Fardy: Police Management Must Snap To Attention

Retired city firefighter Andy Fardy asserts Mayor Joe Ganim has his work cut out for him addressing reforms within the Police Department. In this commentary Fardy raises questions about the department’s handling of disciplinary action.

Well, Joe Ganim has inherited a pile of problems courtesy of Bill Finch and his management people.

It seems the Police Department is out of control. Who in hell is managing this department? What are the people on the police commission doing? Let’s start with the police Commission headed by Ganim’s right-hand man Danny Roach. How does an officer get placed on Administrative Duty for two years and two months and get his full salary while on this restricted duty? He was investigated for sexual misbehavior.

There are questions the management has to answer to:

1. How did this officer get to drive the women and himself to his home in  Easton? Once there he got his personal car and then drove her home to Fairfield, then drove himself home again to get his patrol car. Where were his lieutenant and captain? They need to be investigated and reprimanded. Why was this case allowed to linger for over two years? Where was the Police Commission? Where was the Chief? Where were the deputies, captains and lieutenants?

2. Let’s also look at the missing money from the evidence safe. Whoever is in charge of this property room needs to be brought up on charges. Where is the sgt who logged this evidence in with no evidence number? Does this mean the money was there and anyone looking for by an evidence number would not find it? Why hasn’t this person been arrested and how did he get on disability leave (paper cut)?

It’s unfortunate the street cops have to work under these incompetent management people. Let’s put in place a police commission with guts to do what their job calls for. BTW how many more cops are on extended leave with pay?

It’s time to trim the police management force, it seems we have too many supervisors who are not doing their jobs. Do we need four deputy chiefs? There was a time not that long ago when we did not have deputy chiefs. The deputy chief slot is a retirement home for the favored few.



  1. If Andy had a brain, he’d be dangerous! A perpetual pain in the arse simply because he couldn’t get a cop to his house when the neighborhood kids damaged some property. I guess he must be as loquacious a neighbor as he is a blogger.

    1. Phantom, just so you know, in Connecticut intentional property damage in excess of $1500 is Criminal Mischief first degree, a Class D Felony punishable by fines of up to $5000 and from 1 to 5 years in prison. Don’t you think cops should respond to this crime?

  2. Phantom: I am glad you read the post. I don’t have any neighbors, I am surrounded by vacant lots. Just so you know, the damage exceed $4,500 and none of it was paid by insurance. I see you have not refuted anything I wrote above.

  3. Phantom,
    Right out of the chute you come, only you don’t ride the bull, you throw it around.
    You have a long memory for Andy’s complaint about the tire slashing incidents many months ago. Were you justifying PD response times and responses, and how they kept track of what was happening in that neighborhood? If you did respond, you were awfully quiet.
    I don’t remember you answering any of my posts about the expense of the PD. Do you remember their $90 Million annual budget is the largest department paid for with local taxpayer dollars? With that much annually to pay for current services of 100 fewer officers than called for, with large overtime running overbudget by millions, and the number of issues outstanding currently in the department, perhaps you are a member of the PD who do not like people calling attention to the crappy handling of more than a few issues.
    Perhaps you wish to identify yourself as a current Bridgeport taxpayer. That would at least provide some credibility you have courage in general. How would you proceed with numerous PD issues? What role should the Police Commission play and how to communicate with the public? Time will tell.

    1. I’m shocked I read your post. I usually skip them as you tend to put me to sleep. Anywho, I actually agree with both you and Andy. The department is run awfully these days and it starts and ends with the spineless Chief. There is no need for four deputy chiefs and an assistant chief as well. As for taxes, I moved out moons ago and am happily retired. No way I’m paying those ridiculous rates and getting ripped off. As for Andy, I just enjoy his anti-police rhetoric and like to tease him.

  4. The property room, are there video cameras in there and if there are then what does the video reveal and if there aren’t video cameras, then why not?

    How can the results of the investigation for the hate letter not be allowed to be released for seven weeks until Mayor Finch was out of office, what action did the police commissioners do and were they aware of Mayor Finch’s action? What action did the police chief take when Mayor Finch told the police chief not to release the results of the letter?

    As for the four deputy chiefs, the master plan of the study that was done for the entire city talks about the deputy chiefs in both the police and fire department and explains how the City can save money by re-structuring.

    As for discipline and the decision by the Guardians and the police department to do away with the “special master,” that was a terrible decision.

  5. *** Now that Roach is part of Ganim’s admin, he should not be on the Police Commission anymore. As a matter of fact, the entire commission should be revamped during this new admin. Many of these people were handpicked by Finch or have been rubber stamping Police matters for years like Roach. New Mayor, new admin, new police commission! This entire Police Commission and Internal Affairs is whack, not independent in any way, shape or form and able to render a fair decision that has the city and police dept’s best interest in mind. ***

  6. I had a car stickered once for being parked unregistered. It was in a private drive that was a part of our property, though also used as an easement for other homes. Parked on the side of property. Okay, put a sticker on it. Fine. I came to move the vehicle 22 hours later and it was gone. When I inquired. I was told, “what’s the difference?” a couple hours before the 24 hour notice makes. The difference was the vehicle was towed illegally, if the statute matters. Deputy chief Craw, think that is his name, told me he would have me arrested if I called in about it again. I guess you would have to give me the benefit of the doubt that I only inquired twice to be threatened from the bully. So the buck stops at the top, and the first couple tiers down, whatever organization in question. The police commissioners had all five or so with expired commissions at one time. It is a town where the law is stretched and ignored. I have been thinking to try to be more positive on here lately, but that isn’t coming out yet.

  7. Come on, let’s give Joe a little honeymoon here, okay?
    At least until January 1st. Then we’ll kick him in the “flucking nuts” and call him every name under the sun!
    That’s the OIB way of doing things around here! Did you guys forget?

    1. Sorry, Jim. No f’n way. That was Joe’s campaign. No specifics, but I’ve been mayor before and did a great job. Make me mayor again and I will do a great job again. I will hit the ground running. So get to work Joe, and tell your supporters to stop whining like Finch.


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