Eyeing 2024, Trump’s Hijacking Of Republican Party Endures

Donald Trump
Donald is creaming over 2024.

Come January 20–irrespective of the histrionics–Donald Trump will vacate the White House. He will not surrender. He will not concede. He will just declare dubiously that he was robbed–his level of pathology cannot see it any other way–and live to fight another day. A mesmerized core constituency will cheer him on.

That’s why he will run again in 2024, barring of course, a major mental or health breakdown or multiple criminal investigations underway that lance his return, his pelt a huge prize.

This is a guy who didn’t even think he’d win the presidency in 2016. I’m bored, let’s build the brand bigger and take a few hostages along the way. The perfect storm hit in the GOP primaries more than a dozen white guys carving up the establishment vote, Trump piling up unconventional voters buoyed by his self-made mantra. What emerged was the worst case of Stockholm Syndrome this country has ever experienced.

The Republican Party is stuck with him, leaders too cowardly to take him on knowing he’ll run primaries against our people, we need him to win those two Senate seats in Georgia, and how in the dickens can we prevent him from being the party nominee in four years. If you’re a Republican, especially of modest measure, it’s disquietly grotesque.

Trump’s jointly an immovable object versus the irresistible force. In this case they blend together for a bending party apparatus smooching his butt. Let’s just placate him for now and maybe he’ll go away. Problem is if you’re afraid of being trampled don’t walk among the elephants. Trump enjoys an unconventional elephant following, low-information voters who embrace their Svengali’s message.

(Full disclosure: I worked for Trump for four years in the mid-late 1990s. There are things you can do in business that cannot be converted to the presidency. He was used to being king, he embraces a dictator’s touch. That will never change.)

In the next four years Trump will be like a little kid with matches and gasoline leveraging social media with influential codes–“stand back and stand down”–to his own personal militia at the ready. Michigan take back your state equals kidnap the governor. Dangerous, yes. Real, yes. Of course, he’ll say the Democrats do it too, so I must.

He’s tapped into a degree of if-he’s-doing-it-we-can-do-it vehemence making public hatred safe, willing disciples starting with his two fire-breathing sons prepared to lead the minister’s charge.

Before he leaves the White House he’ll plant himself in Georgia fanning the furious flames of a rigged race. If the two Senate incumbents win, he’ll take credit for saving the GOP majority, if they lose he’ll blame the candidates and the Republican hierarchy. It’s what he does.

He’ll then set his sights on the mid terms. Who’s with me? Who’s not? If you’re a Republican incumbent or would-be party nominee unwilling to suck up, you’ll be primaried.

Then it’s straight on to the presidential cycle which, in this day and age, is only two years away. What, he’ll be 77 years old by then? Yup, but Joe Biden will be 78 next week. And who knows how long his health will hold out with Kamala Harris next in line.

So if you think the past four years have been a riotous time, the turd in the party punch bowl has already been dropped, especially if you’re a moderate Republican with cup in hand.

Sip carefully.



  1. Lennie, his hubris have never been explained in a more intelligent, articulate and easily understandable manner. Yet, the Republican party will, “Blend together for a bending party apparatus smooching his butt.” Beautiful!

  2. “Who’s with me? Who’s not? If you’re a Republican incumbent or would-be party nominee unwilling to suck up you’ll be primaried,” well, that’s Mario Testa and Joe Ganim in Bridgeport, it’s never about the budget, the safety and health of voters, no it’s about keeping power. Generation Z, or Gen Z will be 4 years older and they were the ones in the street protesting all over America and across the world and old white guys days of ruling are over in 2024.

  3. Biden flipped over 20 towns in Connecticut that voted for trump in 2016 but voted for Biden in 2020. Example of a few include trumbull derby ansonia. A lot of people like myself voted for trump in 2016 then switch to Biden in 2020

  4. And you said that with a straight face.
    Oh so many things have to break right and that is assuming Biden / Harris go wrong.
    Let’s start with his wife. Does she stick with him or is it adios. I’m betting on the latter.
    Then is the very long shot that he doesn’t get arrested. I’m betting on Cy Vance.
    Then of course is that it does t bankrupt him. Another long shot. Between the legal fees and the penalties for bank fraud he could be looking at some serious cash flow issues.
    And of course this brings us back to number one, his wife and Barron.
    And this is what we know.
    And we must ask how long will he stay relevant.
    But go ahead. Keep on backing him. Maybe you’ll pick up a pay check or two.

  5. And there are a lot of wild cards I didn’t even count on. What if he loses both Senators in Georgia. That in itself could be an early indication of how long the party stays with him.

    1. Simple more people turned out. Trump got 40,000 more votes but the democratic ticket got 200,000 more votes than 2016 net gain femocrat 160,000 votes. Thats 80 percent more democrat and only 20 percent republican. Hillary beat trump by 13 points in ct in 2016 biden winning connecticut by 20 points in 2020 thats a huge shift. Even in your town trump won it in 2016 by 100 votes biden is now winning asonia by over 700 votes thats a huge shift.

  6. The Democratic Party has been in decline since Franklin Roosevelt. The Party has experienced only a brief revival (in the interim, to the present) containing some major policy creation/implementation, during the Kennedy-Johnson era (albeit, the Obama Administration, hobbled by the effects of Republican-created, global financial collapse, did manage to force a measure of indicated policy through a short-lived window of opportunity in the first Obama term). We all know the details of the Republican-led, head-long plunge of the USA and the world, into the present socioeconomic abyss since then… (Caused, principally, by the absurd, diversionary/profiteering “Cold War,” waged against a communist bogeyman, followed by the “Oil Wars,” waged to assure the survival of the global Oiligarchy, the latter, lasting to, and defining the present, as our own country rotted/rots from the inside…)

    The Democrats have largely bought into (via Republicrats, such as the Clintons), or docilely followed the policy leadership of Republican-dominated post-War politics in the US, having lacked effective leadership in the Democratic Party for most of the the past 8 Decades, since the height of the Roosevelt presidency, and have either willingly followed or been coerced into backing/resonating with destructive foreign and domestic policy during much of the intervening 80 years…

    The present state of US politics, dominated by the narcissistic, delusional personality of a marginally-intelligent, faux-riche TV personality, speaks to a populist reaction to the social and economic turmoil of a world channeled into self-destructive economic pursuits created in the context of political-economic policies devised to serve the ends of US-based, global, oligarchic greed.

    Inasmuch as the global, existential threat of the COVID pandemic can be traced to a the global, political incompetence/ineffectualness explainable in terms of the incompatibility of oligarchic control/insatiable greed with global, socioeconomic well-being, we can now expect to see a global, political reconfiguration precipitated by the the (slow-to-develop) populist recognition of the need for massive political reform/restructuring in the US. The United States has begun the first phase of the latter with the recognition of the need to remove Donald Trump from office and replace his failed, incompetent, greed-deranged, Republican Administration with something more functional and humanistic, in the form of a Biden/Democrat Administration, the latter of which can be thought of as a necessary, first-step in creating a survivable, global political reality in which politically-created/enabled existential threats to humanity can begin to be dealt with, effectively.

    As the new American Democratic regime takes hold and begins to yield perceptible policy results addressing Republican-/global-oligarchy-created existential threats to US/world society, and especially as US public-health/economic fears among the populace are assuaged, the Trump presence, as well as the chaotic primacy of the Republican Party/Republicanism in the US, will begin a swift descent into oblivion…

    The main questions about the ultimate political effects precipitated by the development of Trumpism in US politics are; What political configurations/philosophies will arise to replace the GOP, and, ultimately, the current Democratic Party (that has been so easily dominated and co-opted by the fast-fading Republican Party, rightfully destroyed by its negative history and ultimate embrace of Trump/Trumpism)? How will the indicated socialist policies that are to be developed/implemented in reaction to the destructive Republican/oligarchic policies that enabled COVID to overpower the medical wherewithal of the US and destroy our economy, even as it presents the most basic of existential threats to our people, be formalized and presented on the political stage?

    It would seem, at this point, that beyond causing the demise of Donald Trump/Trumpism, the Republican Party, and, ultimately, the Democratic Party, the COVID Pandemic and the policies that allowed it to assume its most widespread, lethal form in the US, will usher in a long era of formalized socialism, with its radical changes to all aspects of US/global society and the US/global economy… While the Republicans and Republicrats have, for 150 years, attempted to demonize socialism and reduce a 9-letter word to a 4-letter word, the world that US Republicanism has finally yielded will, within the foreseeable future, lead to the beginning of the Socialist Century…

    1. Let’s not forget the Democrat Party at its height during the Roosevelt presidency was the party of slavery, segregation, and Jim Crows? I think the Republican Pary was fighting the Democrat Party on more fonts than just the socialism economize the Democrats seem to embrace as a source of their power or control. While the Republicans embrace the capitalist economic system for theirs.

      However, both parties embraced the Democratic and Republic forms of governance for stability. I don’t think the forms of an economic system like socialism or capitalism should be confused with governmental systems of rule like Democratic, Republic, or Monarchy.

      The question is, what’s the most economically beneficial, fair, stable, and prosperous, not for just the current state of people but for society and growth of the human race?

      No matter what system you have Laws will be needed. So the republic (laws) will survive, democracy will too, hence, so will the Democrat and the Republican parties in America. To what extent will be based on them and what survival looks like,

      As you said, Jeff, the Democrat Party is not the same party at it Height, of slavery, KKK, segregation, and Jim Crow laws. As well as, Martin Luther King’s original Party. Republican Party

      I was called a Trump 45 with a Bible in my hand instead of on the golf course. If I was black,I probably would have been called a Coon, and I didn’t even want to see Trump reelected for I thought his usefulness was up.

      But ultimately someone will have to man the store on how much evil and harm is done for control and power in the system created.

      Full disclosure If Lennie was still getting paid by Trump would you think this written piece would be a bit different?

      In keeping with the other so-called coons, a 45 supporter but white, People see what they want to see or what is known to them or what they want to express. JS

      Bam I’m out of here like Korean Jesus. 🙂


  7. P.S Biden’s Medicare option should mean every employee who works and is paid by the government with taxpayers’ funds should have to get their health insurance plan for the government. and to fight climate change the government should not buy any gas cars and it footprint should be green on the money it spends not force the company to go green and force people to go green. Built it, it will come. Lead by example AOC clean up your house. I don’t care what my fellow 45 Bible holder say about her, she has some sexy appeal. AOC my safe is Socialism 🙂 JS


  8. Ok we get it, you despise Trump! Many of us weren’t fond of the community organizer that he replaced however we didn’t ridicule those that voted #44 in office.
    You expect us so called
    “low information voters” to cross party lines for a senile career politician that won’t last his first year in office?
    The future President Harris is by far more of a threat than Trump will ever be.

  9. Shannon Shelley, that’s the funniest thing I’ve ever read from from a Trumster. This fool has more lose screws that a hardware store in an earthquake. One would say those that follow him are one and the same.

    1. I’m not walking around wearing a MAGA hat while hugging our flag, there is a difference in voting Republican vs being a Trumster.
      It’s called flipping a coin over the lesser of 2 evils.
      I’m so sick of Republicans getting a bad rap because of Trump. You don’t see us crying in the streets & needing therapy dogs to cope with the election (like the snowflakes in 2016) & you sure as hell won’t see us rioting or looting! We pour a stiff drink & get back to work as 2024 will be here soon enough!

  10. While I am a registered Dem, I have been splitting my ticket for many years and candidly, while liberal on social issues like Gay Rights and Choice, I have been voting conservatively for a number of years. That’s predominantly because of what I’ve seen transpire in Bridgeport and CT under Dems.

    That said, I am in no way a low information voter nor did I see Trump winning the Primaries. I was not a Trump fan but voted for him because I believe Hillary was absolutely horrible .

    Given his history, I never believed he would honor his campaign promises and was very pleasantly surprised with his accomplishments. While Trump had major issues, I was very surprised and pleased when I saw him confront China, challenge NATO to pay their fair share, redo NAFTA, try and set up common-sense immigration, repatriate offshore revenue, cut regulatory red tape, Mideast treaties, etc., etc….All of which was achieved under the most withering assault by media, bureaucracy,

    That’s how he got my vote the first time and how he earned it the second time. Would that we had a loose cannon in CT that could shake things up and improve the situation similarly. But Trump’s done. The stars will never be in alignment like this again for him.

    1. Denis OMalley, there’s NO REPUBLICAN PARTY, it’s the TRUMP PARTY, and they all march in lockstep no matter what. The Republican Party at their convention this summer came out with no platform, their platform was whatever 45 said it was. Who are 45’s best buds with world leaders who re all dictators who hate America but 45,s followers are scare of a senile career politician liberal on social issues and the newly elected Vice President Harris. You had 45 publicly take the word of Vladimir Putin over America’s Intlligence, Putin, the former Russian KBG officer in a socialist country. John McCain who wao was a POW and orture for 4 years and 45 said that John McCain was not a hero.

  11. P.S while it starts off as satisfaction, yet the addiction is overcoming, yet as time goes by it turns into a depressant as means to combat the depression of what is at a loss the ultimate high lost, seemingly never to be achieved. Only after it is will the ridicule in your own mind will the screws loose in your own mind with the ridiculing will subsided. And the ridiculous notion that Trump was nothing more than a moron. 🙂

    In the words of The Beatles. 🙂


  12. No one expected Trump to win the primary never mind the general in 2916, not even him. That goes for Shannon. The stars weren’t aligned. It was rigged. Ironically the same it was for Biden. He was a moron then and is a moron now. He had no interest in becoming a politician never mind the POUS. The only stars that are aligning are the stars of the Age of Aquarius. Don’t get me wrong, the powers at did some stuff using Trump as a tool, and they will use Biden too in advance this county and mankind. Something that seems to get lost now and then, in the grotesquery of human nature, when saying hooray for my side.


  13. A loser’s a loser and does become irrelevant, even with a broad base. Most likely the new administration is going to chip away at that base by giving the underprivilaged people just enough to make their lives easier. Then there’s healthcare, offer security to the elderly and those with preexisting medical and mental conditions. How about the college generation? Offer them a considertable break on student loans. Work to lower prescription prices. Put real focus, effort and money into education. How about safe, decent affordable housing for those living at poverty levels. Sounds like small stuff huh Denis. China, NATO, etc. while you intellects are impressed with his so called accomplishments, try explaining that to the families, and in particular single, working mothers as they struggle to buy clothers and put food on the table for their children. Thank your God for your gifts of a good life, but don’t forgot the less fortunate. Or, there’s another option, become a Repuplican!!!!

    1. Lisa,
      We know each other fairly well and hope that we still have a mutual self-respect. I’d like to see a number of the goals you cite come to fruition and there are some common-sense ways to achieve a number of them like immigration reform, college-financing, pharma prices, affordable housing, public education, family stability, etc. Love to discuss at some point.

      I’m all for the small stuff and my intellect aside, I see the massive amount that has been spent since LBJ on these things and the needle hasn’t moved. Actually, think it’s worse now. That’s why I split my ticket. Too much has been spent for way too little and Biden, Hillary were more of the same.

      Use Bridgeport as a microcosm…With all the money spent, why are we where we are? Electing the same people over and over with the same policies. There may well be not an effective Bpt Republican party but that doesn’t mean it should be this way. In all likelyhood, it means that those that became disgusted, and we both know many, moved out of town.

  14. Get used to these names Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr. and New York State Attorney General Letitia James, as te go court against the ex President for the president’s tax records, investigation into whether the Trump Organization improperly inflated its assets to get loans and obtain tax benefits, a practice that former Trump attorney Michael Cohen told Congress was routine. This senile career politician liberal on social issues like Gay Rights and Choice got over more than 5 million votes than 45. Lte’s have this recount so that 45 can get his ass kicked twice before he gets evicted from the public housing he’s resides in until James and Vance provide the ex-president with some new public hosing for him and his two sons, daughter and son-in-law.

    Mean while 45 is hiding in the White basement since he got his ass kicked as the voters rejected him and he’s done nothing over 250,000 Americans are dead from COVID-19 while he licks his wounds from his lost to a senile career politician liberal.

  15. Tell it Ron. I guess that explains why Bridgeport is almost completely Democratic. The shame is that there were too many privileged Bridgeport Democrats that don’t look beyond their backyards so voting for the devil didn’t bother them. It was all about their portfolios.

  16. Denis OMalley, I’m a loyal Democrat but I have no problemin voting for Republicans and I have many times. The Republican Party needs to know the makeup of the voters in Bridgeport and sit down and listen to THEIR CONCERNS instead of using the national Republican Party talking points that are in conflict with the values of most of the city voters. I voted for Republican Rep. Chris Shays for years until he started to follow “Newt” Gingrich and Gingrich’s vision.

    “Few in CT GOP have joined anti-Trump movement, but Shays helps lead it”

    In Connecticut, the party is solidly supportive of Trump, with few defectors besides former Rep. Chris Shays, who joined a group of 70 national security officials opposing Trump’s nomination and helped form a second group of nearly 30 former GOP lawmakers who are supporting Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden.

    Shays said the Biden campaign reached out to him, and he responded. “A month ago, they call and asked if I would do anything to help,” he said.

  17. Denis OMalley, like Ron I too have voted for a Republican. I’ve voted for Mayor David S. Cassetti here in Ansonia since he first ran in 2013 and every election since. In fact I served on his public safety committee and he’s been good for the City of Ansonia. When I lived in Bridgeport I too voted for Rep. Chris Shays. Over the years I have to learn to vote for the person not the party because the party can’t get me the better life that I deserve.

    There was a time when the Republican Party was the Party of Lincoln, but now its the Party of Trump and there is No One that I would support if they took a walk down that abyss, including Mayor Cassetti who I like and respect.

  18. NEWS FLASH!!!!! It’s over, Trump 306 to 232, ohhhh, wait a minute, that was four years ago in 2016. Here in 2020 are the very same numbers, 306 to 232 Biden to 45. 45 is bitching about what FOX NEWS is saying instead of the highest number COVID-19 cases and deaths. Getting the moving vans and check the silverware and towels to that his family doesn’t take anything.

  19. Denis, I have always admired and respected you and nothing can change that. I’m a local “public servant” and I love my birth City of Bridgeport and walked the walk for decades with no expectations of compensation in any form. During my four decades of service, in one form or another, I have always voted my preference, be it Democrat or Republican. With that said, I agree with you as far as your read on Bridgeport politics.

  20. Denis OMalley, what has the Republican Party did for Kentucky with the most powerful Senator in America and yet in 2019, about 16.3 percent of Kentucky’s population lived below the poverty line or almost 800,000 people. This is the example that people should follow where 800,000 people live in abject poverty?

    1. Don, I wonder how much people really know about the Democrat and Republican parties and their part in America’s Original Sin, slavery.

      Strom Thurmond Sr. a United States Senator from South Carolina. He ran for president in 1948 as the Dixiecrat candidate on a states’ rights platform supporting racial segregation.

      Thurmond switched parties in 1964, primarily because of his vehement opposition to the Civil Rights Act of 1964, and endorsed Republican presidential candidate Barry Goldwater. In the months before switching, he had “been critical of the Democratic Administration for … enactment of the Civil Rights Law, “while Goldwater “boasted of his opposition to the Civil Rights Act, and made it part of his platform.”[

      From the beginning of the transatlantic slave trade, European colonisers destroyed the culture of African people, but kept their bodies in order to create the chattel slavery system that became the economic and social foundation of the United States. Colonisers prevented Africans from speaking their languages and practising their religions. Tribal and familial bonds were broken, and African people could no longer identify as Igbo, Yoruba, and Malian. Instead de-cultured names such as nigger, negro, coloured, and black were stamped upon African people.

      Additionally, Europeans identified themselves as white, and in the United States the one-drop rule was created to sustain that division. One drop of black or African blood meant that a person could not be white. In America, whiteness became a zero-sum identity that was maintained by systemic racial division. Interracial marriage was still illegal in much of America until the Loving vs Virginia decision in 1967.

      1. Six months after Thurmond died, his mixed-race daughter Essie Mae Washington-Williams (1925–2013) revealed he was her father. Her mother Carrie Butler had been working as his family’s maid, and was either 15 or 16 years old when 22-year-old Thurmond impregnated her in early 1925

        Although Thurmond never publicly acknowledged Essie Mae Washington, he paid for her education at a historically black college and passed other money to her for some time. She said she kept silent out of respect for her father[10] and denied the two had agreed she would not reveal her connection to Thurmond.[11] His children by his marriage eventually acknowledged her.[10] Her name has since been added as one of his children to his memorial at the state capitol.

      2. First of all comrade. America is not the original sin of slavery, It was sanction in the Torah and the Quran by the Prophit Mohammad. As well as, America didn’t even exist when the Atlantic slave was brought here and was from on the creed men are created equal.

        Like a said after the party flip of 1964 the racist Democrats either became stealthy like Robert Byrd in the Democrat Party or jump ship with their views. You know while the 22 horny Thurmond was fooling around with his maid and supporting and education in one of the Collages the Republican built after defeating the Democrat in the Civil War, That Trump, gave long-term funding too. Robert Brye a loyal Democrat was becoming a Grand Master and founder of the KKK. Who was praise by notable Democrats? like the Clintons and Biden.

        We can do this cherry-picking all say Comrades. Like Columbus can’t get away from his history neither can the Democrat Party. 🙂 SJ


  21. Shannon, rioting is one thing, looting another. There’s a gain in looting. It’s even capitalistic. There’s a cha-ching about it. So be careful when flipping that coin for a less of to evils. You are somewhat correct. The Republicans are getting a bad rap because of Trump, but that a rap they did to themselves when the parties flipped after the Civil Rights Act of 1964, that granted blacks the right to vote, that was technically granted to them in 1869, Well, black men. Where now the Democrats are the proponents of black advancement, and the Republicans are there, blacks, oppressors.

    Who know all it took was LBJ’s signature on a piece of paper to win the hearts and minds to flip the Democrat Party. The Party of slavery, the KKK, segregation, and Jim Crow, as well as, the Republicans Party. The party of Lincoln who fought and died to end slavery in America? Maybe that bad rap is the lesser of to evils, where evil resides but is not seen. JS.

    Comrades, you have failed to state where the Republican party policies under Trump oppressed or harmed the Black community. Let’s not forget it was Obama’s Democrat Party who built those cages and deported far more than Trump, or Obama care affects more whites than blacks.

    Did you not find it somewhat misleading after they, the R’s, never repealed it when it was in their full control to do so. Yet for 7 years and over 50 votes in congress to repeal it, to satisfy their newly found base. Who couldn’t move stealth for their racist views and felt no longer welcome in the new Democrat Party 1964, driven into hands of Lincoln’s Republican Party o old. (the R’s before the ere of Trump but after Lincoln). So not everything is what it seemed.

    Does Trump, R’s, get any praise for reversing a crime bill the Biden help pass that targeted the black community disproportionately that Obama could not get his D party to do when they were in full control, with the Frist Step Act., or the other policies that targeted to help the black community?

    Many of Trump’s accomplishments that Denis pointed out were amid making American better, I mean great, and if you are an American, it was for you too, hence the MAGA hat. View it as you wish, to what you want to understand, but it’s wasn’t a MAWA hat or white supremacy symbol.

    Yes, comrade, there was a time when the Republican Party identified as the Party of Lincoln, and for the last four years, it identified as the party of Trump. There was also a time when blacks were slaves and mistreat, to say the least, in this country, mostly by the Democrat Party, that is now far removed from the time and treatment of those blacks brought here from Africa, such as yourself and Ron.

    Comrade, you are Ron never stepped foot on the continent of African but you identify with it. So to will Republicans identity with the party of Lincoln. JS

    Not saying all will, but when the parties flipped in 1964 racism has to go somewhere to express it’s or stay cloaked and do the same. So say what you will comrades. You are racist and party with racist history democrats. 🙂

    I find it somewhat ironic if you are white who supports Trump or wears a hat that says Make American Great Again you are viewed as a racist by people in a party who fought against American and for slavery, and if you are black, blacks democrats call you a coon. SMH JS saying people. Comrades it was a pleasure but it getting old, Trump’s gone, Biden’s in, black lives matter and America is not racist, at least for next four years according to CNN Bam! I am out of here. 🙂

    Parting link to my fellow ELS classmates. Piece out. 🙂



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