Examining The Layoff List, Plus: The Debate, Paul Newman And Blackmail Photos

When I look at the layoff list of city employees Mayor Bill Finch released on Thursday I see several with a long history of service to the city.

Andrew Abate, who  served as chief of the Water Pollution Control Authority for about 20 years, was let go. Funds for the WPCA come from a separate water fee so I’m not sure yet how that impacts the city-side budget. Maybe one of our OIB correspondents will let us know. City Councilman Bob Walsh has been an outspoken critic of WPCA operations through the years so I’m interested in his Abate take.

Deputy Chief Jimmy Honis I’ve known since I was a cub reporter. He had earned his stripes as one of the city’s top vice-squad cops and through the years moved up the Civil Service ranks. Honis’ overtime pay was highlighted by Finch in the mayor’s recent efforts to reel in the department’s overtime loot.

Joseph Minopoli has been a fixture as the housing code enforcement officer for decades.

A.J. Perez, sweetheart of a guy, was another of the veteran police officers let go. He was a close friend of former Mayor Joe Ganim.

If I’m counting correctly it looks like 10 from the police department and 5 parks officers were let go.

Also on the list is Anthony DePrimo, the recycling foreman, who was the subject of dozens of postings from OIB readers regarding a controversy involving overtime pay. He was reinstated to his position just a few weeks ago after a suspended leave for many weeks. DePrimo has bumping rights which means his seniority allows him to move into another city position. Several City Hall insiders I respect tell me that DePrimo is a good worker victimized by personality conflicts within Public Works. I’m sure some OIB posters will disagree.

Bumping rights cannot be said for the 10 members of the police department. The Bridgeport police contract that was negotiated three years ago did not include bumping rights. The question remains whether a Civil Service provision provides bumping protection.

See full layoff list below:

Andrew S. Abate, WPCA project manager, $109,846
Adam Radzimirski, deputy police chief, $97,258
James J. Honis, deputy police chief, $97,258
Roger S. Palmer, deputy tax assessor, $89,097
Joseph Minopoli, housing code enforcement officer, $86,221
William L. Chapman, police captain, $84,572
Robert R. Craw Jr., police captain, $84,572
Paul R. Simeone, technology project specialist manager, $83,533
Armando J. Perez, police lieutenant, $73,539
Michael J. Beitman, technology project specialist, $67,105
Donna L. Reisinger, civil service personal assistant II, $64,913
Joseph D. Sherbo, police sergeant, $63,948
Carl J. Leonzi, police sergeant, $63,948
Donald P. Jacques, police sergeant, $63,948
James C. Pianello, police sergeant, $63,948
Raymond J. Masek, police sergeant, $63,948
Joseph Wincze Jr., fair housing director, $63,620
Gregory Osipow, construction management accountant, $60,750
Anthony DePrimo, recycling foreman, $58,303
Not named, construction management administrative assistant, $47,545
Michael Bouchard, park police officer, $41,927
Jay J. Silva, park police officer, $41,927
Alan J. Stach, park police officer, $41,927
Mark E. Simonetti, park police officer, $41,927
Robert P. duPont, park police officer, $41,927
Frances Wilson, city clerk office mini computer operator, $39,058
Jose D. Morales III, voting machine mechanic, $36,400
Ralph E. Bowen, voting machine mechanic, $36,400
Not named, town clerk’s office typist II, $35,959
Jennifer Gondola, technology administrative planner, $34,385
Emily Zahorsky, print shop clerical assistant, $14,560

The Debate

I must confess. I missed the debate. Mo and I went to see Alanis Morissette at Radio City Music Hall. Great show. Sounds like Barack and McCain put on a pretty good show as well. I’ve caught a few bites today on the tube. So, what do OIB posters have to say about the debate?

Paul Newman

Uncle Paulie is one of my favorite actors. For Bridgeport folks he’s remembered for the armpit-of-New England line. Newman directed The Effect of Gamma Rays on Man-in-the-Moon Marigolds in Bridgeport. In 1973 he told Cosmopolitan magazine that “It’s a terribly depressing little town–the mayor calls it the armpit of New England.”

Mayor Nick Panuzio, of course, never said that. He had this response to Newman: “I don’t have Mr. Newman’s intimate knowledge of that part of the human body.”

Despite the crack about the city, Newman gave generously to many Bridgeport causes.

Slammin’ Party

We had quite the eclectic group at Captain’s Cove Thursday night and have blackmail photos to prove it. Auden Grogins, the blonde banshee from Black Rock who knocked off State Rep. Bob Keeley in the August primary, lit up the room. Republican State Senator Rob Russo yucked it up with his Democratic opponent Anthony Musto. Republican State Senate candidate Milton Johnson, one of Bridgeport’s finest (glad you weren’t on the list Milton), also joined us. Milton is challenging Democratic State Senator Ed Gomes.

Bob “The Troll” Walsh stopped in to keep us all honest. Mojo Man Ralph Mojica, Hector Diaz, Sly Salcedo, Ace Man Timothy Holleran, George Estrada and his wife Rita, and the grande web designer Sue Katz all joined us. Legendary OIB friend Local Eyes was sharing the latest rumors. (We love rumors at OIB.) And, of course, Joel “Speedy” Gonzalez showed up with his nine fingers.

We were joined by dozens of others. Thank you, everyone.

Blackmail photos are a beautiful thing, and we have a few from the OIB party at Captain’s Cove the other night.

"The Troll" and Mo
"The Troll" and Mo

Hey, Troll, get your hands off my wife! City Councilman Bob Walsh and my wife Mo. The guy at the bar to the left is Yahooy. No, it’s actually Timothy “Ace” Holleran.

Anthony Musto and Rob Russo
Anthony Musto and Rob Russo

Somebody call the civility police. Democratic State Senate candidate Anthony Musto and Republican State Senator Rob Russo share a poignant moment. I forgot to bring the boxing gloves.

"Local Eyes" and Joel Gonzalez
"Local Eyes" and Joel Gonzalez

The legendary “Local Eyes” and the near-legendary Joel “Speedy” Gonzalez.

Lennie Grimaldi and Milton Johnson
Lennie Grimaldi and Milton Johnson

Poor Milton Johnson, Republican candidate for state senate. This photo with me will probably cost him the election.

Sue Katz and Ray Fusci
Sue Katz and Ray Fusci

The glamorous Sue Katz, the creative genius that designed OIB, conspires with my venerable webmaster Ray Fusci.



  1. It is always sad to hear that someone has lost his or her job and so to glance at the list above is devastating to say the least. However, the City must reign in its budget and this has to be only the first step. I note in the CT Post this morning that the State will be facing a disaster in the next few years and I quote the beginning of the article as follows:

    “HARTFORD — If the state continues to experience declines in income-tax revenue, there will be billion-dollar deficits — or more — in each of the next three years, according to the Legislature’s non-partisan staff.
    The Office of Fiscal Analysis agreed with Gov. M. Jodi Rell’s budget office on Thursday and told a panel of Republican lawmakers that it could go higher or lower, but with Wall Street’s seismic changes and Connecticut’s tendency to lag behind trends in the financial sector, the next three budget years are going to be very difficult.
    After a four-hour hearing attended by only a handful of majority Democrats, Republican leaders, including Senate Minority Leader John McKinney and House Minority Leader Lawrence F. Cafero Jr., called for a special legislative session on mid-year budget adjustments no later than November.”…etc.

    You would have thought that our state government would have anticipated something like this was coming and yet the legislature met just a month ago to consider what to do with an $80,000,000 surplus. Instead of depositing it in a rainy day fund they allocated it to heating homes. We’ve got a lot to learn!

    Nevertheless, Bridgeport, you better wake up because if the State is experiencing a loss such as that reported by the CT Post, we are in deep doo-doo. Our budget is going to have to be reduced severely because the taxpayers can not be put through the wringer any more than they’ve been.

    Sorry I was unable to make last night’s party as I would have liked to have toasted y’all and meet the candidates present in a casual setting.

  2. Con is right. It is always sad when somebody loses their job. And Lennie is right. A.J. Perez is a sweetheart of a guy.
    But today, I want to praise Joe Wincze of the Fair Housing Commission. Joe is a methodical, efficient man and an irreplaceable resource for this city. As a member of the Fair Housing Commission, I have seen first-hand the fairness of this man and his dedication to his job.
    I certainly feel bad for Joe, but I almost feel worse for the renters in this city who are often victimized by greedy landlords, especially out-of-state landlords. One of the scenarios I have often seen through the years is an investor from Westchester County or elsewhere buys a Bridgeport three-decker and immediately moves to double or triple the rents on long-time tenants. Joe and his department and the Fair Rent Commission would adjudicate these matters. I wonder where these tenants will turn now.

  3. LAST NIGHT’S OIB party was the event of the season – I had so many chicken wings I’m starting to grow feathers! Thanks, Lennie.

    It was heartwarming to see so many Democrats and Republicans smile and shake hands.

    Special thanks to Ray for providing live, on-the-spot blogging and acting as party photographer.

    And finally, if you’re missing your wallet – check your belongings – it’s only because my pickpocketing skills have reached their pinnacle. (wink)

  4. What is the B.O.E admin. doing to help besides mismanaging “$”? Also, why are those “political” new employees with the new Finch (made-up) positions still working while long-time dedicated city employees are getting pink slips? Wouldn’t their payroll salaries help in lowering the city’s “red ink” crisis? How about Councilman Curwen’s idea on laying off the #2 council liaison’s positions & doing without the council stipends ’til July “2009”? That’s over $100,000. right there that the council can consider in doing their share towards the “$” deficit! There seems to be a lack of communication from the Mayor’s office & the rest of city hall & the city these days, sort of a don’t call me, I’ll call you policy! What’s next Bpt.?

  5. Mojo,
    To follow up on a point you made, the boe board is political and majority dems. yet they don’t give a hoot about the city they claim to be educating our kids to live and work in. Time for the dem establishment to step on those boe toes and demand an end to lop-sided mismanagement by trimming the admin fat! Where is the super? His chief of staff runs the whole show! Let’s clear out some deputies and assistants in boe departments and make the bosses earn those 6 figures.


    Friday, September 26, 2008

    The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Friday shows Barack Obama attracting 50% of the vote while John McCain earns 45%. This is Obama’s biggest lead since his convention bounce peaked with a six-point advantage. In fact, on only two days since clinching the Democratic nomination in early June has Obama enjoyed a lead bigger than he has today…

    See you all Tuesday. I’ll be in Virginia for the next few days working for the next President of the United States – Barack Obama.

    BTW – It looks like McCain is going to interupt his unhelpful grandstanding in Washington just long enough to get his clock cleaned by Obama in tonight’s debate.

  7. …and with these just-released numbers, my stay in Virginia is going to be a happy one.

    Friday, September 26, 2008

    Matching a trend seen in national polling, Barack Obama has pulled ahead of John McCain in Virginia over the past week as the Wall Street financial crunch has put economic concerns front and center.

    The latest Rasmussen Reports telephone survey finds Obama with 50% of the vote while McCain earns 45%. Last Sunday, McCain was up two points.

  8. The proposal to eliminate the City Council’s support staff may seem fiscally prudent, but after closer examination the idea has no merit whatsoever.

    Tom White is the oil that keeps the City Council’s hinge from squeaking. Remember, this is one of the most dysfunctional organizations in the history of politics, so there is no reason to suspect that the council will be able to function on its own. And that is precisely the reason City Councilmen in the late 1990’s lobbied so hard and so long to have the position created in the first place.

    Also, the $332,000 amount that council members say they will save seems dubious. White’s salary is a little more than $44,000 and this proposal doesn’t offer anything concrete except eliminating his salary. This is simply grandstanding and a might cost a man a job he doesn’t deserve to lose.

  9. When will the Mayor seize the opportunity to take the property currently occupied by the “Art Center” in Black Rock, sell the property, retire the bonds, and put the property back on the tax rolls? This is the perfect time and the perfect excuse. How about it Bill?

    And why hasn’t Fabs been furloughed from his no-show job of $120,000/year? How about that too, Bill?

    Let’s start cleaning the slate and getting this City back on track.

  10. This just in …
    The Old Quarterhorse is Tom White.
    Who else but Tom White would speak so glowingly about Tom White?
    And when he says “City Councilmen in the late 1990’s lobbied so hard and so long to have the position created in the first place.” Who exactly were the councilmen lobbying? I would have to guess themselves? No.

  11. Why not turn the Eisenhower building over to BRAC? Then we could put that valuable piece of property back on the tax rolls. Fairfield Ave in Black Rock is the most desirable area in BPT. Surely someone would buy that building and develop it into something useful.

    The Eisenhower is useless. It is a private senior center for Mario’s girlfriends. Put her out to pasture. There should be no sacred cows, we are in a budget crisis here. What’s the monthly utility bill on that place? Must be in the thousands. We could save there too. This is just common sense.

  12. #2 old quarterhorse if you are really a fair-housing commissioner then you and the other commissioners should storm Finch’s office in support of Mr. Wincze. He is a dedicated employee with 30+ years and does not deserve this treatment. This layoff was purely personal and stinks of Alanna Kabel and Tom Sherwood. They don’t live here and don’t give a shit about the poor people that Mr. Wincze serves. All they care about is getting back at Wincze because he doesn’t kiss their asses. Bring back Para Rosario, at least she treated people with respect.

  13. McCain is standing up and showing the Country who has the experience. I just loved how McCain began with the Senator Kennedy hospitalization announcement, I’m sure that the Kennedy family will remember that.

  14. Lennie Grimaldi, Can you do me an OIBig Favor?

    I know you are watching the Presidential debate and you will be doing your OIB entry topic.

    Can you tell us how many times Obama said, “Senator McCain is right.”

  15. #8 It’s not about Mr. White doing or not doing the job; everyone that’s had any dealings with the council’s liaison’s office knows he does a great job. Or the projected saving’s of $262,000 or thereabouts (where $332,000.?? came from I don’t know); it’s about everyone pulling their weight! Also, it was a trip to New Haven’s Council’s liaison’s office back in “2002” that gave Bpt’s. council the needed look & push to start the funding for their own liaison’s office. Before that & still to a point today, the city clerk’s office has handled everything pretty much for the city council. After all if they’re going to lay off Police which is something I’ve not seen done in Bpt. that I can remember, why not non-essential positions first? Because it’s not just about #1 man’s salary & the hinges not squeaking; ’cause they still do, just not as much! It’s about once you start laying off police, firemen & ems, things seem to look out of control!

  16. donj, Lennie must have given you all the remaining free drink tickets from yesterday’s OIB party.

    You must still be hammered to describe the debate as a McCain spanking. If the Democratic Party gets all the voters to get drunk before voting on Nov 4 2008, Obama has a good chance.

  17. This is a story of fiscal mismanagement. Finch did not lay these people off to save money. He has a personal agenda. But the nail in the coffin is this. FINCH IS A LIAR!!! He has NOT frozen any spending. City Council why don’t you check into this?
    I hear that John Gomes is creating a whole NEW office with six new positions in it. I thought he came to the city to find ways to save money. Doesn’t look like it. I also hear that they are trying to put some of the laid-off people into currently “frozen” positions. How is that saving? They are still gonna be on the payroll.

  18. I was talking to Will Lee this morning. Will has a lot of experience at the high levels of politics. He said something interesting.

    Are we to expect the guy who put us there to come up with the solution?

  19. Lennie on entry post:

    “Deputy Chief Jimmy Honis I’ve known since I was a cub reporter. He had earned his stripes as one of the city’s top vice-squad cops and through the years moved up the Civil Service ranks.”

    Good point! What kind of message is sent with the layoff of officers who put in so many years and dedication into a career that they love. Imagine moving up the career ladder through a competitive process only to end up unemployed due to the mismanegement of a former elected official (Fabrizi) who not only still has a high-paying job; but his wife is also employed by the BOE.
    Why should other current and future Police Officers bother to move up the career ladder?

  20. With 5,000 Bridgeport homes in various stages of foreclosure, the upcoming bailout impacts The Park City.

    Here’s how it could help:

    Who buys our bonds? The same folks who’ve been doing it for years: the Chinese and Japanese.
    Uncle Sam buys property at 20 cents on the dollar (that’s what Merrill Lynch just sold it for).
    Uncle Sam sells that property for 90 cents on the dollar.
    Uncle Sam makes a quick 350% and promptly uses that money to reduce our $9.6 trillion debt and pay back taxpayers. In the process, 5,000 homes get re-added to the Bridgeport tax rolls.

    America’s financial system is broken–let’s fix it.

  21. Personally, I thought the debate had no clear winner and as this was supposed to be McCain’s night to score a big win in the area of foreign relations I was very pleased that Obama, at the very least, held his own.

    However, initial polls indicate that Obama actually is being seen as the debate winner and that is really good news for the Obama campaign and more importantly for America as a whole.

    Here is the data from Yahoo News:

    WASHINGTON – A pair of one-night polls gave Barack Obama a clear edge over John McCain in their first presidential debate.

    Fifty-one percent said Obama, the Democrat, did a better job in Friday night’s faceoff while 38 percent preferred the Republican McCain, according to a CNN-Opinion Research Corp. survey of adults.

    In a CBS News poll of people not committed to a candidate, 39 percent said Obama won the debate, 24 percent said McCain and 37 percent called it a tie. Twice as many said Obama understands their needs than said so about McCain.

    The CNN poll involved telephone interviews with 524 adults who watched the debate and had a margin of error of plus or minus 4.5 percentage points. The CBS survey involved online interviews with 483 uncommitted voters who saw the debate and had an error margin of plus or minus 4 points. It was conducted by Knowledge Networks, which initially selected the respondents by telephone.

    Both polls were conducted Friday night.

    BTW – My wife and I were out doorknocking today in a traditionally low voter turnout area of Arlington Virginia. The support for Obama is overwhelming and the energy and excitement in this neighborhood is extraordinary.

  22. John from Black Rock on #24:

    “The support for Obama is overwhelming and the energy and excitement in this neighborhood is extraordinary.”

    Get serious John, the only reason two people from Bridgeport, Connecticut are needed in Virginia has to be because there aren’t any volunteers there willing to lend their support. I received an e-mail from the NAACP and they are looking for people to help them register Black voters before the deadline. There is so much support for Obama that over 8 million Blacks are still unregistered.

  23. Lennie Grimaldi:

    How could you have missed the Debate? It is not just your obligation as an uninformed citizen to watch the debate; it’s part of your job as CEO of OIB. I’m sure that as you watched the show with Mo, in the back of your mind you were wondering what we would think of you, of all people, not watching the Debate. You got an ‘F’ from me, OIB first!

  24. Local Eyes on #3:

    “LAST NIGHT’S OIB party was the event of the season – I had so many chicken wings I’m starting to grow feathers! Thanks, Lennie.”

    Chicken wings? Who told you they were chicken wings?

    Here is the scoop on the wings. Throughout the summer, Lennie’s cat Stinky has been very busy catching Woodpeckers around the house. Need I say more?

  25. John From BR It stands to reason if you go to the mainstream media which has been pushing a one-sided view in Obamas favor since he was nominated you will get the results you write about.
    Do you really think the CNN poll is accurate with just 500-plus calls?
    The Drudge report had over 180,000 respondents to its poll and the result were 2 to 1 in McCain’s favor. If you watched the Fox news channel there were over 90,000 respondents with 60,000-plus saying McCain won the debate.
    8 Times Obama said you are RIGHT John. The first 40 minutes were on the Economy and in my opinion no one won that section nor did neither one stand out in that area.
    Meanwhile McCain is in Washington trying to get this bailout right and Obama is campaigning, go figure.

  26. I started watching the debate and ended up falling asleep. It doesn’t matter what either of them say about our economy, the truth is we are all in deep s***. Everything and everywhere is a big mess, the country, the state and Bridgeport. This lady I talked to today is in her 80’s and she said this is a depression no matter what the president or anyone else says. People can only afford to spend money on necessities, and not much left to spend on anything else. I haven’t been able to put a dime into my IRA since a year ago. We are all just up against a wall. Yet Bush still spends billions on that war rather than helping us out here at home. He is the worst president ever.

  27. Wondering – I’d venture to say that professional polls done by CNN and CBS are a lot closer to accurate than the unscientific pseudo polls done by Drudge and Fox.

    In general these type of “polls” ask people to go to a web site or call an 800 number and cast a vote. They make no pretense to be scientific or accurate – they are not real polls. How many Obama supporters tune in to Fox or go to the Drudge Report – damn few. However, if you insist on mentioning these pseudo polls, here’s one from MSNBC.

    122,743 votes Top answer

    Responses from the live vote question: Who won the presidential debate?

    John McCain 15%

    Barack Obama 79%

    Tie 4%

    Not sure 2%

    Joel – I am in Virginia because Obama has already locked up CT and we have the luxury of going to states that were once safely in the McCain camp but are now trending our way. Not only could Obama very well win here in Virginia, he is forcing the McCain campaign to spend time and money in a state that was once thought to be safely Republican.

    When your base is secure and you can play on the other guy’s turf, you know you are winning and that’s exactly what the Obama campaign is doing.

  28. I’m voting for Obama & thought McCain seemed to get the upper hand in the first debate! Obama seemed to rattle on a bit too much & @ times seemed somewhat impatient to speak or interrupt McCain as he was still speaking. Also, Obama’s eye @ times seemed to twitch, maybe due to nerves? The next debate hopefully should go a bit better for both candidates and I’m hoping for Obama to be a bit quicker, crisp & to the point with the issues @ hand. McCain really did seem a bit more comfortable and controlled his temper, with that little smile of his.*** Now changing the subject a bit, it’s unbelievable to really think that all of the city’s financial problems during “this” admin. are due to #1-man, J. Fabrizi; I mean really! I feel I got a raw deal too, from not so much the Dem. party but those running the local show @ the time. However, I’m not going to change parties for not getting the endorsement & then turn around and blame the Dem’s. for everything wrong with local, state & fed. government after the fact! Let’s try and keep this OIB blog-forum fun & exchange ideas & opinions about current events and such and leave the comic-book fictional writing to Marvel Comics, etc. ***

  29. John you cite the most liberal and lowest-rated news show on TV. Between Olbermann and Matthews I can’t tell who is worse. This station has absolutely no credibility. John I will give you credit you do more than talk and I congratulate you for that even though I don’t think we will ever agree.

  30. “When your base is secure and you can play on the other guy’s turf, you know you are winning and that’s exactly what the Obama campaign is doing.”

    Here’s another example. After the debate Obama went to North Carolina to bring his message of change and hope to the good people of the once reliably Republican Tar Heel State.

    Meanwhile, McCain returned to his natural habitat – Washington DC – to do his best to interject partisan presidential politics into the bail-out talks and follow-up on his magnificent performance last Thursday when he single-handedly almost managed to blow up the talks and ruin any chance of a bipartisan compromise.

  31. Wondering – Of course the MSNBC “poll” is biased and unreliable. It’s just like the Drudge and Fox “polls.” That’s my point.

    BTW – Thanks. I enjoy our exchanges.

  32. City Kitty where were you on the 25th? I was looking forward to meeting you especially all the folks complaining about the economy. I figured that with the free food and drinks there’d be more people showing up. Kitty you missed some delicious Woodpecker wings.

  33. John from Black Rock:

    What’s in for you personally; how much are you being paid? Secure base, please don’t insult our intelligence. It’s your personal finances that you are trying to secure.
    It looks good for Obama to have white folks campaigning for him in white areas. I’m sure y’all don’t tell the Southern folks that y’all are employed and sent from the North.

  34. Actually Joel, I was working in a predominately black neighborhood today. Secondly, I told many people that I had come down from CT because helping Obama win meant that much to me. Virtually everyone liked hearing that and I was made to feel very welcome.

    Thirdly, I am here because I’m doing something I believe in. In the past I have praised you for doing the same even when I did not agree with your position. It’s unfortunate that you cannot extend me the same courtesy and respect.

    Lastly, not that it’s any of your damn business but I am in Virginia on my own time and I am paying my own way. So please refrain from trying to make me look bad with your unsubstantiated allegations. When you do this you only succeed in making yourself look foolish.

  35. Don’t get mad at me John, I’m just picking your brain.
    Are you concerned at all with the serious allegations of Obama’s tie to Tony Rezko? Could you give the folks you are talking to a word of warning and have them do a search on Rezko at www .suntimes.com and let them make their own judgement? You may just be helping another corrupt Chicago politician reach the White House.
    I’m serious now and not picking your brain. How foolish will you look if there is an indictment?

  36. #36 & #37 – Well there you go, exactly what I was talking about concerning leaving out personal comic fiction from these blogs. It’s obvious that there’s a bit of Democratic payback emotions being spread throughout this OIB forum by certain individuals. And it seems @ times to spill over into people’s personal choices of political parties, however it does not have to get disrespectful nor tasteless because it’s only a matter of opinion! After it’s all said and done, it’s still only wishful thinking about politics, which basically is all the same in the long run depending on how you see it. Bottom line is whether it’s the donkey or the elephant & or the word “GREEN”, along with independent thinking, we the voters “all” expect the best government we can get! So let’s lighten up a bit & keep it real.

  37. Mojo, lighten up? Are you kidding? Now is the time to put the pedal to the metal, raise the volume, throw the doors out the windows, raise the thermostat, pull out the big guns, shout from the top of the mountain, be bold and straightforward, throw the gas tank on the fire and smile.

  38. WHOEVER said “the devil is in the details” must’ve had a glimpse at the as-yet-to-be-completed $700 bailout bill meandering its way through Congress. Here’s a starter:

    If PRO is the opposite of CON, what’s the opposite of PROgress?

    Answer: CONgress.

  39. Lennie, I had a great time at the party, and met some wonderful people as well. As for the photo, I think it’s a rather nice shot. Thanks to Mojica for the pen.

  40. I expected more people, but was told that they were sucking up to The Little Wizard on Madison Avenue, at his party. Len, do you think that his party was intentionally scheduled in conflict with yours?

  41. Objective POV you are kidding right? The town committee scheduled their picnic so that it conflicted with this blog’s party. The world does not revolve around OIB, I hate to break your bubble.

  42. Joel, Sorry you missed me at the party. Went to see BB King. Awesome show. So you got to eat my share of the chicken or was it woodpecker wings. Does anyone on here know where I can get Obama bumper stickers? Nobody seems to know. I’m starting to see McSame lawn signs – is someone asleep at the wheel giving out Obama’s stuff?

  43. Yahoohy … are you out there? What was the name of the FBI agent that you spoke to regarding POLITICAL ADDICT’S THREAT to have certain people on the layoff list? The threat was carried out. I have just learned that a few employees on the recent layoff list openly supported the opposition of Valerie Sorrentino and her crew.

  44. Almost everybody in Bpt is voting for change this November. But I know some people in the 22nd district who said they might vote for Russo and even family members told me they are thinking of voting for him. So I had to say why the hell would you vote for him and they told me education. I had to do my research and I was amazed the school system here is that bad I knew it was bad but damn look here: conncan.org/action_center/great_schools

  45. Hi City Kitty:

    Talking about BB (not King) when I chewed into one of Lennie’s Woodpecker wings, I bit into something hard.
    It turned out to be a BB gun pellet and I’m starting to wonder wether it is true that Stinky (Mo’s cat) actually caught the Woodpeckers. I can’t help you with NObama bumper stickers. But you can make a copy of the link here and put this article on the rear and side windows of your car.


  46. donald duck bpt on 43:

    I think you meant to write, “Joel, you are a ducking idiot.”
    Watch your spelling. If I was unfit to serve in office, you would be the first to vote for me. Unfit politicians are the ones you have been voting for all the time.

  47. donj on #49:
    You have some smart family members. Your family didn’t want to hurt your feelings and further explain to you Rob Russo did what no other politician dared to do. Force the B.O.E. to be transparent by seeking funds for an audit. They didn’t want to add insult to injury by explaining to you Rob Russo has served for only six months. Therefore, no one can hold Rob Russo responsible for the failures of the Democrats.

  48. OutreachWorker:

    The election for Civil Service Employees Representative is on as we speak. I supported Detective Podpolucha who is on the top of the list of candidates. I’m assuming you didn’t vote for Valerie Sorrentino who is also running for re-election to the spot. To all City employees, here is the opportunity to speak up and find a new face to represent you. The ballots were sent out a week ago, so wipe the dust off that ballot and VOTE Podpolucha on the top of the list.

  49. No I didn’t vote for her and neither did many, many employees who actually did vote for her last time. In her union constitution it states that it is a conflict of interest for her to hold a seat on a commisssion. Nobody ever challenges her. You see what happened when they did challenge her on her union position. The supporters got laid off and I bet you any money that her challengers will be on the next layoff list. Does it suprise you that whenever her union is in negotiations, that around the same time she always seems to get a pay raise? I wonder if that is going to be the case this time as well. We are all watching!

  50. donj: Thanks for the great site on education. The stats are quite alarming. I don’t have any answers but when you look at the numbers even I could see we are in trouble. Couple those stats with a 68% dropout rate and you have to wonder about our future.

  51. Wondering,
    You’re welcome. If you look at the top ten schools they all come from the 4th district and they have an over 70% rate which is real good and is way above average and these schools are Fairfield Darien Wilton Westport New Canaan and the list goes on. This is why I am voting for Himes because Shays doesn’t give two shits about the city how the hell does Fairfield our neighbor score a 75 and Bridgeport scores a 12% the 3rd worst in the state? That only tells me there is no funding at all and Shays is for the rich people up there. Example is Fairfield has AC during the summer hot days. Bridgeport does not have AC. Ask a kid if it is fun doing work in 100-degree weather when you are at school and they will tell you no!!! Why the hell is it Bridgeport kids get the worst meanwhile rich kids in the suburbs get everything? Our kids are getting shortchanged. And Shays doesn’t give a damn. This isn’t about politics, this is about our future and that’s why I’m voting for Obama and Himes because I’m tired of being shortchanged. I am not a supporter of any of the Bridgeport politicians that’s why I only plan on voting for Obama and Himes. I will not vote in the state senate or state house races because they are crooks.

  52. And trust me I have been to Bridgeport public school and I have also gone to Fairfield public and when I was in a Bridgeport public school from 2002 to 2005 I did horrible. I went to Fairfield High my last year and I excelled there the reason it was a better place and better school more funding and teachers who actually care if you succeed. Who knows, if I had gone to Bridgeport Public school my last year if I would have graduated or even gone on to college. So my point is the education system is made to fail blacks and Hispanics and whites in urban areas.

  53. Just a little something from the Gallup Daily Tracking Poll –

    Gallup Daily: Obama Moves to 50% to 42% Lead

    Obama registers strong performance over Thursday-Saturday time period

    USA Election 2008 Gallup Daily Americas Northern America PRINCETON, NJ

    — Barack Obama leads John McCain, 50% to 42% among registered voters in the latest Gallup Poll Daily tracking update for Thursday, Friday, and Saturday — just one point shy of his strongest showing of the year.

    …and now I’m off to visit with the good people of the Glebe Precinct of Arlington, Virginia where turnout will double this year as Virginia follows the national trend and goes for Obama.

    I’ll be back Tuesday.

  54. John from BR, tell me where can we get Obama lawn signs and bumper stickers? I’m starting to see McCain/Palin signs all over Black Rock but not one Obama. Do we have to purchase them online? Many of us here want to show our support but don’t know how.

    I voted for Val Sorrentino as did many of my co-workers. She helped many people while serving as civil service rep the last 2 years. People who went before the cc commission will tell you that she speaks out STRONG for the employees. That’s why other unions are supporting her. It’s too bad that some members of her own union are going against her because of sour grapes. But I think she will win anyway. Other unions are supporting her, some over their own members. The votes are counted October 1st. We’ll find out then.

  55. city hall smoker I think if you go to the Himes Campaign in Bridgeport you can get 1. Or if you call them…here is the info for 1.

    1016 Broad St., Bridgeport, CT 06604

  56. Wondering // Sep 28, 2008 at 9:14 am

    Objective POV you are kidding right? The town committee scheduled their picnic so that it conflicted with this blog’s party.

    Well Wondering, to answer your question as to whether I’m kidding; No. Just examine the news, surrounding the city of Bridgeport, that has taken place over the last year or so. Lies in order to get elected, the Coviello ritual of selling his support to the highest bidder, the race for DTC Chairman, an the drama that unfolded there and was reported, Finch holding on to his State Senate seat despite numerous calls for him to step down, the attacks upon our school system health services (kids cannot vote on election day you know), layoffs of police officers for no other reason but that they made large sums of money. The drama that is unfolding over the Freeman Houses. All of these things make me sick to my stomach, as they should make yours; unless you benefit from such things.
    So no, I’m not kidding when I say what I’ve said, because I put nothing past the misdeeds of this city administration, nor the Little Wizard whom they all worship; direclty or indirectly.

  57. POV most of what you are saying is true but let’s look at who was responsible for the $600 tax break we were going to get. It was John Stafstrom who thought that one up. Most of what is now happening can be laid squarely at the feet of Stafstrom. I can tell you for a fact that Testo (Little Wizard ) has very little input with the mayor. Yes they are cordial but just barely.
    BTW I don’t benefit in any way from what is going on. I don’t work for the city and I am not looking for a job.
    My main point was your statement that the TC picnic was held on the same night as the OIB affair. It was not.

  58. city hall smoker:

    It’s no doubt that you voted for Val Sorrentino. If many other unions support her, that’s because she is always making deals with them against her own union. If memory serves me, she won by 2 votes 2 years ago. Since then, she has made many people angry (not the upper administration, of course – that’s where her bread is buttered). I do think it is time for val to put away one of her many hats, and let someone else have a chance. If she really wants to run the whole show she should run for mayor. Oh yeah that’s right – she doesn’t live in Bridgeport – she just earns her money here.

  59. #63- I don’t believe the D.T.C. picnic was scheduled on the same night to conflict with the OIB gathering. Nor do I believe the so-called “little wizard” is as bad or power hungry as many people that really don’t know him would like us to believe! Again personal, out of the box, political opinionated rumors from either ex-disgruntled city workers or political wannabes & used-to-be’s, that seem to have an axe to grind, complain the most! And sometimes just because they can’t have it their way. If everyone that complains on this blog stopped voting for some of these people or e-mailed them @ their work offices & or the local newspapers about their poor job performance, just maybe we could be rid of them. ‘Til then, it’s just mostly a matter of opinion; kind of like assholes, we all personally have one!

  60. Now that the bailout is set to pass can someone tell me why the Dems wanted money in that package for Acorn? I know they back the Dems in elections and I know that many of them have been arrested for voter fraud, my question is why the dems would include money for them in the bailout package?

  61. No, Joel, I meant every f’n word of it.

    I’ve had enough of your new-found, higher calling, Republican mission to turn us all away from the evils of Obama!


    I need to know if your fervent Obama blog smears are some sort of freshman hazing or secret society ritual that Marc Delmonico and the dust-farting corpses of the RTC are putting you through to test your mettle as a newly minted R? (Keep alert! Rove and Miscavige are always watching, always keeping tabs on up-and-comers in the party … better memorize the secret handshake.)

    Joel, if you are doing this because you are under Republican mind control, we will come rescue you, just need to give us a sign. Give us a sign in your next blog post, Joel.

    If you start signing your blog posts with it at the end, then we’ll know that you’re in trouble and need OIB bloggers’ help.

    We will save you, Joel. Just as you have been saved by your new-found faith in the GOP. Just admit you want to split your ticket, yet keep loyalty to the local party, and vote for Obama, Himes and Russo. Amen.

    You can vote for yourself, too.

    They won’t kick you out of the Republican party and they’ll probably let you run in the 130th until you can’t run no more … or at least until the DTC forgets why they excommunicated you in the first place, and you decide to switch back. Flip-flopper.

    Lastly Joel, please don’t assume you know how I vote. I belong to neither party, nor do I respect either of them very much at all. That’s why I pay particular attention to all the candidates in a given election and do my best to filter out the bullshit. (That’s right, I said bullshit … and there are miles and miles of reeking piles this time of year.) Do some research, and in most cases, try to pick the lesser of two evils.

    Please know I respect you as a fellow human being, Joel, but not as my potential or actual elected representative.

    good night,


  62. joel,

    The last post didn’t like my html as a suggestion for your secret republicano brainwashing signal sign-off.

    Just use this symbol at the end of your posts [wink].

    OIB will save you.

  63. bptblogger (#67)
    Wow, that video is very revealing! I can understand why our fellow Democrat bloggers are not making any comments on it. – And I’ve been totally blaming the Republicans for the debacle facing us!
    I wish that video were dated. It would help putting the current scenario in context.
    I wonder why Chris hasn’t included this in his ads?

  64. #67 Damn good video on Mac & Mae, this explains why there were more Dems. voting for the new bailout proposal than GOPs. You think some felt a bit guilty for being wrong on Mac & Mae? Also, once again Shays has proven to have done his homework, do you think a freshman Dem. like Himes would have done the same? I don’t think so, he probabaly would have been steered in a different direction no doubt. Personally I’m glad Congress is taking time to look @ this bailout plan & tweeking those gray areas that are, well, questionable? I hope the Senate does the same within a reasonable time.


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