Finch And Broesder Team Up To Recruit Candidates With Public Service Backgrounds

Brett Broesder, during his days as communications director for Bill Finch.

Former Bridgeport Communications Director Brett Broesder is like the Forrest Gump of political consultants, sans the slow wit, exuding an infectious optimism on behalf of Democratic candidates. Run Brett, run! And he has for public office himself in Milford, currently serving on the Board of Aldermen.

Broesder’s latest venture Democrats Serve supports candidates running for office with civil and public service backgrounds such as firefighters, first responders, social workers, public safety officials and educators.

He’s recruited his old boss, former Mayor Bill Finch, to serve as a local face of the national political action committee to spread the word and raise money for the organization that has so far endorsed about 40 candidates.

See News 12 CT piece here.

Policy whisperers Broesder and Bill Finch. Photo by Samantha Perrelli.

Finch can talk policy all day and all night: environment, gun control, green technology, legislation, even cult organizations. The latter seems fitting considering the obsessive direction of national politics led by Donald Trump. If you can’t win on the issues lie and perhaps enough will believe the deceit.

If you want to get in the game, Democrats Serve provides resources.

At Democrats Serve, we support candidates running for office with civil and public service backgrounds.

We recruit, train, and support Democrats with backgrounds serving their communities in government, including firefighters, first responders, social workers, public safety officials, judges, prosecutors, public defenders, educators, and more.

Candidates with public and civil service backgrounds know first-hand the real-life impact of policies and their direct work in strengthening their communities. That makes for compelling campaign narratives.

Conversely, candidates with these backgrounds sometimes fall short because they do not possess personal wealth or a strong donor network. And some candidates with civil and public service backgrounds find the transition challenging from being a nonpartisan public servant to a partisan political candidate.

That’s why Democrats Serve, a Hybrid Political Action Committee (PAC), is here to help ensure candidates running for office with a civil or public service background have access to the resources necessary to achieve success.

Democrats Serve activities include:
— Recruiting and training candidates to run for federal, state, county, and municipal level office.
— Delivering logistical and strategic support to put candidates in a better position to win.
— Providing access to fundraising tools and networks to bolster financial support for the campaign
— Making direct contributions to candidates; and
— Supporting candidates through independent expenditure efforts.

Candidates who are competitive in 2021 races are currently being evaluated for endorsements, and where appropriate, direct engagement.



  1. You have to be out of your mind to bring Bill Finch back to help with getting candidates to become firefighters, it was under the time that Finch was mayor when Finch and David Dunn changed the testing system to CPAT and under that system NO women have been hired since that decision. Finch appointed Dunn to be the “Acting” Personnel Director instead of following the City Charter and call for a nationwide search for a new Personnel Director.

      1. Bob, if you look at Bill Finch’s employment record from the time on first got elected to the Common Council ( it’s old tittle) he needed political hookup for a job whenever he was out of office, he has no marketable skills, Democrats looking out for other Democrats, just check the records.

  2. Are you kidding me, Bill Finch was the worst thing to happen in Bridgeport to the hiring for the Fire Department. Under Finch not only did he implement CPAT which singlehandedly eliminated all women from being firefighters, but for the first time since 1976 he put on a class in the Fire Service with NO Black’s.

    Bill Finch is a flucking clown and Mayor Ganim with all of his faults is a godsend compared to that flucking clown. Now if the desire or the inclination is to make the Bridgeport Fire Department all white males then Bill Finch is your man, but if your desire or inclination is to have a Fire Department that is inclusive or to give equal access to opportunities and resources for people who might otherwise be excluded or marginalized, then a flucking monkey would be better than Bill Finch that flucking 🤡.

    1. It was Paul Timpanelli when he was the head of the Bridgeport Regional Business Council who pushed to have Bill Finch to run for mayor because he was scare that Chris Caruso would become mayor. Finch was happy playing a State Senator but Timpanelli and gang got involved, Chris lost by 270 votes and we got that asshole Finch.

  3. Let’s hear it for Bridgeport State Reps Andre Baker and Jack Hennessy.
    The two were among the 10 who voted against continuing to give the Governor executive powers due to COVID-19.
    Whether you are in favor or opposed, it is good to see some independent votes from the Bridgeport delegation.


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