finch is Ganim-Lite? Don Clemons had a girlfriend and now another? Bob, are you really laughing? I only agree you type better than me. Are you really laughing though? Not one Mary-Jane supporter on this blog posting has convinced anyone she could possibly win the election. According to Maria P. all the doors she knocks on Ganim gets 10 and Finch gets 8 and not one person mentions Mary-Jane. At what point are you getting in the race? Your campaign has had weeks leading up to Tuesday’s endorsement. Mary-Jane cannot possibly knock on every door of the city. Interns have no passion and her surrogates are going after silly stuff. Bob honestly, four years ago I was exhausted working on Mary-Janes campaign. Now looking in from the outside, I feel bad. Maria mentioned four years ago Mary-Jane took Black Rock. If people perceive she cannot win, they will support Finch because Ganim is not an option but “Ganim-Lite” is. I sure hope Marilyn Moore and Ed Gomes are doing something for Mary-Jane but my gut says nope! I would suggest instead of going after me, you go after voters. You had better come up with something positive. You have a lot of catching up to do as it seems Maria has everyone voting for Ganim. But I have everyone voting for Finch. Who do you have everyone voting for? Unlike Maria, I do not get into the history and politics of the Board of Education, although very important, voters do not give a crap. I talk about Bill Finch and my council woman. I focus on the Mayor and all of the positives in the city that have come to fruition in the past four years. I tell people to visit the parks, come downtown on Thursday nights, feel the energy. Go to all the restaurants Andy can’t stand. I may talk about Chris Rosario’s plan for East Main St and he is a Finch supporter. I talk to people about what’s going on in their neighborhood. I left Nob Hill over 10 years ago, yet I am there four times a week. I think Mayor Finch thinks I still live there. I am in the 134th and everyone knows that because I am everywhere here–regularly. Bob, that is what I do for my candidates. What can you do for yours? Today, after Planet Fitness, I am heading to the East End. After St. Michael’s cemetery (I know dead people vote in Bridgeport), I’ll head to Habitat for Humanity. Then Nob Hill for Teppanyaki, everyone who crosses my path will know who my candidate is. That’s my plan today. Very low key by myself until this evening. I hope you can touch as many voters. Maria P. , across the street from the 50s diner–try something new! Teppanyaki at 3. 🙂

      1. Ron, what about Mary Moran? She is a very dear personal friend who went on to work for Tim Herbst in Trumbull as the tax collector. She just recently retired. We argue politics three times a week and I usually win. I walked the entire city for her. What about her??? Are you comparing the state of the city today to Bucci and Moran scenario? Are you so out of touch? Do you celebrate anything in this city?

    1. Steve, I have not had one voter tell me they are voting for Finch as I knock on doors. I have one voter who is considering MJF, but it is not over until it is over.

      I would say 8 out of 10 voters I speak with in Thomas Hooker are solid ones for Joe. The others are still weighing their options, however the vast majority of my undecided voters will end up voting for Joe.

    1. Hey Ron, I went down to Knowlton Park because you had asked if I had ever been there, so I went to the Fish Market, got a beautiful fresh, red snapper fillet. Put it in my cooler with ice and went to the park. When I got to the park I saw so many familiar faces and then guess who showed up? I know, how exciting, the Mayor looking very cool, relaxed and dapper on a very hot day.

      I was not referring to Lydia as a local icon as I didn’t want Bob Walsh to laugh himself to death, though she is a very nice person. The icons there I prefer not to mention because it is not my place and I was happy to see them. Enough said on that.

      I do not think the announcement was intended to get him elected as much as an opportunity to show off Knowlton Park to many of his supporters and chat with those using the park. My showing up is not unusual to support Mayor Finch, though I often wondered what he was thinking. How did this guy get invited to these events? I have friends. People you would least expect!

  14. Let’s see, Steve. Ganim put off reval and nearly destroyed the condo market for a decade. What does Finch do when faced with a reval he doesn’t like? Same thing his mentor Joe Ganim did. Ganim-lite is what Finch is. You need a DNA test to separate them.

    1. Bob, is this the new strategy of Foster’s campaign? The Republican way, comparing Hilary to Barack Obama? Well Finch, like Obama has been getting high marks when the voters had decided it was a two-man race. Finch over Ganim hands down 2 to 1.


    1. Hector, G-d bless you! Grow a spine and move on. Ganim has lied to an entire city for 10 years. You need to tell the world what Finch lied about. People who know and respect you won’t vote for Finch even if they are working on his campaign? Do you realize at all how juvenile you sound?

      Now tell us. You promised months ago!

  16. And Hector, Joe Ganim lied. He lied to the FBI. He lied to the taxpayers of the city of Bridgeport. He lied to the judge and jury in his criminal trial. He even tried lying in order to get his law license back. But that doesn’t count. That’s what all politicians do. That’s what all criminals do. And as long as they don’t lie to you about a job, that’s fine by you.

  17. Hats off to Joe Ganim. Again on channel 12 news. I think whoever is running his campaign is doing a terrific job getting him daily on channel 12 newscasts. He certainly is acting like a determined Mayor. Why doesn’t Mary-Jane get coverage? Is she not every bit as pretty as Joe? Bob, get busy, Jesus Christmas! Mayor Finch and Blumenthal celebrating a woman’s 100-year Birthday coming here from the West Indies, what a joy to see all the generations celebrating with her.

  18. Hey Auerbach,
    I was just reading about Finch’s successful gun buyback program. There were only two problems.
    1) They ran out of money
    2) the vast majority of people selling guns DON’T LIVE IN BRIDGEPORT.
    That must really make the residents of Trumbull Garden feel safer tonight. Safe if they are somewhere other than Bridgeport.
    Ha, ha, ha. The joke’s on you.

    1. Bob, I’m not surprised most of the money for the gun buyback program went to white suburbanites. Everything Finch does benefits white suburbanites, this gun buyback, leadership positions in his administration, jobs in the police and fire departments and city cars driving to the suburbs like they’re in a parade.

      Does Mayor Finch do anything that benefits Bridgeport residents or does a Bridgeport resident have to move to the suburbs to get a little respect?

      1. Donald Day, you can answer that question, no? You moved out of Bridgeport. Do you feel the Mayor respects you now or are you different from any of the other Firemen or Policemen? You have a problem with white suburbanites? What about black suburbanites? Do you get tired of turning everything into a race issue? Donald Day, you are exhausting. These same Firemen and Police worked under Ganim, no? What is your deal? This chip on your shoulder you have been carrying gets awful heavy, no?

        1. Yes Steven, I am different because I’m indeed black. Black suburbanites are not an issue with Finch because he didn’t employ anything other than white suburbanites. I didn’t make this about race, the fact is Mayor Finch made this about race with his reluctance to hire blacks whether in his administration or for the police and fire. Would I be better served if I didn’t call attention to his bigoted hiring practices? If that’s what you or anyone else is waiting for, you’re sadly mistaken.

          Yes I do live outside the city, but when I came up with the idea and concept for Bridgeport resident points I lived out of town. Where I live has nothing to do with my love for this city or my wish to see the uplift of the residents of Bridgeport.

          1. Donald Day, how did you feel when Joseph Ganim was arrested and sent to jail on 17 counts of felony charges without remorse? Did you just feel he never lied to you?

  19. Steve, I’m having a hard time trying to understand how Joe Ganim, a felon, could possibly get the DTC nomination for mayor against Mayor Finch who is making Bridgeport better. Why would the current City Clerk and Town Clerk run on Ganim’s ticket instead of Mayor Finch’s team, after all Bridgeport is getting better and thousands of new jobs coming why would they not want to be on the Finch team?

    1. Ron Mackey, the real question is why would some on the DTC support Joe Ganim over MJF. Foster supporters on this blog do not even acknowledge this. I cannot speak for any member on the DTC. I will say if they are supporting Ganim, they do not care about the future of this city and they are playing politics and want to feel relevant. A 90-member group will set the tone of the election. Joe and Mario are friends but Bill Finch has brought the city to a new level. Whether the Town Committee supports the Mayor or embarrasses themselves, the voters will decide and it will be Finch. If it is Ganim they may rejoice but the city will never live it down. Truth be told, Only in Bridgeport!

      1. Steve, the real question is why has Ganim done so good against Mayor Finch, after all Finch has the power of being mayor so that should cause DTC members to support Finch with things getting better but they’re not, why? DTC members know Finch is scared of Joe Ganim because Finch can’t beat Ganim so Finch does what you’re doing, talking about Joe being a felon but that dog won’t hunt. Finch knows he’s losing and by the way how’s that investigation going with finding those shooters who shot nine people and killed one at Trumbull Garden?

        1. Ron Mackey, btw why not ask the police department that endorsed Ganim. They are handling the investigation, not Finch. Maybe if the police department were doing their job instead of having pig roasts for Ganim maybe you’d have some answers, no? Or do you think Finch is heading the investigation?

          1. Steve, in the police contract or in most union contracts you will find in the very first section where it will state the direction and running of the department is solely up to the chief/department head who is an extension of the mayor. Once again Mayor Finch, what’s going on with the investigation of the shooting of nine people and the killing of one person in Trumbull Garden seeing as things are getting better?

        2. Yes Ron Mackey, it is true. I called her the other night. I know, politics makes strange bedfellows, huh? I spoke to her before Lydia’s announcement was made and after Fleeta Hudson stabbed Finch in the back.

          1. Bill Finch doesn’t give a rat’s ass about the people who were shot. They didn’t vote for him.

  20. The exact number of people who were fortunate enough to sell guns was 39. Of those 39, about 80% were not from Bridgeport. This is a factual account I received first hand. Is checking drivers licenses or having a separate line for Bridgeport residents out of the question? I thought this effort was funded to get guns off Bridgeport streets. Let’s just say: “backfire” and let the pun do the talking.

    1. Buyback programs are a crock of shit, a “feel good” gesture to make mayors and police chiefs look good. Most of the illegal guns in Bridgeport are purchased legally in North Carolina, South Carolina, Kentucky and Georgia, then resold up here for a profit.

  21. Quite a range of comments on this posting.
    What a cast of characters!
    Since this post by Lennie is about Finch’s running mates, it is Lydia Martinez who stands out. As a municipal clerk, you swear and attest to the validity of records, applications and filings. One would think her multiple findings of violation and penalties for voter fraud would suggest she is not an appropriate candidate.
    Oh well, this is the Bridgeport Democrat Party Town Committee. Sad.

  22. All this speculation is about as productive as pitching pennies.

    The money is on Ganim to defeat Finch for the DTC nod. He knows the ropes, works and plays well with others. Finch has anger management issues, is out of touch with the people he was elected to represent, and can’t be bothered to lobby the City Council himself, sending his chief cook and bottle washer to do it for him. The man enjoys the privileges of office and none of the responsibilities. The mayoral race will only become more interesting after the DTC votes on the pretest candidate.

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