Eversley: OIB “Insanely Over-The-Top On-Line Character Assassination By Miserable, Bitter Old People”

Aren’t you glad you won’t have Don Eversley to kick around anymore? He’s certainly happy about it. The city’s former chief develeopment official who was shifted over to the now-mothballed Bridgeport Economic Development Corporation didn’t snooze through his comments to Brian Lockhart of the Connecticut Post about what he thinks of folks who post comments on line, including OIB posters. Get a load of this email from Eversley to Lockhart about his recent Bridgeport departure.

“Inasmuch as ANY mention of me in the CT Post or (local news blog) OnlyinBridgeport is an encouragement for insanely over-the-top on-line character assassination by the miserable, bitter old people that post online, what would be the benefit of any further comment by me?”

Gee Don, why stop there? You’re just warming up! One of the reasons he was shifted over to BEDCO last summer was his inability to stay awake during city meetings. Sounds like Don had his alarm clock cookin’ pretty good when he wrote that statement, or perhaps an extra few cups of joe.

Read Lockhart’s story here.



      1. Brick,
        And the point of your question is? Lennie is over 35, Don E. is over 35. If someone is over 35 should they stop participating, perhaps stop paying taxes? Please make your point and perhaps share your age with us so we may see the relevance. Time will tell.

  1. Why not just say “The old, wrinkly, bitter and OBVIOUSLY unattractive people on OIB are just jealous because I am far too sexy for that blog?”

    Well, from all of us on OIB who clearly possess faces for anonymous blogging, may I say We suspected there was not much going on inside that vacuous knot of yours but thank you Don, from the bottom of our hearts, for opening your mouth on record and removing all doubt.

    Oh, and Don: Don’t let US bother you. BUT THANKS FOR THE PLUG!

    Run along now, son. All this salivating over your awesomeness is making my dentures slip.

  2. OK Mr. Eversley. The reason many of us think you stink is because you accomplished absolutely nothing in all of the time you took a salary from the taxpayers. Part of the reason many of us are miserable is because our property is not worth what it could be and as a result we are paying property tax at extortion rates. We expected a Director of Economic Development to facilitate the emergence of new businesses that would mitigate our tax rate. Instead, we got you. You are a miserable excuse for an professional in your field. Someday you will be old. Based upon your demonstrated abilities and lack of any record of accomplishment, you will be broke too. Time to go to my Seder. Ta Ta.

  3. Don, “Character assassination” by people hiding their real identities is trying, isn’t it? As one who has been termed a “bowtied Bozo,” I have shared the awesome experience, but then I realize most of them would not be able to tie that same bowtie or care to enter into the detail of City digging I have. Perhaps you have been demeaned because they do know how to appear drowsy.

    So they called you “sleepy” but there appears to have been enough evidence for that comment when you might generally have been more alert. We both know some meetings are interminable and commuting is difficult and takes its separate toll. Nevertheless you often did not keep up an energetic and engaging presence in public. You know why though I certainly do not.

    My gripe is with what you did not accomplish in terms of overall development, sale of City properties, or leadership of dollars and staff in blight remediation and revitalization. It always seemed you were somewhere else doing something else. Results and accountability are critical in the public sector. Didn’t you understand that before you got to Bridgeport? Perhaps you do now. Strange time to be opening your mouth to talk now, isn’t it? What have you learned from your ‘career’ in Bridgeport? Time will tell.

  4. It just occurred to me. Did Donny state he has been practicing law for the past 28 years? Is that what he was doing here in Bridgeport, practicing law? No wonder he didn’t accomplish anything.

    1. yahooy “who,”
      Never claimed libelous. Look it up. Remember if you can’t argue the facts, you argue the law; and if the law is against you, form the facts into a better story. And if all else fails, attack the person. That’s unfortunately game day for many on OIB. However, it’s a free country and you have a right to your opinion as well as to use your time for anything you wish. What results from your comments in the public square is up to you, and everyone else. So much to do. Why waste efforts on the insignificant details? Time will tell.

  5. Don Eversley is the one who is bitter. Bitter he has neither the intelligence, drive nor ethics to achieve anything in Bridgeport. Oh, and bitter because he finally got caught. He was given the opportunity, well paid and chose instead to commute and spend his time pursuing whatever it was that occupied him (other than economic development) in Bridgeport thereby causing him to spend most of his time on the job snoozing. One has to wonder how his charms or knowledge protected him for so long. God knows it wasn’t his productivity.

  6. Come on guys, Eversley may have a point. The only place I heard of Don Eversley falling asleep in meetings was here on OIB. If he slept so much during meetings, why haven’t we seen a photo or video of Don not quite at work? What are the chances for success for a Director of Economic Development in the City with the highest taxes in the country? The reason why I’m having doubts of Eversley sleeping on the job is this: Why would Don Eversley leave Bridgeport for New York City–the City that doesn’t sleep?

  7. Sorry Donald, but we are your boss.
    You came to Bridgeport with a lot of promise, and you seemingly did not deliver. If there were accomplishments you achieved, you would have been wise to put out press releases or have open-forum meetings to brief your boss (us) about what is was you were doing. Instead, you presented yourself as someone who did not take initiative, looked bored and frustrated and was very, very exhausted (depressed?).
    If the Mayor set you up for failure right from the beginning, that is a consideration. After all, Providence was a long time in the making and really felt its push in an economic upturn. So to expect you to deliver great things in a downturn was a tall order. And also, I can imagine actually accomplishing anything in this city would be very difficult, especially if you had someone or some group of people blocking real change after trying very hard to do so–if that were the case.
    But what you should have done was to call on us … to make us your allies, to show us what you were trying to do … to get loud. I think most people here do understand anyone who is trying to make real change in Bridgeport is going to end up hitting their head against the wall, but it is also not impossible.
    So at the end of the day, what you looked like to us was a person who was collecting a paycheck; and you may have been actually working hard, but it just did not seem that way to us.
    No one who works for the City or who is an elected official should ever forget they work for us. We are your boss. Don’t loose sight of that, because when you do it will come back to bite you hard. Fair is fair.

  8. Pimplenelli told everybody The Donald was responsible for refreshing the finances that supported his position at BEDCO. How did that work out? If he wasn’t able to generate the money, where did the money come from to pay him more than $100,000? BTW. A Harvard-educated lawyer making $100,000 after 28 years doesn’t seem right for someone who claims competence.

  9. Oh, did I strike a NERVE? If you’re gonna dish it, be ready to take it.

    Thanks! Your responses just validated the accuracy of my observation. Given the vast number of OIB regulars who read the blog but never post (confirmed by Lennie) because of the viciousness of the regular cyber-bullies, I was hardly surprised by the “insanely huge” number of attaboys I’ve gotten yesterday and today from all over town for my comment.

    FYI: these remarks are coming NOW because I’m back in the private sector. As a senior government official, professional decorum required me to be more circumspect lest my comments be interpreted as an official, rather than personal, position.

    As Mr. Lee stated, who hasn’t dozed in a long meeting at some point. So one person posted it on OIB four years ago and from that point on the sleepy nonsense was repeated ad infinitum every time my name came up, often from people I’ve never even met.

    Ridiculous, and one of many silly, sloppy inaccuracies perpetuated on this blog.

    For example, an individual who posts on this blog has long claimed the only reason I was hired by Mayor Finch was “as a favor” to NYC Mayor Mike Bloomberg. A truly bizarre allegation and completely fabricated. I never worked for Bloomberg, never even met the man, don’t know him and he doesn’t know me. And in any case why would the billionaire need a favor from Bill Finch??

    Right here in the comments above the nonsense continues, what’s all this Harvard stuff? My credentials are no secret and I didn’t go to Harvard. One dope mentions it and the other idiots just keep the riff going. WRONG AGAIN … but typical.

    Despite the continued distortions in this space, my record of economic development is well establish in City records and documented in the press. See my April report to City Council which details dramatic impacts on downtown (getting the Mechanics & Farmers building and the six Downtown North blocks into the hands of experienced developers), completing the new residential projects at Bijou Square and 333 State Street (which were dead-cold when I arrived), re-structuring the (inherited) Steel Point contract to create a vastly improved deal for the City, brownfield remediation and waterfront recapture, founding the Bridgeport Arts Fest, aggressive Anti-Blight initiatives (more properties cleaned and demolished in 4 years than in the prior decade), successfully managing a complicated Department with multiple fiefdoms and more than its share of ornery characters, hiring highly credentialed professionals for two long-vacant positions (with zero political or personal connections or interference) and new and expanded businesses in numerous sectors.

    Did I find a big fat magic bullet to transform Bridgeport into Stamford? No, and guess what? There ain’t one coming. Sorry if the facts on the ground don’t conveniently fit with your warped view of the world.

    Mayor Finch and I agree on many things and have “agreed to disagree” on others. I obviously think changing the Planning & Development Director was the wrong move and time will tell. When you are under pressure for results it’s always tempting to think someone else’s ice cubes might be a little bit colder. Unfortunately there is no secret sauce in economic development any more than there is in education. But that call is the prerogative of an elected executive. The Mayor gets to reshuffle his cabinet and the voters get to reshuffle the Mayors.

    Very much around, continuing the good work, fighting the good fight.


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